I am not who I am now

I was in my teens, studying @ 2ndary school. I was taller than I am now, I was fairer & more beautiful, popular & happy. I had a loving, expressive, supportive family. My parents are not my parents now. But father had spec too. But I had no problem with eyesight then.

I was also in love with the school’s popular guy & he too with me. We walked along the trees of cherry blossoms. Or peony? Or sakura? It felt like a Korean/Japanese movie..

But other girls were so jealous of me & hated me so much tat I left school & broke up with him.

When I met up with my best fren a few yrs later, she asked, “Why did u leave?” & I had forgotten about her being there with me when I changed to boarding school, just to leave the negative environment. I regretted not thinking about her while making the decision to leave.

After I had finished my studies overseas & travelled around the world, I bcame more cultured & I came back home. Tat guy knocked on my parents door with a big bouquet of light coloured flowers, tulips & mixed I think. He asked, “Why did u leave?”

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