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Jessica Benson – Lord Stanhope’s Proposal

It was a bit hard to understand so I just went with the flow.. it’s in Old English.

I LUV the cover!! He’s so sweet! They look so compatible! Oooo…

Official site: http://www.jessicabenson.com/

Love Calista Ashton’s independence. Men had been vain since the age of time but not Tristan/Stanhope. LOL.

Rating: 4/5

Kristine Grayson – Totally Spellbound

Kristine Grayson - Totally Spellboundofficial site: http://www.kristinekathrynrusch.com

This is interesting.. Robin Hood is actually Rob/Robbie Chapeau, living in Las Vegas (yes, the casino desert place) by robbing the rich to donate to the poor.

I like the kid Kyle. I think Travers is so irresponsible!

This is certainly a better read than Kathleen Eagle – Night Falls like Silk. I kept wanting to finish the book. :)

Dragon Tiger Gate


I had 2 hrs to kill b4 shop’s dinner so I headed to the cinema instead of MPH. I always hangout @ MPH during my break anyway. I’m afraid the staff recognize me already & secretly made a curse on me coz I nvr buy anything there but read free mags & books..

I so wanted to watch Superman Returns, drool over Brandon Routh in the dark but alas, the movie had started 1 hr earlier.

Superman in spec
So the next best thing was DTG.

The staff told me, “RM11.”

I was like wat? It was a Tues. Tues are ladies nite. I am a lady!

Then she said it was RM11.

Seemed they had changed the pricing but didn’t update the board for price listing!

But the movie was worth it! I love the kungfu action. Tho sometimes, it feels like they are a bit vain in flipping their hair & all. I felt the events moved too fast like the baddie suddenly decided to become a good guy after the talk with bodyguard.

Rating: 4/5


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