Genki Sushi

Hadn’t been to Genki Sushi for such a long time! There’s no Genki Sushi in Mid Valley :( Was really hungry after coming out of the cinema from My Super Ex-Gf. Surprisingly, there weren’t a lot of people. The previous time we had been there, it was quite full, though not as overfull as the… Continue reading Genki Sushi

Books · Food

Diane Mott Davidson – Double Shot

This book has recipes, as with all books by Diane. The starting was ok, not catchy but still readable. Till I reached the 3/4. Yikes. |-zzz I couldn’t open my eyes or my brain to decipher whodunit.  I skipped to the back. Mystery solved. Turn to a few pages in front to read the explaination… Continue reading Diane Mott Davidson – Double Shot

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2 against 1

I had forgotten to reply PlanetMars yesterday nite till after I had asked Blondie & Cutie, “What time you eat for lunch?” Both replied, “2.” “I also. Where to eat?” “Don’t know la..” “Yoyo (Snack)? Food court?” “Eiyea, don’t want food court lar.. bored already!” Blondie moaned. After sometime, she decided, “Yoyo lah.” When I… Continue reading 2 against 1


Jealous of a curry fish dish

When ShopMgr, MCL and I work on the same shift, I try to eat with people from dept store than the 2 of them. Coz either they behave like lovers who sex all the time or sworn enemies flying with sarcastic remarks. Like the other day when the 3 of us went to the food… Continue reading Jealous of a curry fish dish

Human rights

Safer Malaysia

Received this email: Subject: FW: Please ! keep forwarding.. make a vote !! No matter you r boy or girl. Thanks Malaysian laws on rape are not strict enough. As a result, we can see rape cases arising in our national newspapers almost every day! Do your part in stopping rape. We wish to collect… Continue reading Safer Malaysia


Gennita Low – Sleeping with the Agent

Currently reading Gennita Low – Sleeping with the Agent. Interesting. Had been reading lots of funny romances that I need a dose of thriller investigation. Her blog’s at A Low Profile. Ha? She’s from Malaysia. Excerpt: He liked the way she felt in his arms. The music was a little slower than the song before,… Continue reading Gennita Low – Sleeping with the Agent