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When u r getting sick

Flu is getting around. I had recuperated. Others got the virus. I was chilled. Shivered in the ice cold dept store.  Even when I was wearing blazer. When I sneezed last nite, Kiddie remarked like there was sth really bad happening, “Iiiyea.. u r getting sick arh?” I stared at him. “I am getting sick… Continue reading When u r getting sick

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L’Oreal CPD warehouse sale

I bought so many stuff from L’Oreal CPD warehouse sale!! I didn’t hv time to post them up earlier. Among them from L’Oreal: Refinish Micro-Dermabrasion Kit Feria Flash Golden Brown Pure Zone (gel) for bro Vive Smooth-Intense for Women of Color (red) for mom Vive Smooth-Intense Masque (orange) From Maybelline: Lip Smooth in peach Color… Continue reading L’Oreal CPD warehouse sale