Kiddie asked me, “When is Chimmy’s last day?”

O_O “A few days ago loh!” I was surprised he didn’t know.

“Haa… I tot his last day.. is.. #?” he asked.

“No la, changed already.”

He pondered about it & came to the brilliant conclusion, “Then I.. must be very familiar with Men’s.”

“With or without him, u should b familiar with Men’s,” I replied.

Seriously, did he think tat he can depend on every1 else to solve his problems like during his house robbery?

I’ve nvr met any1 so blur.

1 day, he didn’t show up. I’m not sure the version of the story & actual fact was but his house was robbed & the robber(s?) pushed his grandma & his grandma was admitted to hospital.

According to shop ppl, he didn’t inform any1. According to PotatoGal, this Kiddie did call Chimmy. So in the morning, nobody was at Men’s.

When he came back to work the next day, I asked him wat happened.

He said, “My house.. was robbed.”

“Wat did they take?”

“Some $ from my family. I don’t know..”

“Did u all report to police?”

“I don’t know.. My mother handled it all.”

“Then wat did the police say?”
“I don’t know…  My mother handled it all.”

“Then how’s ur grandmother?” He said he was with his grandmother on the day he didn’t come 4 work.

“I don’t know ooh.”

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