Mature ladies are hotter

I stayed back & discussed time table with PotatoGal. & also part timers. Then Thong & SmoothOperator’s gf came, walking together. I heard SmoothOperator was jealous of Thong coz his gf used to chase Thong unabashedly but Thong was interested in “mature ladies”.

“Wah, pak to ahh? Walking in together!” I asked PotatoGal.

We laughed. I asked PotatoGal, “Where’s SmoothOperator arh?”

PotatoGal replied, “U ask Thong, c..”

Ai, no… cannot. Afterwards SmoothOperator jealous!”

When they arrived, we kept mum.

Thong accused me, “OOOOH! Waste time for OT!”

“NO AH! We are discussing work ah!” I defended myself.

“YA LOH!” PotatoGal chimed in.

“Wat u discuss? I can see u r not discussing work ah!” Thong continued.
“I am squeezing my bottle ah!” I warned him, grabbed my bottle & pretended to hit him. He leaned back.

“Why are u not back ha? Kiddie not yet go back ar? U wait 4 him arr?

“Ah.. Men’s got stock ma.”

“Then why u r not helping them?” Thong challenged.

“CHIMMY said no need 1 ah!” I stood taller.

“Yeah lo, last time we also didn’t help Men 1,” Thong chuckled. Thong used to stand @ Ladies, together with PotatoGal.

“YEAH LO! So SELFISH! We had so many stock also u didn’t help! Everytime also called us, Whey, ready to go home or not?!” I shouted the truth.

“Where got ah?!” Thong tried to top my height & puffed out his “I got chest 1 ah”.

“GOT AH!” I hit my bottle on the counter repeatedly.

Then suddenly, Thong received a call. But he ended it without taking it!

Thong looked around & asked us, “Why is MCL calling me?”

“Why u didn’t answer?” We asked him.

Then the call repeated.

“Aiya, u don’t hv to b shy.. just bcoz we are here *gestured the 3 girls here ahem* u can just pretend we r not around,” I teased him.

“Aiya, u!”

Thong answered the call. MCL was bored & wanted to c wat Thong would b doing. ROTLOL. Coz MCL is… I suspect, a bi. LOL. Lucky Thong. He was afraid wat MCL would do to/with him later probably. Hhahaha!

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