On the way to God knows where

Didn’t know where the dinner was held but ordered by Chai to “make sure you are free on ur birthday!” 2 weeks in advance! :D Hehe.. I felt sooo wanted.
Of course I JUST HAD to be on morning shift or off on birthday. Nyek nyek. :p

A day b4 my birthday, I received an sms, “bring shorts & singlet”. Enuf said. Either it’s the beach or bbq :)

On the day itself, I changed in the toilet instead of 1 of our changing rooms coz I didn’t want any1 to see my marked legs. Itchy hands!! Plus, I didn’t bring any slippers so I had to wear my working shoes – with a singlet & shorts! Imagine tat. With big round spec. ;)

Jim & Sal moaned, “Aiiiooo.. raining!”

So it must b bbq? :)

Jim asked, “Hv u been to Crocroach’s house?”

I replied, “No.. He had moved already so many months, I still haven’t been there. How about you?”

He replied, “I also no. I agak agak know how to go..”


“Crocroach gave me the map & I read it already.”

Sal asked his bf, “U read the map?” like he didn’t know how to read map or even read map at all. :P

“Yeah!” He defended himself like he is an expert in reading maps. Aha. We had gotten lost when he read map. :p
Somehow the secret location – I didn’t ask & they didn’t tell me earlier – came out.

“You didn’t know we are going there meh?” he asked.


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