Food · Positive


Today I’m doing full shift as partner is recuperating.

When I went for lunch break earlier, I saw Supervisor tapao & eating lunch already in storeroom. The other woman was no where to be seen. The other guy, MCL was hanging around the cashier.

I asked him, “Eh, u ate already? Lunch!”

“Ok! Lunch! Wait 4 me, I punch card 1st,” he walked back into the storeroom & came out.

He curled his hand around my arm, “Come, let’s go eat!”

He shouted to Thong @ cashier, “Thong, I eat ah!” I wondered if Thong or Ralph would b jealous… ;)

“I want eat sth hard. Eat Kim Gary.. or.. LG?” I asked him. Today is my so called last day to eat sth hard.

“Ah…” he looked towards Kim Gary.

“Don’t want la. Eat LG aah.”

“U eat urself la. I don’t want LG,” he said.

“WHY NOT?” He loves LG, where he can smoke freely.

“I over dinner already.”

“WHAT?!” *slapped his arm* “GO LA U!”

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