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Negaraku in department store

Tanah tumpahnya darahku
Rakyat hidup besatu dan padu
Rahmat bahgia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita selamat bertakhta.

Metrojaya put Negaraku in their song list, playing everyday together with songs of “dunia menyanjung kita”, international sports song and ahhh Visit Malaysia theme song..

Is that insulting or Metrojaya is trying to get their customers to BERDIRI, TEGAK! JANGAN BERGERAK! (remember during primary & secondary school @ assembly?) Stop shopping & and respect our National song?

During festivals, there are mostly happy upbeat songs but for Hari Raya, there are lots of sad sappy songs like someone died or missing or losing someone. Sad.

Hair rebonding

My hair was getting really unruly & I was getting more lazy applying JS Styling Milk moisturizer or Redken’s Align or sth and then blow dry with Vidal Sassoon Ceramic Straightening Comb. Takes a lot of effort & time huh… even 10 minutes is a lot.

Since Chai said her stylist in Damansara Uptown, “ISSSSSSSS very good,” I was tempted to go for rebonding again. Hey, the last time I went to salon for any treatment was 2 yrs back.

“Got promotion. RM150 only!” She exclaimed.

Yeah. They would surely recommend products & additional treatment.

She bcame my middle person, checking if there was still promotion & appointment time. Since I had to go to adjust my braces beforehand & taking bus, I was afraid I couldn’t make it on time.

As it was, I had to wait almost 1hr for dentist to finish 2 other patients.

I dozed off in the bus. So tired…

When I reached the area, I had to walk around the blocks to find the place.

Chai said it was near McD’s & a bank.

I saw 2 Malay woman working nearby holding McD’s plastic bag. *sniff sniff for McD’s*

When I reached the shop, there was no customer! Ah.. :)

I asked the young guy slacked on the chair reading Chinese newspapers, “Is Oscar around?” Twice. He looked at me like I was looking for the wrong person in the wrong place.

Then he asked, “You are here to do rebonding?” He waved at his own head.

I nodded, “Yeah.”

PlanetMars advised me to get them to show the products that they would be using and mix them in front of me so that they wouldn’t say 1 thing and then do another thing. She said her friend in the hair business do that, “A lot of salon do that.”

But I was too tired to see what he mixed. I so wanted to zzz. If not for the magazines & getting up to wash hair, I would have dozed off completely.

He said it would take about 4 hrs.

Things he said about himself:
1. He had been working in this business for 4 yrs. I was thinking how he when he started… since he earlier said he had been working there for 2 months only. Oh, I also wondered about his age (just a bit coz he looks really boyish!)
2. He’s very ahh… detailed & patient-careful-delicate in his work (ok, I get it – he praising himself or just telling me hairstyling is not an easy work?)
3. He has a family car to give away! :D “No need to pay downpayment, just pay for about 3 more years & the car is yours!” Tempting but I am looking for a new car – just in case someone had died on it and while I was driving, suddenly the original owner appeared next to me. Eeee..

Since I had closed my eyes or read magazines there, when I looked up at my reflection after the “shiny” treatment & rebonding, “Wow.” I touched my hair from top to bottom. It was really soft & shiny!!! :D I was amazed by the results of his efforts & the products.

After the cut, he got the products for my hair – Tea Tree shampoo for dandruff & Leave on Moisturizer (can use on skin too) by Paul Mitchell. He swore these worked for himself & lots of customers. I didn’t want the other set he recommended for shiny straight hair – I just bought the 2 Redken bottles from L’Oreal warehouse sale!

It was raining heavily earlier & he asked if I had umbrella. I told him yes. Maybe it was the braces or his hearing coz there were several times when he asked, “Sorry, u said?”

He went to the back and brought a huge blue umbrella. “It’s our company’s. Give you lah.”

Hah? O_O I glanced at the umbrella. <strike>That umbrella was ugly.</strike>

“No need lah,” I said.

“No, take it lah.”

“I have my own umbrella,” I pointed to my bag.

“Ohh I thought you didn’t bring umbrella. Because your hair cannot get wet,” he explained.

Nice guy leh?

It wasn’t because he didn’t me to get more sick from the rain but the rain would spoil my beautiful hair and his 4 hrs efforts of slowly rebonding, treating & cutting my unruly hair. :p

Like I wouldn’t just fold shirts into small plastic bag after I had iron them for customers. Unless that customer is an irritating and conscending customer. :p Hah!

I have to wait 3 days before I can wash my hair. I try not to wet it but sometimes when I eat and wash my face, the sides get wet. I am not supposed to tie it up either coz the shape will become out. I arrange my hair nicely when I sleep haha. Sometimes the hair gets into my face which I then flicked it behind me ear but Piggy scolded me, “Don’t put hair like that ah!”

When hairstylist first straightened it, more than half of my face was covered. I looked like those revengeful woman ghost in Chinese movies. Long straight hair, prominent eye bags & dark circles, sleepy eyes, tensed jaw (from tightening braces). Haha.

*move head left to right, right to left* :p I can’t believe it’s my hair. Tat’s what RM240 is for.

Today I passed by Dry Cut opposite CarreFour. RM100 only for rebonding! But they charge RM300 for rebonding, treatment & cut. Maybe they use different products.

Update 3 Jan 2008
Found a link to check ingredients for shampoo – Savvy Skin – Shampoo Ingredients To Avoid

Update 29 Mar 2009
Had another Hair rebonding (2009) :)

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Going home after birthday dinner with frens

… continue from Birthday dinner with frens.

When others left for home, I felt bad tat I didn’t thank all of them for coming. I wanted to hug them but..

On the way home, Nat & I chatted about business, career & she asked how to go for E-Commerce. She had been trying to get her website to sell cosmetic (coloured) contact lenses for about 1 yr plus but she wasn’t satisfied with the layout or sth & then after the eye care solutions recalled just a few months back, she had some setback. But it should be up & running anytime soon.

Half way thru, she asked, “How long since u’ve been driving? U still got practice driving, right?”

“Ahhh… I hadn’t drove for months,” I thought of the time before VampireTeeth’s bf changed her car’s windows to VERY black tint. It was more like since 6 months ago?

However, she was driving an auto car so I felt it was no problem. *shrugged*

After we changed our seats, I checked the mirrors & all *ahem*, tested the length of my legs to the brake & move. Ok.

“Where’s the signal ar?” I squinted in the dark. I fumbled for the light switch. Left. Right. Front. Back. On..

She pointed to the right, “Right side there.”

We signalled to the right & I pressed move.

She released the hand clutch, “You forgot to release the hand clutch.”

I choked with laughter & embarassment.

We got home safely. Slowly. :D Safe & sound.


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