Short birthday celebration with Jas

After Jas’s karaoke celebration which MCL & I joined after we had finished our shift, she found out about our birthdays & remembered it.

On my birthday, she came upstairs (fragrance & beauty are 1 floor below Men’s) and shouted gleefully, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” She clapped.

:D Auntie Jas is 1 urban chic.

Then she asked, “If I want to cut 1 song in many videos can ar?”

“Ooooo.. want to ask me burn 4 u lah!” I caught her.

“Yaa.. and also wished you birthday loh.”

Later during our lunch time, I went down to ‘pickup’ PotatoGal @ Ladies. Jas pulled me into her facial room & PotatoGal shouted, “Quick!!!”

There was a slice of Secret Recipe cake! With a candle burning!

They quickly sang Happy Birthday song & we all clapped. Made a quick wish & the blew the candle off. *Hugs & kisses* PotatoGal cringed & shrank away to the door. I cut 3 small pieces n fed all of us then PotatoGal & I headed to real lunch. :D

Quick n happy :)

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