Outlet’s achievement dinner

Since our shop had moved to another space lot, we had hit target for 2 months in a row. So we wat our co for free dinner.

AreaMgr told ShopMgr, “OK but got budget. RM300 for the whole shop.”

RM300?! We made RM500K per month & all we got were RM300?!

RM300 / RM500 000 =  0.06%! Co is SO STINGY!

So we went to eat dinner/supper @ Chili’s. Plus, it was also Chimmy’s last day.

Every1 ordered a drink & a dish. I, obviously with braces, had soup & house salad. Tot I’d try the house salad since I had Caesar twice already.

Surprisingly, SmoothOperator didn’t join us, saying he wasn’t feeling well. Wonder wat happened…?

Had so much :D & soooo full! Had to cancel the cake.


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