Dept store’s briefing

I didn’t know the briefing had changed from 9.15am -9am so I tot I was early 5min but I was actually late 10min, tho the briefing started only 5mins b4 I came in. I didn’t miss anything. When we arrived, we – late comers – were told to line up at the front to show tat we were late.

The supervisors of each dept were supposed to hand over the attendance sheet 4 us to sign. This Pakcik, put the time beside my name 9.25. 9.25?! I came in about the same time as other promoters in front of me & they had 9.10, 9.15 beside their names.

I signed 1 column & asked him, “Mengapa saya punya 9.25? Saya 9 lebih dah masuk la.”

He grumbled sth angrily but grabbed the paper rudely from me. This from the guy who was so touchy & paranoid when I asked him if he had taken or seen my counter’s plastic clips during dept store’s ended sale but my brand still had sale.

Later, I tot, why didn’t I sign on the acknowledgement column? I had only signed on the acknowledge to come for briefing! Mmm.. it was better – if I were told to explain to the higher ppl why I didn’t sign on attendance, I could say, “I came in at 9.10 – u can check my punch card & I have WITNESSES. The Supervisor himself wrote a later time on my name. U ask him why he did tat when it wasn’t even tat time yet. When I asked him, he rudely took the sheet from me.”

I don’t know 4 sure but I think he’s jealous my counter gets so many sales EVERY month. They work like shit (so they claimed. Usually they love to taichi & procastinate “nanti lahhh”, “besok laaah”) & they get such salary. ^_^

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