New full timer

Supervisor interviewed a Malay girl, quite modern in her dressing – in low cut square neck t-shirt & jeans. & she immediately hired her to b @ Ladies coz Ladies do not hv a full timer besides PotatoGal. My counter, Men’s hv me as full timer but at least we hv Kiddie who is a part timer but works 6 days a week.

Since her 1st day would b on Fri & PotatoGal off on Fri, the newbie would follow me 1st.

When I told PotatoGal, she expressed her disatisfaction, “DON’T 1 LOH! Cannot speak Malay!”

“English can ma,” I countered.


“U scared speak also need to think long ar?” I asked her.

“Ahh.. ya loh,” she rolled her eyes slowly, thinking about it.

“Suka la..” coz I hoped I would get another staff besides Kiddie, since Kiddie wants 2 b a full timer but sucks @ his work (mostly). If we get another full timer, then we hv excuse not to hire him hohoho :P

When I told Supervisor about PotatoGal’s opinion, she shouted, “Nak belasah kah?”

PotatoGal also told Supervisor about it & then Supervisor retorted, “Orang Cina complain malas, tak tau buat kerja. Orang Melayu pula tak mau. Nak orang apa? Ha?”

Frankly, there’s no superior race in work. It’s the individual tat counts. Take Kiddie, Moustache & Moustache’s gf 4 example. They r Chinese. They hv attendance & etiquette problem. Slow in learning.

But Thong countered, “In my experience, 8 out of 10 Malays r terrible & lazy.”

“U know so many Malays meh?” I countered. He’s from a Chinese school.

“Ur dept store got a lot lah! Got so many communication problem with them!”

“Not all Malays r lazy ma,” I know some Malays r really hard working.

“Aiya, I’m not like u laa.. so open, study in mix school hheehe,” he excused.
On Fri, the staff @ shop said newbie came early b4 her shift & then went off. By 2.05pm, she still hadn’t come back. Cabut lari..?

Later I asked others & yeap, she cabut lari & didn’t even hv the courtesy to tell any1 from shop tat she didn’t want the job anymore. Terrible attitude.

So we are back to square 1 & hv problem with our shifts next week oh!!

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