Genki Sushi

Hadn’t been to Genki Sushi for such a long time! There’s no Genki Sushi in Mid Valley :( Was really hungry after coming out of the cinema from My Super Ex-Gf. Surprisingly, there weren’t a lot of people. The previous time we had been there, it was quite full, though not as overfull as the… Continue reading Genki Sushi


Wrong movie showed at KLCC TGV

Went to KLCC TGV for this movie at 12.55pm. There weren’t a lot of people, just a handful sitting in the dark. After some previews, it showed DOA! I exclaimed, “We got into the wrong cinema!” I checked the cinema tickets, it was #6 MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND 12:55. Mom and I left the cinema to… Continue reading Wrong movie showed at KLCC TGV

Etiquette · Relationship & Sex

Bad mouthing others

The psychic said, “Leave if you don’t like your boss. Don’t talk bad.” But I already shared my personal views and experiences with some colleagues. Had they not told me about their personal experiences, I would just be blur. Thinking that some of my close colleagues were actually nice & good people when they did… Continue reading Bad mouthing others

Etiquette · Food

Yamcha with colleagues

After a full day shift, I was so dead tired. It was Monday. Eve-Preview Day. I had morning shift on Preview Day. As we waited for BlackHairedGal’s husband to fetch her – she is pregnant – we chatted at shop. After that, ShopMgr & MCL insisted that we go for yamcha. MCL got angry when… Continue reading Yamcha with colleagues

Etiquette · Sales & Promotions

Giving the correct discount

Sometimes prices drop within a day in my company. The buyers and HQ people always have ad-hoc meetings on how to improve sales. Thus, today the item may be under 30%, tomorrow it could be 50%. In order to avoid giving the wrong price to the customer, we have to update our emails periodically to… Continue reading Giving the correct discount


Ladies moving back to old home

The Ladies counter moved to its original home at Ground floor from 1st floor – the renovation for that section had finally completed. Not! There were still some touch ups for the wall. Heh, I saw the 2 big differences were the futuristic white light like disco or space ship interior and the white wall.… Continue reading Ladies moving back to old home


The Banquet | Ye Yan

Internationally known as The Night Banquet, it’s based loosely on Hamlet. Official site: [English] I must have watched too many of Zhang Zi Yi or Zi Yi Zhang (whatever she calls herself these days) in the cinema. Memoirs of the Geisha, Jasmine Women & now The Banquet. Frankly, I am not a fan of… Continue reading The Banquet | Ye Yan