When I arrived at shop, I saw 2 bananas on the table. Usually I am the 1 who bring banana to eat at work. They are great for shitting. Better health & skin begins with shitting all the bad stuff. Haha.

So my colleague asked me, “Wei, u brought banana againa r?”

“No la, not me.” I answered. As if I ALWAYS bring banana. Come to think of it, I hadn’t had banana 4 some days..Wikipedia - Banana

Then BlackHairedGal said, “Neh, tat Jas brought banana VERY early in the morning!”

“For who?” I asked. Tho, I knew it was for who…

“Thong. MCL.”

“Oooh, so bad! Didn’t give me!” I remarked.

“Of course la,” BlackHairedGal replied.

Of course.

I don’t hv a banana,

so I wasn’t given any banana,

to improve my banana.

After I had eaten my dinner, I saw Thong – he was on his dinner break too. He grabbed the banana & I told him Jas was so bad to give banana to the males she knew. Ok, I was a bit ahhh jealous she gave to the males but not females.

“Of course give me lah!” Thong raised his eyebrows in arrogance.

“Of course la! U need it more to enhance urs!” I retorted. Haha.

“She got give BlackHairedGal too mah!” Thong let it out.

Wat? BlackHairedGal didn’t say tat.. mmm…

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