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When u r getting sick

Flu is getting around. I had recuperated. Others got the virus.

I was chilled. Shivered in the ice cold dept store.  Even when I was wearing blazer.

When I sneezed last nite, Kiddie remarked like there was sth really bad happening, “Iiiyea.. u r getting sick arh?”

I stared at him.

“I am getting sick BUT I am NOT going to be sick!” *fist*

“Last time when I had cough, cold, fever, sorethroat, I ate 5 oranges. In 2 hrs, I had no more fever, nothing,” he said in halting Cantonese.

O_O “5? 5 oranges?” My eyes bugged out.

“Yes ah. When u fast fast eat oranges, u heal fast ah,” he promised.

OK. I remembered to eat Vit C when I reached home. Mainly so tat my dinner/supper would digest faster :p

Today I ate cod liver oil + vit C + Cleansa Plus.

L’Oreal CPD warehouse sale

I bought so many stuff from L’Oreal CPD warehouse sale!! I didn’t hv time to post them up earlier. Among them from L’Oreal:

  1. Refinish Micro-Dermabrasion Kit
  2. Feria Flash Golden Brown
  3. Pure Zone (gel) for bro
  4. Vive Smooth-Intense for Women of Color (red) for mom
  5. Vive Smooth-Intense Masque (orange)

From Maybelline:

  1. Lip Smooth in peach
  2. Color Lights in Blue Sky
  3. Fruity Jelly x3 :D
  4. Auto eye liner in black – the last 1 left! for PotatoGal. I wanted 1 too but.. well, I still hv an eyeliner tat I hv’t finished
  5. Turbo Boost x2, 1 for PotatoGal, 1 for me ;)
  6. Unstoppable x2, 1 for PotatoGal, 1 for me

From Redken:

Align & Straight

Actually, when I bought the Maybelline mascaras Turbo Boost & Unstoppable, it was for myself & PotatoGal. Another promoter from Kose asked me to buy an eyeshadow. I asked her, “Eyeshadow only?” She nodded, “Ah.”

Then when I told her tat the eyeshadow wasn’t sold in the warehouse, she asked, “Mascara leh?”

“Mascara?” Oh shit, I didn’t buy 4 her…

But since I hv lots of mascara unused, courtesy of YW’s sis & Sony/L’Oreal, I decided I ahh.. I should save more $. I passed the mascaras to her.

Braces in

Dentist put the braces already. Tot it would be painful but it wasn’t terrible pain. I could still zzz. In fact, today I zzz more than I had in months! :D Coz every off day I had recently was spent watching movie or hanging out with Mich, FootballGal & Sam heheeh.

I was told by the nurse it would take about 1hr. It took a bit more than 1/2hr only :D

1st he cleaned my teeth a bit – I had brushed teeth b4 & after breakfast today. Then he put some sort of glue using a needle. Then he attached the square steel onto the teeth, 1 by 1. Then connect the stainless steel wire using a gadget shooting lite blue – laser? Then cut off the wire… put on the plastics on top – I chose a transparent colour. Easy to match with anything. Will c dentist in 2 weeks time.

Sam told me her ex-dentist gave her a special toothbrush but my dentist said tat wasn’t necessary. “Just brush gently.”

When I came out, I tot why didn’t I choose pink (new uniform’s colour)? Ah, next time larr…


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