Hair rebonding

My hair was getting really unruly & I was getting more lazy applying JS Styling Milk moisturizer or Redken’s Align or sth and then blow dry with Vidal Sassoon Ceramic Straightening Comb. Takes a lot of effort & time huh… even 10 minutes is a lot.

Since Chai said her stylist in Damansara Uptown, “ISSSSSSSS very good,” I was tempted to go for rebonding again. Hey, the last time I went to salon for any treatment was 2 yrs back.

“Got promotion. RM150 only!” She exclaimed.

Yeah. They would surely recommend products & additional treatment.

She bcame my middle person, checking if there was still promotion & appointment time. Since I had to go to adjust my braces beforehand & taking bus, I was afraid I couldn’t make it on time.

As it was, I had to wait almost 1hr for dentist to finish 2 other patients.

I dozed off in the bus. So tired…

When I reached the area, I had to walk around the blocks to find the place.

Chai said it was near McD’s & a bank.

I saw 2 Malay woman working nearby holding McD’s plastic bag. *sniff sniff for McD’s*

When I reached the shop, there was no customer! Ah.. :)

I asked the young guy slacked on the chair reading Chinese newspapers, “Is Oscar around?” Twice. He looked at me like I was looking for the wrong person in the wrong place.

Then he asked, “You are here to do rebonding?” He waved at his own head.

I nodded, “Yeah.”

PlanetMars advised me to get them to show the products that they would be using and mix them in front of me so that they wouldn’t say 1 thing and then do another thing. She said her friend in the hair business do that, “A lot of salon do that.”

But I was too tired to see what he mixed. I so wanted to zzz. If not for the magazines & getting up to wash hair, I would have dozed off completely.

He said it would take about 4 hrs.

Things he said about himself:
1. He had been working in this business for 4 yrs. I was thinking how he when he started… since he earlier said he had been working there for 2 months only. Oh, I also wondered about his age (just a bit coz he looks really boyish!)
2. He’s very ahh… detailed & patient-careful-delicate in his work (ok, I get it – he praising himself or just telling me hairstyling is not an easy work?)
3. He has a family car to give away! :D “No need to pay downpayment, just pay for about 3 more years & the car is yours!” Tempting but I am looking for a new car – just in case someone had died on it and while I was driving, suddenly the original owner appeared next to me. Eeee..

Since I had closed my eyes or read magazines there, when I looked up at my reflection after the “shiny” treatment & rebonding, “Wow.” I touched my hair from top to bottom. It was really soft & shiny!!! :D I was amazed by the results of his efforts & the products.

After the cut, he got the products for my hair – Tea Tree shampoo for dandruff & Leave on Moisturizer (can use on skin too) by Paul Mitchell. He swore these worked for himself & lots of customers. I didn’t want the other set he recommended for shiny straight hair – I just bought the 2 Redken bottles from L’Oreal warehouse sale!

It was raining heavily earlier & he asked if I had umbrella. I told him yes. Maybe it was the braces or his hearing coz there were several times when he asked, “Sorry, u said?”

He went to the back and brought a huge blue umbrella. “It’s our company’s. Give you lah.”

Hah? O_O I glanced at the umbrella. <strike>That umbrella was ugly.</strike>

“No need lah,” I said.

“No, take it lah.”

“I have my own umbrella,” I pointed to my bag.

“Ohh I thought you didn’t bring umbrella. Because your hair cannot get wet,” he explained.

Nice guy leh?

It wasn’t because he didn’t me to get more sick from the rain but the rain would spoil my beautiful hair and his 4 hrs efforts of slowly rebonding, treating & cutting my unruly hair. :p

Like I wouldn’t just fold shirts into small plastic bag after I had iron them for customers. Unless that customer is an irritating and conscending customer. :p Hah!

I have to wait 3 days before I can wash my hair. I try not to wet it but sometimes when I eat and wash my face, the sides get wet. I am not supposed to tie it up either coz the shape will become out. I arrange my hair nicely when I sleep haha. Sometimes the hair gets into my face which I then flicked it behind me ear but Piggy scolded me, “Don’t put hair like that ah!”

When hairstylist first straightened it, more than half of my face was covered. I looked like those revengeful woman ghost in Chinese movies. Long straight hair, prominent eye bags & dark circles, sleepy eyes, tensed jaw (from tightening braces). Haha.

*move head left to right, right to left* :p I can’t believe it’s my hair. Tat’s what RM240 is for.

Today I passed by Dry Cut opposite CarreFour. RM100 only for rebonding! But they charge RM300 for rebonding, treatment & cut. Maybe they use different products.

Update 3 Jan 2008
Found a link to check ingredients for shampoo – Savvy Skin – Shampoo Ingredients To Avoid

Update 29 Mar 2009
Had another Hair rebonding (2009) :)

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241 thoughts on “Hair rebonding

  1. M says:

    post a pix ler

  2. […] When the Q-hairstylist said it could be used on face too, I was skeptical. He claimed he had sprayed on his face & hair too & it felt great. Anyway, I had tried it on my face & it made my face oily at the end of the day! So it’s strictly for my hair now. […]

  3. Crystal says:

    Hi my name is Crystal and i Have had my hair rebonded before by my aunt who has been in cosmotology for many years. She did this to my hair when she owned a chain of salons but has sold the salons therefore cannot do my hair ne more. It is a very rare job and i just wondered if u knew where i could get my hair rebonded. I can have it done in middle tennessee or in the Bowling Green area where i attend school. If you know ne more please just email me at the above address. ~CRYSTAL

  4. Crystal, not sure where you can have it done.. Perhaps you can check the yellow pages directory in your area?

  5. Grace says:

    Hm.. I’ve got a question. How long was it till you were able to tie your hair?

  6. Grace: About 1 month if you want the straightness to last. Also it depends how tight and where as well as how much of hair to tie. If it’s loosely tied and the hair still lies straight from top to bottom, I don’t think there should be lasting consequences of crooked hair.

    I only tied my hair loosely after 3 months this time. The previous time (2-3 yrs back) when I did my 1st rebonding, it lasted about 8 months before it becomes wavy coz I was twisting my hair.

  7. ting ting says:

    Hi, can you tell me the location in detail, i also want to do rebonding on my perm hair.. :) thank you.

  8. MJ says:

    Ting Ting, I did it at Saloon Yashiro. I sent an email to you about the location. The hair stylist who did my hair had already left to another company..

  9. Ira says:

    hey..i was just wondering..u said it takes 3 day after u did the rebonding to wash your hair..but however some people says it takes 1 week! my hairstylist says it takes 2 days only..& now i’m really confused!! can u tell me how long does it really take for uto wash ur hair again after rebonding for a long-lasting result?? thnx.. u can email me back if you’re free.. :D

  10. MJ says:

    Ira, I was told not to wash it for 3 days by my hairstylist. I have heard people not washing their hair for a week to make sure the chemical stay longer, thus, straighter hair for longer duration. They ended up with coarser hair and had to pour more deep conditioning (and $$).

    But if you have to wear tudung or do any activities that include sweat, it’s more hygienic to wash your hair in 2-3 days than waiting for germs and dandruff to accumulate till the 7th day.

    2-3 days, doesn’t matter if you are in cool temperature.

    To maintain the results, you still have to apply conditioner, hair mask/serum and don’t let your hair be tied up or folded when zzz.

  11. Ira says:

    thanks MJ! 1 more question.. isit stil okay for me to curl my hair with curling iron & do pin ups & such after 1 month i did the rebonding??

  12. MJ says:

    Ira, better not.. if you want it to be straight for months. Even if you wear hair clips or hairband for 1 day, the hair shape would remain the same for a few days depending on how flexible your hair is.

    Got special event eh? If you have straightening iron, then you can re-straighten your hair again after pin ups.

  13. Ira says:

    thanks alot MJ! yea..i do have straightening iron so maybe i have to wait longer until i can do pin ups & curl my hair..then straighten it back with to remain it’s shape.. thank you for all your help! :D

  14. MJ says:

    Ira, you’re welcomed. :) Btw, if you are unsure about rebonding, there’s always the non-permanent straightening. I heard it’s from RM20-100 per treatment. Lasts from 2 days – a few weeks.

  15. Ch8 says:

    hey, i got my hair rebond, say 2 weeks ago. same procedure- no washin / tying for 3 days. but i tied it after that! (grumble, noone told me not to). and now, my hair’s becoming wavy… not as much as my naturally permed-looking hair, but its not perfectly straight either! my hair stylist cant figure out why thats happening.

    wat do i do now? i cant use the rebond chemicals again. but if i wanted to iron it, i might as well have not got it rebound in the first place! watchasay?

  16. MJ says:

    Ch8, how long did u sit for the rebonding process? For me, it was about 4hrs but 1 of my friends stayed put for 6hrs! Her hair came out dead straight and dry. Your hair stylist should’ve adviced you on how to maintain the straight and shiny hair. However, some hair types are more resistant to straightening, like mine to hair dyes.

    You can ask your hair stylist to touch up without the chemicals but you’ll have to think if it’s worth doing more damage to the hair.. Are you using any straightening/maintaining straight hair products? Use more moisturizers/serum too, so it won’t become frizzy/dried out.

  17. Superwoman says:

    I rebonded my hair in the Philippines. ALso got Cellophane & Choco-Vita. They said i was not allowed to dye my hair for 3 months. Not allowed to go swimming for 1 month. & I can`t put my hair up unless its loose like in a clip (no problem for me, i NEVER put it up) & I cant put it behind my ears. They never said anything about not using a curling iron though, so i`m not sure if i can curl my hair. My curling iron is a 2 in one Straightener/Curler & its Ceramic.. is it okay if i curl it??

  18. […] Rebonding is great for long term. I don’t have to comb my hair :) and have good girls straight, shiny hair. However, I need to use a lot of conditioner and leave in conditioner to make sure it doesn’t become really dry. After almost 1/2 year in straight hair, my fingers get itchy and twirl my hair to exercise my fingers. Usually I would stop myself my naughty fingers after thinking I had used RM200++ on Hair rebonding. Actually RM200++ is quite cheap for the quality I received. […]

  19. MJ says:

    Once you’ve curled it, it may stay wavy for longer period?

  20. shirla says:

    I rebonded my hair in Dubai last month before i go for vacation,my stylist told me not to wash my hair in 3 days. After 3 days I washed it and it is still curly, I returned to him to retouch it he rebonded again and now it is still little curly in the sides & ends & dry. How often I should rebond my hair? What moisturizing/conditioner I should use?

  21. Hrithik says:

    I told My Dad I wanted to Have hair rebonding….but, My dad took me to a local saloon. The owner told me that hair rebonding is as harmful as straightening? He said initially after rebonding hair looks great but as you get older your hair begin to fall earlier….

    I was shocked? would hair rebonding make me bald or damage my hair?

    Please tell me if its true? Is rebonding harmful?…….

  22. MJ says:

    shirla, I’m not an expert on hair rebonding but I should think rebonding often – within 5 months – would be harmful to the hair and scalp because of the strong chemicals used.

    People with really curly / stubbon wavy hair would get better results from repeated rebonding with LOTS of moisturizers, masks, treatment to soften and maintain gloss.

    So far I had tried Dove for Dry hair – I used a lot of moisturizers because I was too lazy to use the mask sometimes. This is quite good and it’s cheap. L’Oreal’s hair masks are another option. Redken and Keratase (high end from L’Oreal) are good too but more expensive.

    A lot of people buy Pantene but I get itchy scalp from it. I didn’t like the smell as well.

    You can try out the small bottles first or search in, and my Bloglines subscription for Fashion/Beauty

  23. MJ says:

    Rebonding is 1 of the ways to straighten hair which lasts from 3months for really wavy hair to 1 year for quite straight hair. It also seals/adds shine. If done correctly, rebonding will make your hair more manageable (less/no fly aways, frizz). There’s damage when the stylist uses harmful chemicals (ask before and check to make sure the stylist uses what he/she claimed) and people don’t take care of their hair with moisturizers after rebonding.

    Hair straightening

    As for the hair begin to fall as you get OLDER, well, we do get hair drop even without hair rebonding! :) There are many causes of hair drop – hormones, stress, health, itchy hands / bad habit of pulling hair, change of climate / temperature, longer hair makes hair drop more apparent, etc. However, I did have a friend who had lots of white hair from extreme hair dyeing – once every month on whole head.

    If you are afraid of going for full scale rebonding, most salons offer temporary rebonding which lasts from 1 day to a week.

    I’m not pro or against hair rebonding. It’s a personal choice.

  24. JR says:


    I had my baby-fine, naturally curly hair re-bonded in the Philippines in December of 2006.

    Eight months later, my hair around my face and close to my scalp were growing in curly, so I went to my stylist in the US to have it straightened. The US stylist placed a relaxer for caucasian hair on my hair and my hair came out wavy and coarse.

    How long should I wait until I get my hair re-bonded again?

  25. MJ says:

    JR, typically at least 3-6 months – depending on how strong the chemicals & relaxer were.

  26. alex says:

    hi, i had my hair rebonded almost 5 months ago. is it safe to curl my hair with a curling iron just for one night?

  27. MJ says:

    alex, 5 months ago.. should be ok. Don’t use the curling iron longer than necessary

  28. Mary says:

    I have my hair re-bond last January this year is it okay if I go to my hairstylist and have a deep conditioning to my hair?

  29. MJ says:

    Mary, deep conditioning is always welcomed :) It’s good for hair

  30. […] Rebonding is great for long term. I don’t have to comb my hair :) and have good girls straight, shiny hair. However, I need to use a lot of conditioner and leave in conditioner to make sure it doesn’t become really dry. After almost 1/2 year in straight hair, my fingers get itchy and twirl my hair to exercise my fingers. Usually I would stop myself my naughty fingers after thinking I had used RM200++ on Hair rebonding. Actually RM200++ is quite cheap for the quality I received. […]

  31. […] the Q-hairstylist said it could be used on face too, I was skeptical. He claimed he had sprayed on his face & […]

  32. annie says:

    what is hair relaxing and rebonding

  33. joy says:

    Hello everyone,
    I have my hair rebonded in the philippines last year july 2006. all i did was followed what the beautician told me what not to do. which is do not washed or tie your hair for at least 3 days. and it’s been over a year now, my hair is still shiny and beautiful. thanks to whoever invented hair rebonding…
    joy of iwakuni japan

  34. MJ says:

    Both hair relaxing and rebonding use chemical to change the structure of external section of grown (and dead) hair. They may cause damage if there’s too much chemical being used during the process, not enough moisturizer and care after that.

    In both cases, hair must have enough moisturizer and in good condition before the processing of hair relaxing & rebonding. Young people in late/early teens should NOT go for this treatment without SERIOUS consideration, just like going for perming. Side effects could range from loosing hair, super dry hair, thicker strands, etc if not maintained properly. Once hair is damaged by chemicals, it’s very hard to get it back to optimum condition. Not that it’s not possible but it would take a lot of effort, heartache, money and time. Maintenance here means applying effective moisturizers after washing hair, using serum/gloss/leave-in moisturizers, hair masks and having a healthy lifestyle. Don’t use hair dryer, bleaching, perming, etc. Maintenance here does NOT going for frequent relaxing and rebonding.

    Hair relaxing was originally designed to relax African’s curly hair by straighten and relaxing the hair. The lotion/cream contains very high alkaline. Sodium Hydroxide (1 of the possible ingredients) is used to clean drain!

    Hair rebonding is applying, protein and moisturizer to damaged hair. Keratine (amino acids) is what the hair is made of. – Newton: Ask a Scientist

    Wikipedia – Relaxer
    The meshplex – Effects of relaxers and Going Natural for African Hair
    Skin Biology – The Truth About Hair Relaxers
    Hair Rebonding: 10 things you need to know (with pics on the process)

  35. I have been coloring my gray roots about every 6 weeks, also my hair is frizzy, dry, wavy so I always blow dry and use flat iron to straigten my hair. I am getting really tired of all these rituals and is considering rebonding but afraid all my hair will fall off because it is already damaged in the first place. Is my fear real?

  36. MJ says:

    nancy norwood, you can try to go into several hair salons and tell them upfront that you would like them to check the condition of your hair and found out how they could help you, advice you on whether your hair would be able to withstand rebonding. If they do not entertain you, then they do not care about your hair except making money.

  37. David says:

    My 13 year old daughter (mother is Micronesian, father is Caucasian) has very fine curly hair about 8 inches longer than shoulder length. We are on a small tropical humid island with many Filipina beauty parlors. She dances with a traditional dance company which necessitates putting flowers etc. into her hair during weekly performances. Her hair is difficult to control. She has asked to have it rebonded or straightened. I’ve read some of the info on internet and am hesitant to let her have it rebonded. Can you offer some advice about the different types of processes? How dangerous and damaging to her hair could the different processes be? How long would any straightening effect last? Thank you.

  38. Elaine says:

    May I ask….is ur hair rebonding last long? Will it b cure easily within 4 months?

  39. MJ says:

    David, 13 yo is truly too young to rebond hair! She may think it’s cool to have rebonding but if it’s damaged without lots of moisturizer after rebonding, the hair can never be the same for years.

    There are not many differences in hair straightening – it’s just the name and products used that are different in each salon. You can view the process with pics and the bad effects are listed in my comment dated Aug 27th, 2007 at 3:17 pm

    I truly think it’s better to use styling products for the time being that doesn’t contain drying alcohol since your daughter is still so young. Or try more hair clips, big brushes made from wood, Ion or Ceramic Straightening Comb (you can look for such pictures in Google Images. These combs are used when hair is semi-dried, like hair drying. You use it with hair dryer. Spray Thermal Protector/ apply leave in moisturizer onto hair first before combing.

    For non-permanent treatment, look for hair steaming or deep moisturing if you truly want to take her to hair salons/beauty parlors.

    Should you two finally decided to go for rebonding, please check with several hair stylists and ask what they are going to do, which product, side effects, how to maintain before she goes under hair rebonding. Make sure she understands that she cannot tie her hair or even put hair clips or behind her ears for the 1st month. When she sleeps, the hair should be arranged to be in natural straight too or there’ll be weird shapes the next day :)

    More: ABCNews – Straight Talk on Hair-Straightening Treatment

  40. MJ says:

    Elaine, you mean the rebonding effects? The first time I did lasted about 6 months with truly straight hair, then a few strands going back frizzy and wavy. The 2nd time I did, my hair is still straight (on those parts that went through rebonding but not dead straight).. about 1 year because I did the 2nd time in Sept 2006 (this post). Hehe it’s just that the top part (grown hair) of my head is appearing wavy.

  41. apple says:

    i had my hair rebonded last sunday (my second time to rebond).

    i was wondering, how do you arrange your hair when you sleep during the first few days after the rebond?

    i havent washed my hair yet (today’s the fourth day–i didnt wash it an extra day more for good measure), now it looks straight until the shoulder part where it becomes curvy around the neck and shoulder areas.

    my hair was cut shoulder length, so its not like there is extra length to “anchor” my hair at the back always because it just kinda falls to the front since its not that long.

    i still take care not to tuck hair behind my ears tho.

    any tips for me? :)

    thank you!

  42. Hiba says:

    Hey hello everyone :) my name is Hiba and I’m from Pakistan.

    I juz got my hair rebonded :D :D :D…its my first day…really don’t knw how I’m gona go to sleep with the hair. I might not sleep :P

    Anway I came to this blog a few weeks ago and found it to be very useful coz I was on the look out for rebonding information.

    I was hoping Apple’s question about arranging the hair while sleeping would have been answered by now…coz if there are tips I’d like to know please about arranging my hair :)



  43. namitha says:

    hi,i got ma hair rebounded 4 weeks ago…it looks so damn straight n i hate it…i miss my hair….it wus wavy…is there anyway i can get back my hair to look like how it used to b4 this stupid rebounding…it looks so fake…i’m lucky that i haven lost any hair so far!!!help!!!

  44. MJ says:

    apple, sorry for the late reply – thought readers would reply you! How’s your hair now?

    Hiba, just brush it naturally down and sort of swipe it so that it’s not curled or bended when you lay your head to sleep because some people flip their hair up, fan them around, etc.

    namitha, my 1st hair rebonding was that – the hair stick flat to my skull and my face looked waaaaay to big. You can make some air go into between the strands by running your fingers over your hair and shake a bit but this will make the rebonding effect last shorter. After 2 months, your hair will have more volume. I guess you can use add volume products but I don’t know which to recommend because I have lots of thick hair & don’t need to use volumizing products. Anyone??

  45. namitha says:

    my hair looks thick…but i wan my wavy hair back…is der anywAY i can get it back???i don’t want to get touch ups done…is der anyway???

  46. apple says:

    it is now three weeks after the rebond. i just smooth it down before i lie on the pillow. now it is still generally straight, except the neck part where it curves along my shoulders. then if you look at the ends of my hair most of them are crooked already. i am not obsessing about it because it looks more natural this way. if it were stick straight all the way that would look very fake, dontchathink?

    the rebond I had was good, because my hair was thick, and now thanks to a good haircut + good product, my hair is fine and straight and looks and moves like it was natural :)

  47. MJ says:

    namitha, there’s no way to revert your hair structure after rebonding on those strands. You’ll have to be patient and hope the effect doesn’t last long. You can go to salon to make your hair wavy again but it wouldn’t be the same “wavy” and it’s really hazardous to go for so much chemical treatment that are not moisturizing but drying hair.

    apple, yeah, I think straight’s fine but not dead straight. :)

  48. namitha says:

    thanks MJ…but is it true that hair becomes frizzy after sometime???

  49. MJ says:

    namitha, you’re welcomed ;) It becomes frizzy only if there’s not enough moisturizers (too dry) from lack of adequate maintenance or use of too strong chemicals during rebonding. If the hair is frizzy naturally, yes, it will become frizzy after the rebonding effect is gone. For me, the rebonded hair goes back to frizzy & wavy after 1 yr plus. Some people get back to their natural state in less than 1 yr.

  50. namitha says:

    omygod…u know so much…how come???will it come back to natural state after a year?????that’s wut i’m dyin for….i don’t mind waitin…cos i cannot grow it took me two long years to grow it his long…upto ma waist line…

  51. namitha says:

    wus your hair frizzy b4 u got it done?

  52. lvna says:

    harlo… i’m quite new here… i’m a 15 yrs-old gurl… erm.. i found tis website VERY helpful for me as me n my sis had juz rebonded our hair 10 days ago.. i din wash my hair for 2-3 days after my rebonding.. at the 1st few days, my hair was very shiny n straight, i really liked my hair.. But after i washed my hair, my hair became a lil frizzy at the back, about the shoulder length(i actually layered my hair). I was kinda upset so i went back to the salon to ask the hair stylist but she told me its natural bcoz the layer is at the shoulder length.. So now, my hair is getting more n more frizzier…Like b4 i rebonded my hair, my hair was a lil wavy n frizzy too.. wat can i do to let my hair be better?? any good products to introduce?? Advance thanks to all ur help!!

  53. namitha says:

    no reply…y???????:(:(

  54. MJ says:

    namitha, yes – my hair was a bit frizzy & wavy mixed with straight before rebonding

    lvna, if it becomes like before rebonding, it could be your hair type is really set on remaining frizzy & wavy :) Or the products and techniques used on rebonding for you weren’t effective. Try getting other stylists’ opinion to check. Products can only help out in appearance, not totally change the structure.. I like Redken No 5 to smooth & soften the hair a bit, it’s not sticky but it can’t make the hair straight either. What products have you used?

  55. lvna says:

    Oh.. i c… actually i’m using normal hair oil… not really sure of wat to use…

  56. namitha says:

    hey MJ…can i use hair gel??is it safe???any sort ov gel???

  57. MJ says:

    lvna, normal hair oil as in?

    namitha, .. I’m not the expert on hair… try Google / Wikipedia on the ingredients in your hair gel if they are beneficial / harmful. Personally, I’m not a fan of gel because they are usually sticky & stiff but that’s my personal preference.

  58. asia says:

    Hi, yesterday I had my hair rebonded and I haven’t taken a shower yet, till today. I’m scared of getting it wet. Because it might not go back to the way it used to be. But my scalp’s a bit oily already, can I take a shower tomorrow? and can I leave the house without drying my hair? can i use a shampoo already, or just conditioner?

  59. MJ says:

    asia, Wait at least 3 days to wash your hair (shampoo + conditioner). Of course you can shower – try using a loose scrunchie or ribbon or big clip to hold your hair to your head to avoid getting wet. Once you are out of the shower, let your hair down again.

  60. MC says:

    Ay-ya-yai! Ok i have been rebonding since 2004. I have super cuyrly hair so i redo the treatment every 3-4 months. It’s worked out fine so far. When i need a bit more natural looking wave (as the ends tend to look a but stiff) My curling iron does wonders.
    My dilemma now is that i rebonded 4 days ago, as usual i was taking my regular prceautions no pin, showercap, and not planning to wash for 3 days. However, i got caught in the rain just about a day and a half after i rebonded. I now find that my hair is very frizzy and feels almost like straw – i need some serious help on how to fix this. This is my first exeperience getting my hair wet after rebonding for so long and have no clue what to do!!! Help!

  61. lacrymosa says:

    hi there, i’m green here.but i really do need ur help. my hair is originally straight but i face a difficulties of put it in style due to the frizz-ball look and look so unmanageable. thus, i decided to go for the hair rebounding about three years ago. I never put on any chemical onto my hair before . My hair looks so smooth and i felt like i was the prettiest gurl on earth after the process done.:)It lasts a year after my hair turns into its unruly and unmanageable look again. I decided to have it rebound again at another saloon that offers me with a great prize for my so-thick hair. I underwent the process with a hurt and so painful feeling as the stylist did it harshly. After the process ended, i found a lot of my hair fell on the ground and it seems like i can do another head with that fallen hair! My hair became fragile, broken and seems like i have a lion-mane-hair look! My scalp became broken. After a month, i went to hair specialist to have it back to normal. My moo-lah flied about RM300 for the treatment. Now, after three years i’m thinking of having my hair rebound back with my hair specialist. What do u think? Should i just shoot for it or knock it down?

  62. MJ says:

    MC, rebonding every 3 – 4 months is a lot because the usual duration is 6months – 1 year. It could damage your hair in the long run. Try going back to your best hairstylist for advice on the after effects after the rain because the chemicals in the rain (different from water for shower) alter the chemical composition. Apply LOTS of moisturizers, hair mask, eat healthily for supplements for hair.

    lacrymosa, don’t go back to the hairstylist that hurt your hair/head. It depends on yourself – if you want to go for rebonding again, tell the hairstylist know if it hurts then and there. You can ask for another hairstylist or complain to the manager. If you want a safety net, take pictures of yourself before and after – so that if your hair drops a lot again, you can complain to Tribunal/Consumer Rights (refer Human Rights links)

  63. lacrymosa says:

    thanks MJ..

  64. strawberry says:

    Okay, I just got my hair rebonded! I got it done in tokyo, but now I’m in America. Do I have to go all the way back to japan to get touch up? Also, what is your favorite product to use in your hair? Do I have to dry my hair with a hair dryer, or will that make it less straight? My hair is a little bit shorter than shoulder length and generally not THAT frizzy/curly but it was annoying to straighted with a flat iron all of the time. also, do you like aveda products? I like them alot, but i dont know if they are too strong to use in recently rebonded hair.

  65. lacrymosa says:

    holla, just got ma hair rebonded..(ehem, the outcome just like what i wanted it to be!) em, any suggestion for follow up after rebonding? i mean, some affordable solution..

  66. moqiqi says:

    hallo my dad owns a salon up in genting

    my school’s very strict so had to tie the very next day!!! hahahaha

    but it lasted more than 1 year

    they said it was because my hair was already very straight b4 treament n rebonding

  67. lacrymosa says:

    heyya moqiqi, im envy of ur natural straight hair.:)i got a straight hair too, but my hair was unmanageable and lion-mane looked.that’s why i decided to get my hair rebounded. After underwent about three times of the process, i still cant be satisfied of my hair. i get my hair done about a week ago, but now my back started to become unruly again. huhu….probably bcoz of the chemical used were not suitable for my cost me about RM240..the price was quite ok and affordable but still the result cant meet my expectation for the long-term effects.i also used redken smooth down product onto my hair to keep it look like a natural hair-do..

  68. marilyn says:

    hello, i’m only 12 years old.. i want to go for rebonding as my hair is not really messy,dry and has alot of knots.
    should i go for rebonding? if no, then when should i go for rebonding? like, how old? and, is there any thing that can improve my dry hair? thanks in advance ! :D

  69. besta says:

    My name is stephen. I want 2 know is it ok if guys get his hair rebonded because hair rebonding is generally related to gurl. My hair can be categoried as damaged-hair, and I wish 2 do hair rebonding 2 straigthen my hair permantly as my hair is 2 “messy”. Any suggestion 2 straight my hair besides hair rebonding? Hair rebonding is quite costly…hehe. tq.

  70. MJ says:

    strawberry, I’m sure there are salons for touch up / maintenance in US. Check out Allure mag’s recommendations for hair salons.

    DO NOT focus hair dryer on hair. Wait for hair to be 1/2 dry and only blow dry if you can let it dry naturally. Don’t rub, shake and wring hair with hands & towel. Just squeeze gently with towel to dry it.

    You can check for the ingredients in MakeupAlley & Paula Beguon Cosmetics or even Wikipedia if they are bad/good for you. Actually, a lot of cosmetic products contain bad ingredients..

    lacrymosa, a week only and it goes back to unruly? That’s bad! You should complain to that salon and get back some $ or treatment.

    marilyn, I wouldn’t encourage you to go for rebonding as you are only 12yo. Think about getting it when you are 16.. Did you ask your friends or parents about this? It would be great if the rebonding was successful but if it weren’t, your hair would even be more damaged than if you were doing it when you’re older.

    besta, I’ve known and seen guys with rebonded hair :) Don’t worry about it being girl-specific treatment. Look for salons that have male hairstylists that are trendy (if they had rebonded hair, even better) if you are afraid of being stereotyped :)

  71. marilyn says:

    yea. i did ask my parents and frens abt it

  72. besta says:

    MJ. u r from? tq 4 ur advices n suggestions. have a nice day~

  73. karissa says:

    i’m 14 and i origionally live in the U.S. but i came to the plilippines to visit some family over christmas break. my hair is smooth and naturally curly, not bad at all i actually love my hair but i just would like a change. my aunt decided that she wouldnt mind taking me to get my hair rebonded with her. the appointment is tommarow and i’m sort of nervous, i have been doing research on the internet about the process and results for guidlines. even though its december, its still very hot and humid here in the philippines and i am worried about small amounts of sweat for i hear tha people get bad results from that. my hair is also not chemically treated, virgin as some people say. i was just wondering if yu have any good tips for me being in the philippines and all and its hot\humid with the occasional sprinkle. gahh…

  74. MJ says:

    marilyn, do let us know the results should u still go for it :)

    besta, I’m in KL, Malaysia

    karissa, hot humid weather affects hair anyway – if the hair is frizzy and dry in the 1st place. You can go for temporary rebonding – which lasts from a few days to a week. That way, you can gauge your reaction to the real rebonding. Bring umbrella along or make sure your hair is protectd because rain can remove the chemicals applied for rebonding.

  75. karissa says:

    ooh okay well thank yu very much yu must be busy with all the questions. that was quicker then wha i was expecting, ha. i will get the officiall rebonding, i dont know if i want to spend much money for it isnt really mine in the first place its my moms cash. thank yu again.

  76. Sammy says:

    I want to have my rebonding done but i m gettin married in July 2008…so plz advise me wt is the best time for me to have my rebonding done…since July is also really a hot Month in Pakistan….
    if i rebond my hair in january…then it might happen that by july my hair gets wavy again….Till March the wether is pleasant….
    also i want to colour my hair after rebonding…plz suggest me a suitable time….

  77. Taj says:

    Hi All,
    I did my Hair Rebonding, just two days back and I need to go to the First Wash tommorow. I had never consulted or thought a word before taking up this process. I had Quiet Straight but little frizzy hairs, so I thought of trying this out.But all my friends are now telling that the rebounding will make my Hairs more drier than ever before and also cause lots of Hair Fall.
    Iam so much scared,,,,,,,,I cry every hour looking at my hairs. I want my hairs back to normal but Iam helpless, as I know I wont get it back.
    I read that applying Egg to the Hairs will help my hair from the Hair Loss. I apply normal Oil, and use Dove shampoo and Conditioner.
    But Please help me……… I am scared if I will be left out with bad hairs in few months.I have pretty long Hairs but………

  78. MJ says:

    karissa, u can always treat her better ;) or work part time to pay her back next time

    Sammy, it really depends on how frizzy ur hair is, the strength of the products and how you take care after that. If you are not into dead straight rebonding, do it at least 3months before your wedding. As for colouring – some stylist recommend only 1 – either colouring or rebonding at a time. Depending on permanent (harsher) or temporary hair dye/highlight, I think it’s better to go for colouring about 1-3 months after rebonding to see how your hair is taking the rebonding treatment. If it’s not maintained well, your hair could be too dry to take colouring.

    Are you going for wedding packages like photography, event? I’m not sure about Pakistan, but we have some bridal companies providing hair makeover over here (Malaysia). That way, you can save some money for your honeymoon ;)

    Taj, the 1st wash – you can do it urself with the right products. No need to cry – you’ve already done the straightening. Just find out and try which products suit your hair & keep it well. Everyone lose hair everyday. It’s just more noticeable when it’s long.

  79. Taj says:

    Hi MJ,

    Thanks Alot for your good conveinencing words, I had already done an Hair Wash.
    It is too beautiful now, but I think they may be more worst next, Huhhhh
    Ok, I had made a mistake let me not more regret on it, but on other hand trying being more careful.
    Suggest me if my below plan will help me
    I shall eat more of amla,dates, apply coconut oil alternative days and olive oil once in a week.
    What shall I Use Karthika shikakai/ Dove Hair theraphy Shampoo/Garnier Fruitis Strong and Long shampoo —- confusing yaar.
    Try growing my hair so that the Loss going to happen may be of less effect on my lifestyle.
    Some excercise in slightly inverted portion may help me out I think

    What do you suggest, Please help

  80. Taj says:

    Dear Karissa,
    I suggest you not to go to the Permanent straightening or what is so called as rebonding,
    As you mentioned that you love your hairs, then donot do rebonding just to try out something new.
    I did the same mistake and Iam regretting now.
    Do some ironing or some temporary process, so that you may get back your hair back into normal state when you need.
    But rebonding no ways…
    After rebonding and after I got the result ( Which were more +ve) I miss my hairs as if I have lost my near and dear ones.

  81. soulworks says:

    I broke the rebonding tradition just awhile ago: I washed my hair on the same night! Nothing changed, still the same straight hair. Just remember to comb straight down, and that’s it! I think it’s because of the hair treatment after the rebonding. Made me sit there for 5 freaking hours!!

    This is my first rebonding treatment, by the way. I’ve never done anything to my hair before this. Just loads of cash spent on various shampoos and conditioners. And trust me, Schwarzkopf is the best. Period.

    Just have a little faith in yourself, and ward off that stinky chemical smell!

  82. Alyssa says:

    I just got my hair rebonded when I went to the Philippines 1 week ago. I just bought a bunch of hair stuff (Got2B Hottie Shampoo and Conditioner, John Freida Hair Serum and The Body Shop Brazil Nut Hair Mask). Anyway, I was wondering if it is okay to use the hair mask overnight (wrapped in a towel)? It said on the instructions that I should put it on damp hair then leave it for 15 minutes or overnight. I want to leave it overnight for an intensive treatment (and because my hair washing schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I would put the mask on Sunday night then wash it off on Monday). Do you think it’s safe?

    Please reply.

  83. MRA says:

    i just recently came back from the philippines where i got my hair rebonded. now after a week i am starting to notice a lot of my hair falling out especially when i comb my hair after getting out of the shower. is this normal or should i be concerned with all the hair that i am losing. my hair is already thin enough and i dont need more of my hair falling out. i hate this rebonding its so flat. what would you recommend i do. please help!!! thanks

  84. ekSi says:

    Hi, I’m wondering where to buy Shikakai oil in KL, Malaysia??? My hair is falling and I heard Shikakai oil can help hair growth.

    Thank You :)

  85. bluebherie says:

    HI!…i jaz wana ask,, i’ve rebonded my hair in the philippines. and my first time to really rebond my hair was like 5 years ago, and now i’m 15. and then at first it is so0o0o pretty!..wat can i say! i luv it..cause if u hav virgin hair at first and u rebond it, the result is good. but then last year i decided to rebond it again coz its getting dryer. and now my hair is kinda a mess, dry, i dunno why..maybe coz i swim in the beach like a couple of years and maybe bcoz i’ve relaxed it 2 yrs. ago and i don’t know its bad 2 relaxed ur hair if u undergo rebonding coz the parlor didn’t mention it…but any way,,i jaz wana ask, coz i really really wanted to hav my old hair back or probably any methods 2 make it more beautiful, coz now i think its dry. and i hav some dundruff…i jaz wana ask is there any methods like REBOND in the parlor to make your hair smooth, silky, healthy, and natural?..really need help now!..coz i’m planning 2 go to salon in philippines again dis year…any suggestions? rebonding my hair again will be good? or what?..PLEASE!..HELP! (sori 4 long story).

  86. snow says:

    HI MJ,
    you are very knowledgeable and im glad to have someone like you giving advice and help.
    I’ve had my hair rebondded 3 times now. the first time it was soo perfect and straight and shiny. the second time was straight, but not so shiny. this 3rd time i went to a new guy, and he didn’t dry my hair before he put the softening lotion. is that okay? because my hair is not straight or shiny. the ends are dry and stiff. i called him and said that he’ll fix it for free, but im scared to put more chemicals in. i dont want to damage my scalp. what do you think? why do you it didn’t work and what brand or chemical name is the safest for rebonding (for future reference.)Thank you.

  87. MJ says:

    bluebherie, depends on who (skill level of the stylist), what product & where you go to. Nobody can say for sure if it’ll be good..

    snow, you can ask him for the info that you are asking here. As I’m not technical, you may want to scout around different salons before you commit.

  88. snow says:

    I went back today so he can fix it, but he just did the whole thing again. my hair is worse! it’s like african american hair! no offence to african americans, but it’s not suppose to be like this. actually right now it’s not bad because it’s been flat ironed, but i know when i wash it, it’s gonna be so bad. what should i do?is there anything that can help it smooth out like hot oil? or should i just grow it out? is there anything that can make my hair grow faster? Help!!!

  89. MJ says:

    snow, try to apply moisturizer everyday & hair mask a few times per week. Hot oil helps but becareful not to overheat your hair.

  90. snow says:

    i purchased a moisterizing mask and deep conditoner and it worked…thank goodness. it’s still a bit dry, but much much better.

  91. priya says:

    I have straightened my hair, the other word to say rebonding, my hair was curly previously and i had a bushy appearance in front, but now the hair looks very sticky as i have applied oil to the hair and this doesn’t look good for may face, i just got rebonded 5 days back, can i get my old hair structure back or can i make it wavy, and it looks very straight now which doesn’t suite for my face

    Is there anyway i can get back my old hair style? please help me, i feel uncomfortable to go with this hair out

  92. snow says:

    this is probably becasue you did not wash your hair yet. ususally after you first rebond it, it’s too flat. wait until you are able to wash your hair and after a few days of washing, it should be thicker but still straight. i had that problem last year too. also use body building shampoo for thin hair to thicken it up.

  93. snow says:

    can anyone explain why after i wash my hair it smells like the rebonding chemical? it’s been over a week and i’ve washed my hair almost everyday since then.

  94. sunshinegirl says:

    I had my hair rebounded a year and a half ago in the Philippines and it lasted for a year. I saw that they used a product from Wella (but not sure what it was exactly). I live here in Orlando, FL now and I can’t find a salon that does the same treatment. Does anybody know of a salon here in Orlando that offers hair rebonding (preferrably using Schwarzkopf or Wella products)?

  95. sunshinegirl says:

    wow… seems like a lot of people had their rebonding treatment in the Philippines. If you’re going there, I recommend David’s Salon (not so expensive) and Franck Provost (if you have big bucks to spend). I got mine done at David’s and it was beautiful – lasted for a year too. And now I can’t find a salon here in Orlando, FL that offers the same treatment. I don’t know if they call it by a different name here cause all of the salons I went to didnt know the procedure. Help!!!

  96. Lubov says:

    I was thinking of going through the process….but after reading the good, the bad and the ugly comments in the board, it makes me think twice…anyway, I have a straight hair my only comment is everytime I tie it will become curly (depend on how tight I tied my hair)….is there any product without doing a rebond, just to keep my hair shiny and dead straight all the time.

    Im using these products at present:
    Clear Shampoo-
    schwarzkopf conditioner,Wella Conditioner, Pantene Leave in condition and Sunsilk conditioner (alternately depends on my mood).

    I also do Hot Oil treatment in the salon 2x a month.’

    I didn’t try putting hair mask, serum on yet!

    Any Advice?

    MJ You Rock! your advices are very clear easy to understand.

  97. Nicole says:

    heyy.can i tie my hair immediately 3 days aft i rebond ?because i’m student!

  98. Joeyy says:

    heyy. i was thinking of rebonding cause alot of my friends go for rebonding and after they they rebond i really liked the effects. but idk whether to rebond as i am worried that it will go back to its original state after rebond or even curlier. my hair is not really curly, its normal except that it curls up at the end, which i don’t like. i was thinking to rebond now as it is the holidays and i don’t have to tie my hair up. it was mentioned that young teens shouldn’t go for rebonding but one of my friends rebond since she was 9yo. after you rebond can you go for water aports like swimming? how long thn can go for swimming? i want to knw more so i can think properly before i go cause i don’t want to regret going for rebonding. thanks. (:

  99. MJ says:

    snow, strong chemical’s smell remains a few days (just like dyeing hair) – or perhaps you need to rinse your hair properly & longer.

    Lubov, hair mask & serum would be good. Some ppl opt for leave in conditioner but if you hv sensitive skin, make sure your hair is clean when you sleep & it doesn’t touch your skin. Otherwise, skin can get breakouts or itchiness.

    Nicole, not if you want to maintain the straightness. If you need to tie your hair, tie it loosely with soft materials.

    Joeyy, you can ask for rebonding at the bottom part only. Chlorine in the swimming pool will reactive your the rebonding chemicals. So does going for tanning under the sun. How long till it’ll be safe, that depends on how much chlorine in the pool & it’s best to wait at least a few weeks before you jump into one wetting hair.

  100. Me2 S says:

    Dear MJ:
    U are fabulous! I searched so much and got to this website. Pls help me as I am tired of what I am going through- I got rebonding 4 years back on my highlighted hair and the result was stunning- I had mid length hair. after a year I rebonded it again and it was again beautiful. Then i didnt do anything for 3 years and last year i got it straightened (it was not the same effect) and colored it a few times. 2 months back I came back for 3rd rebonding and cellophane- and my hair is dry- coarse- straw looking and the ends look like straight spikes. No softness or silkiness. Pls help me- I plan to go for a consulation to the same parlor but do u suggest i get it redone? I have layers in my hair and half of my hair is to my shoulder. I need to do something as I plan to join a v big office soon and hate redoing my hair. I shampoo 3 times and deep condition. Thank you!!!!!!

  101. Jen says:

    For about 1 yr i had been highlighing my hair and then i went to the philippines and had my hair rebonded (for the first time) and dyed brown. I hate my hair! The “brown” looks almost black and it’s too straight! This was done mid- April, is it safe to highlight my hair (i want to go to a honey blonde) ? And how can i add some more volume to my hair? THNKS!

  102. sara says:

    hey MJ!
    okay, i just rebonded my hair yesterday!!! and the hair near my left ear(which was the last spot on which the rebonding chemical was applied) is a bit frizzy! its like the odd one out all my hair is straight except that part =( I guess its because she didnt leave the chemical there for the perfect timing. wat the!!!!! what should i do? can i iron that part today? and if i did will it stay straight or?? help! my graduation is coming up in a few days thanks..

  103. MJ says:

    Me2 S, Depends on you. You may want to try to ask different salons what they think – just ask, no harm & say, “I’ll think about it. Tq.”

    “shampoo 3 times and deep condition.”? Do you mean you’ve shampooed & deep conditioned 3 times since rebonding? Did you go for soft & shine treatment right after the rebonding?

    Jen, more than 1.5months since your rebonding is fine for highlight. Blow dry upside down or flip your hair upside down will make your hair appear more. Otherwise, look for volumizing products but not those that will make your hair heavy.

    Sara, go back to the salon & inform the same staff who did your hair. If they can’t straighten it, they should at least give you hair treatment product FOC. Ironing the part without the right chemical will not make it straight like rebonding does. If you buy straightening salon products to iron it yourself, be sure to read & follow the instructions properly.

  104. sara says:

    hey MJ thanks for your great advice… i havent been able to go to the saloon because i had an exam…anyways im heading there today and guess what… =( I called the lady who did my hair and she said you can wash your hair today(3 days gone)…I just dried it and boy oh boy!FRIZZY is my hair!!! i didnt condition it (just as she told me not to).. just one question…will it remain frizzy for the coming months? Ive always dreamed of that dead straight hair… [sniff] im so depressed…*sara gone to wipe away her tears*
    take care

  105. vasavi sinha says:

    hi all,
    im Vasavi, from india n m planning to get my hair rebonded.
    My hair is till my mid waist, black in colour, staright by slightly wavey nad curly at the ends. About 8 months back, my cusn got engaged and at her engagement party i had my hair pressed with an iron at a local palour. After a day or two i washed my hair and they turned out to be burnt… Anyhow, i used regular oiling and conditioner for sum months and the situation now is much better. My hair dnt luk that bad now and are manageable.
    But the texture at some places is still rough wich is now getting on me cuz its gonna be a year to it in sum months. One of my frnz suggested that i shud go for rebonding and with proper hair care after the treatment my hair will look excellent.
    I want to ask wherther this is the correct option, and wot products are safe (l’oreal?), is it worth the risk and money and whta are the post treatment hair care merasures?
    kindly help me out as m damn confused and boggled.
    thanxa lot

  106. MJ says:

    vasavi sinha, nobody can guarantee that you’ll get gorgeous hair with rebonding. It depends on your original hair type, what products are used during rebonding & your usual hair care, how “quality” is your hairstylist, etc.

  107. Vasavi sinha says:

    thanx MJ
    but can u do me one more favour…
    wots the after traetment measures?

  108. MJ says:

    Vasavi sinha, after treatments (how we take care of hair after the treatment like rebonding, perming, highlights, etc) should include lots of hair masks, moisturizers to replace the moisture lost during the treatment. Gloss, serum, etc.

  109. vinnie says:

    hey MJ
    i got my hair rebonded from pakistan a week ago from a chinese lady now im in saudia arabia and no chances of going to a saloon here whatsoever and ill return back over there after 3 months i dont know either its me getting over cautious or what but my hair is falling off the roots and im freaking out big time i seriously dnt know when to put my hands down im constantly checking if my hair is falling and its falling all right ok i ddnt washt my hair 3 days and i did tie them once or twice due to necessity and even pinned up my bangs but i would release them as soon as possible and i wasnt told not to tuck my hair behind my ears after the 3 days … man man im so freaked out u cant imagine i did have curly hair and it did fall off before also and they were extremely dry anyways….
    now ive switched to johnsons baby shampoo as it dznt have chemicals compared to other shampoos and i bout a hair mask of garnier nutri repair and a leave in conditioner now what should i do with my hair man im freaking out like hell how should i take care of it which mosturiser and how much and how many times

    Another thing during the first 3 days when i wasnt supposed to wash my hair my hair ddnt fall at all i was actually happy now im not :(

  110. vinnie says:

    ive never been so damn tense in my life i cant relax mannnnnnnn i just cant kindly tell me everything in detail as i wnt be able to consult to a stylist here and i need info of correcting this mess step by step. Hope u may be able to help me May God bless you.

  111. vinnie says:

    im still w8ing for ur reply sniff* sniff* sniff*

  112. MJ says:

    vinnie, how many strands fall out? If you didn’t notice any hair falling out before you wash it – that doesn’t mean no hair falls down. However if a lot of strands fall down than normally do, that means the hair is seriously damaged & needs LOTS of TLC. Try not to run your fingers or rub the hair at all.

  113. MJ says:

    Hair loss: Flat Iron or Relaxing – Which Damages Your Hair More [ ]

  114. annie says:

    im 14 yrs old. and im planning to get my hair rebond too..
    is it ok for me in my age?

    and.. my hair is thick..

    will it also cause hair fall??

    and how do you keep your hair damage free/ avoid hair loss??

    what more advices can you give??
    i need help!

  115. annie says:

    still no replys! sniff*..

    im still waiting…(sadly)

  116. Roxy says:


    I live in the UK and had my hair rebonded using the YUKO system a year ago.. My natural hair is very coarse, very dry, and very frizzy. I asked the stylist not too make my hair too flat so he left a little volume and I came out with very manageable, but natural looking hair! :)

    MJ – I am coming to Malaysia for a holiday soon (excited!) and will be travelling all of the peninsular part and would like to get my hair rebonded again while I am there. Can you recommend a salon/stylist who will use good quality products and will not make my hair too flat if I ask them not to? Preferably someone who speaks english too! I am trying to learn Malay at the moment but not sure I could discuss hair! And do you know what the cost is?


  117. Roxy says:


    I know what a pain difficult hair can be but i would strongly suggest that you wait a couple of years before having any chemicals out on your hair! Look after it by having regular trims, use a hairbrush made of natural bristles such as boar bristles, and regularly use a GOOD onditioning treatment. Cheap shampoos and conditioners from the high street (such as pantene) can actually reduce the strength of your hair from the inside, but coat it with wax whic makes it look like it is glossy. Try to avoid heat styling, and use a SPF leave-in treatment or spray if you live somewhere hot so that your hair is protected from the sun.

    The rebonding I had mde my hair fall out more than usual for a couple of months but after that it was fine… it made it much stronger and healthier.

  118. MJ says:

    Annie, it depends on yourself (& parents). Nobody can make the decision for you.

    Roxy, hehe I’m also looking for a good place to rebond, would listen to my opinion instead of doing whatever the stylist thinks of doing & affordable to me. If you to the ones in the major city, they should be able to communicate in English. You can always bring some pictures of what you want & do not want ;)

  119. nadine says:

    hi MJ! im a 17 year old girl and im thinking of having my hair rebonded .. i have thick dry curly tangled hair.. so i was wondering if i rebonded my hair would it be dry or shiny and smooth? or does it all depend on the chemicals the hair stylists use? and also i have dandruff in my hair and im wondering if that will affect the hair rebonding process? and will i still have dandruff after that? and i was told that after rebonding your hair stays dead-straight for about a week or longer..i would love to have some volume in my hair..any suggestions? and lastly.. how often should a person wash their hair after they have waited 3-7 days after rebonding?

  120. maria says:

    Hey MJ,
    I’m sorta thinking of having my hair rebonded.
    My cousin has rebonded her hair twice already,
    & it looks absolutely cute.
    I want to have mine rebonded too, I’m just scared about it.
    I forgot how her natural hair was, but I know that
    mine is unlike hers. My hair is thick, wavy, & it gets frizzy
    if I don’t put my Sunsilk leave-on conditioner.
    It also gets frizzy if I don’t tie my hair right away after showering.
    I’ve had my hair straightened before, by my mom, about 3 or 4 times.
    That was about 2 or 3 years ago though.
    I haven’t really told my mom that I was considering rebonding,
    but my dad is alright by it.

    What do you think? Anything I should know?

  121. mackie says:

    Hi Mj,
    This is my first time having my hair treated and your blog is really helpful and informative.
    I just had a semi rebond, and my hair style is layered from the nape of the neck down to my shoulder blades, I am noticing that the ends are sticking out (perhaps due to my stylist’s blow drying and how the hair naturally curves from the neck plus my cut) I am wondering if how soon can I blow dry to prevent having fly aways? Also, there are strands that are sticking out here and there apart from the ends, will it resolve after I applied conditioners after 3 days of no wash?
    thank you in advance!

  122. MJ says:

    hey all, I’ve been busy with work & may not reply fast. I don’t think I’m an expert on hair anyway.. Readers, if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment to help other commentators :)

  123. MJ says:

    nadine, if you want volume, don’t go for rebonding. You’ll need wait for months before it’ll have volume. Not sure if dandruff would affect rebonding.. Just wash like normal without scratching skin & use more moisturizer.

    maria, decision is in your hands. If you are not sure, you can go for temporary rebonding which should last 1-3 days, costs about RM50-80.

    mackie, flyaways can also happen when you blow dry wet hair. Wait till the hair is semi-dry (you’ll have to squeeze the water out with towel/hands before this) & then only if you really need to, blow dry without pointing to 1 spot near.

  124. Janice says:

    Hi all,

    I have naturally curly hair with alot of frizz. my hair is also very thin.
    I am gettin rebonding done on wednesday morning as i really just want straight or wavy hair…. my curls only start half way down my head.

    BUT i’m also gettin the micro link hair extensions put in on the following saturday. there isn’t any heat invovled and my stylist doing the rebonding said there wouldn’t be any problem.

    but my friend says the hair will be very weak after rebonding and needs more time to “heal”

    does anybody have any advice???

    it’s my first time rebonding and i’m scared that my already thin hair is going ot be flat and lifeless, also i can’t really afford to have any more fall out!!! i’ll be bald!!

  125. garima says:

    hi….i live in delhi,india….i desperatly wanted 2 know that will it be fine 2 get rebonding doone in “august” month i.e its a humid month….n people say it wont give good results durin monsoon season….??could u plz tell me….???????

    n secondly i wanted 2 ask that i havent trimmed my hair since the past 6 monhts so should i go 4 a “hair cut” “after” rebonding or BEFORE rebonding?????

  126. garima says:

    is rebonding good or vella straightenin??as i ve curly locks……help!!!!!!!since i am planin 2 go 4 hair straightenin dis mth….so kinda dam confusd….ur sugestion wud realy b a hlp….thx

  127. mishti says:

    hi i put up in delhi,india ……is “rebonding” good or “vella” straightenin??as i ve curly locks……help!!!!!!!since i am planin 2 go 4 hair straightenin dis mth..i.e august… kinda dam confusd….ur sugestion wud realy b a hlp….thx

  128. garima says:

    hi….i live in delhi,india….i desperatly wanted 2 know that will it be fine 2 get rebonding done in “august” month i.e its a humid month….n people say it wont give good results durin monsoon season….??could u plz tell me….???????

    n secondly i wanted 2 ask that i havent trimmed my hair since the past 6 monhts so should i go 4 a “hair cut” “after” rebonding or BEFORE rebonding?????

  129. April says:

    Hi, I am 15 years old.. I had my hair rebonded in the Philippines about 3 months ago. I am going to a graduation type thing and I want to curl my hair. I have this “Hot Sticks” curler thing… and I dont know if it will damage my hair :( Everyone is talking about curling irons but the curls won’t last long if I use that. The “Hot Sticks” thing are hot curlers you leave in your hair for about 30 min. So can you please answer..soon… greatly appreciated :)))

  130. yZu` says:

    hi:).i`m from uk.u know where can i rebond my hair?=Dplsssss? plsssss
    tell me ^^

  131. unaiza nasim says:

    I was lookimng for someone who had rebonding done from Dubai. Ho wmuch did it cost you? and ehre did u get it done from? can u please elt me know.

  132. Vintage says:

    Hi. I am coming to Malaysia and Singapore in Oct and wanted to get rebonding done. Any advice of salon names and prices. Difference between Singapore and Malaysia? I would prefer to do it in Singapore but would it be much more expensive? I have med length hair.
    Thanks xx

  133. dee says:

    hello, rainbow, i recently just got my hair rebonded but it didn’t turn out really the way i wanted it to be. yes, it was straight but the problem is on the right side of my head, it follows the curve of the neck and i’m so frustrated. what could be a good remedy for this? could you help me?? i’m such at a loss with my hair and it’s starting to irritate me. i just want my hair so straight down past my shoulders.

  134. dee says:

    oh, i forgot to mention. i don’t want anything to do with irons to make my hair flat ’cause my hair is dry from the treatment. my hair has body and i want a straight and flat hair. what can you recommend that i do… i am from Philippines and i usually don’t know those brands that you are offering and i don’t think they are really that familiar here. i’m sorry to be so talkative. ^^,

  135. melissa says:

    im 13 and my hair is a bit wavy and has recently become a bit straight b’coz i applied oil ,im now thinkin i should go do rebondin so my mom has no prob. in straightenin my hair evrytime,my mom said that im too young to do it and that my hair will fall and get damaged,she asked many people and most agreed wit her but when i checked it on da net they said it wasen’t at all harmful im just confused and need help(coz my b’day’s cumin up & i wanna look special)

  136. MJ says:

    garima, ask for a package of cut + rebonding + treatment
    cut should be before rebonding to avoid wasting chemicals & time, the stylist should trim/touch up after rebonding to ensure the hair cut is to your suiting then only apply treatment.

    Vintage, not sure of the pricing Malaysia vs Singapore now..

    dee, if it’s just within a week or so, go back to the salon ask if they could touch up for you FOC. You can try straightening balms/products but they are not permanent and takes effort to apply it.

  137. hay lin says:

    hey MJ…I am want to rebond my hair but i’m scared if there are any side effect. so can u tell me if there are any side effects?

  138. loryn says:

    Hi Rainbow,
    How are u,anyway I just wanna ask where did u get ur hair rebonded hope u could tell me.I really appreciate it if u can recommend me any hair salon tnx.
    P.S. Email me at tnx a lot.

  139. MJ says:

    Hi haylin, I’ve already put the side effects in this post & comments. You may want to go thru them.

    loryn, don’t do it at Times Square orange shop at 1 corner. I am also looking for a good & affordable place to have hair treatment :) Now it’s Dec, check the shops if they hv Xmas promotion.

  140. dipti says:

    hi this is dipti from shimla (India)……..i m 23 yrs of age. i had my hair rebonded for the third time, after the 3rd rebonding my hair have become frizzy, very rough to touch and they don’t give that rebonded look at all,this is so annoying for me cause earlier when i got my first rebonding done in 2006 the result was awesome, then again in 2007 a got my rebonding done from the same saloon this time the result was far more better than the first one ….
    its been 10 days now after the 3rd rebonding ….i really wish i could get that rebonded feel in my hair instead my hair have lost shine and are very rough …….can i get my hair rabonding done again ….i m really scared of this vauge look of my hair i never wanted this …..
    kindly help……

  141. Mary says:


    I already got straight hair but i have been doing a lot of hair dyeing this year and have been using a lot of hair straightener ( not ghd one)…my hair is a real mess now. So dry. At the root it’s thin, straight and shiny but then for the rest it’s so horrible. And i got brittle breaking hair now..
    My question is, can i go for a rebonding even if my hair is in that condition? I heard that the consequence of rebonding in the long run is that you start losing your hair.
    Is it safe?

  142. MJ says:

    dipti, I’ve heard of people actually rebond every 6months for 2years and their hair looks great. But if it’s just 10days, it’s best not to go for rebonding again but ask the stylist to “fix” it.

    Mary, rebonding cannot be done if your hair is very damaged as it will cause the hair to drop/become even coarser. Try and ask around different stylists if it’s ok to do rebonding. Some stylists are not ethical and would just want your business, so bring along any “lie detector” friends. You may want to apply more moisturizer & hair mask/treatments for a duration before rebonding.

  143. Janey says:

    My niece is 12, going thirteen and her hair is thick and slightly dry. Is it advisable for her to go rebonding? She seems to understand the effects of it.

  144. Mary says:

    Thanks for your reply MJ…I’ll do that…i.e treat my hair first and wait for sometimes b4 going for a rebonding..

    thanks a lot.:)

  145. Mary says:

    Thanks for your reply MJ..I’ll do that..i.e treat my hair first and wait for some time b4 going for a rebonding..

    thanks a lot:)

  146. bii says:

    I relaxed my hair yesterday…
    can i put hairband?

  147. MJ says:

    bii, don’t! unless it’s a super loose hairband.

  148. cynthia says:

    I have done rebonding for my hair. My hair was colored. My hair has been totally damaged. After the application of the rebonding cream and wash my hair started breaking so the neutralizer was not used since it may damage the hair. Now my hair looks as if it has been crimpped and very rough. I am scared to wash my hair as it may break again. Please suggest what should I do. I am worried and upset. Can I wash my hair. I had done the rebonding on 19th December can I was the hair after two days. Can I was olive oil

  149. cynthia says:

    pl give me a reply for my above problem

  150. brenda says:

    I rebonded my hair on 18th Dec. A friend of mine suggested a filipino who came home and used Loreal extenso. But during the process i felt that she was very fast. i have a pretty long hair(till my waist). but she finished the process in about 2 and 1/2 hrs. 1. she applied pretreatment, 2.then the straightening cream, kept for 45 mins, 3.washed my hair. 4.ironed it very fast. 5.applied neutraliser, kept it for 10 mins,6.washed again and applied finaliser on wet hair for 15mins, 7.washed my hair and blow dried. is this process correct. i washed my hair after 72hrs with kerastase shampoo and mask but my hair is a total mess now. my hair looks little straigt till my shoulders and then it is frizzy till the end. i dont know what to do now. she is asking me to use my ceramic iron for time being, which i was using before. she wants me to wait for few more months and then she will re-do it. what should i do now. i have a function in March and want to fix my hair before that. pls suggest what i have to do this at the moment.

    Do i have to wait for 2 months and rebond again by Feb end. can i stratighten my hair for time being with straightners? .do suggest.cos im a working lady and more over new year is coming and i feel odd to go out with this hair. i’m worried a lot.pls help.

    Thanx in advance.

  151. henji says:

    im juz hav rebonding my hair tday….
    my hair is short 1…
    juz wonderin when my hair grow longer is it going to get back curly 1?….


  152. MJ says:

    cynthia, wash hair at least 2-3 days after rebonding. Olive oil is good for moisturizing hair. YOu can’t not wash hair just because you’re afraid hair will fall out. Just be gentle and maybe try hair strengthening shampoo.

    brenda, rebonding takes at least 4hrs, including hair treatment afterwards. The person who did you hair didn’t leave the chemicals or ironed long enough or thoroughly. As your hair is very long (till waist), going rebonding again could damage your hair further. You may want to think of shortening the ends or ask another expert opinion . I hoped that Filipino charged you very low for her 1/2 service..

  153. Kinkie says:


    I would like to do hair rebonding.
    Is there any good salon in KL aread to recommend?
    Not too expensive (average price) :)

    Please advice.

    Thanks a lot :)


  154. anon. says:

    I just had my hair rebonded 4 days ago, today is the first day I washed it. Still waiting for it to dry. -___- Anyways, the problem I have is that I am an equestrian and always have to tie my hair up and fold it into my helmet. How exactly does tying up your hair effect the rebond? Is there anyway I can still tie up my hair for riding, but not have my hair be effected? ie types of ties or products I can use afterwards to wash etc?

  155. S B Khan says:


    I would like to learn the rebonding straightener. Please where i can learn.

  156. MJ says:

    Some places – Hair Rebonding, Let’s talk bout hair rebonding here! :) []

  157. khaye says:

    hey pipz!.i need your help regarding this disaster that happened to my hair, 1st I’ve decided to permanently curl my hair on its ends, meaning a stylist put some chemicals on it and neutralizer to make it curl,the curl stays for just 1 day and after I have washed my hair,it became wavy unlike before that it was straight and bouncy, that’s why after 2 days, I decided to went to a salon for having my hair straight again.. a “relax-powerdose treatment” was given to me.after 2 hours.,My hair became straight but it was not same as before that smooth and silky,now my hair was straight but it became brittle and was so hard to comb.I complained to return that it was just normal coz I have gone curling my hair..that is the side effect according to them??Is it really possible? Will straightening treatment is not safe after gone curling the hair?is it not advisable?pls.comment me back on my e-mail add posted on.Thankx!!!

  158. Judy says:


    I had my hair rebonded yesterday, it is collar length, baby fine, it looked great – straight and shiny. It is very humid where I live and I perspire badly from the scalp – my hair has been dripping wet from perspiration today and the ends are curling up. Will the process be ruined – I can’t stop the perspiration and am dying to wash my hair.

    • MJ says:

      Judy, hot humid air & water + sudden changes of temperature like when you walk into air-cond room from sunny outdoor could make hair frizzy/curl but the hair shouldn’t curl back to before it was rebonded. Try using talc/baby powder to keep hair from becoming oily. As it’s already 2 days passed your comment and we didn’t manage to reply to you on time, what action did you take? Any side effects after your action?

      It’s really hard to advise if you should wash your hair or not. If it were dirty and smelly, of course you should wash your hair. In the first place, there should be prevention taken into consideration to keep the hair “unmoved” at least 2 days after rebonding or the rebonding effect would not last longer than 6 months. Unless the chemical used was really strong.

  159. Judy says:

    Thanks for your reply MJ, I actually did use talc to absorb the moisture and it helped somewhat. We have had a particularly humid weekend and as we do not live in airconditioning it is difficult to keep cool. My hair is baby fine and only collar length and has been wet from perspiration – sounds terrible doesn’t it? Anyway my hair is still looking straight just a bit wavy on the ends which is actually ok. My hairdresser used a fairly weak solution because of my hair type and told me to wait 5 days to wash it. I am not sure if I will be able to wait that long.

  160. babybutterfly219 says:

    hey MJ
    u sound like an expert in rebounding, so i thought id ask u for advise. i am 16+ n i live in pakistan but i wanted to get rebounding done. my hair is a 3 4 inches longer than my shoulder length but my hair is wavy and a little dry. do u think its wise to get it done since my hair is dry ? also my aunt knows how to do it but she doesnt knoe which company products or chemichals would be the best. can u suggest a few realy effective companies for the products and a salon in US, FLorida which is realy good in this sort of stuff.
    thnx ,

    • MJ says:

      babybutterfly219, I’m no expert :) As for dry hair to do rebonding, if your hair is too dry – hair could drop more after rebonding because of the chemical. Ask your hair stylist to check your hair. If you still want to do rebonding, apply lots of moisturizers & treatment at least a week – 2 weeks before you do rebonding.

  161. babybutterfly219 says:

    thnx MJ,
    n i wud rly appreciate if you could recommend certain companies whose products are reliable .

  162. Shanker says:

    ok ok…blame me…i am a guy who rebonded my thick and dry curly hair- the very hair that defined my individuality, for fun..i thought rebonding will loosed my very strong curls into waves..never wanted pencil thin straight hair.the crown area looks flat like a mop..after a few days, i kind of adapted to it by spiking my hair inviting mixed responses from my frens n relative- some say i look livelier some say it looks like a porcupine at the front………

    now my 5-day rebonded hair annoys me (i have got a mohawk cut by my stupid natural curls are growing fast at the sides)…i want my super curly n dry hair as it looks livelier on my face..i visited 5 hairstylists -this is wat they said:

    1. “rebonding is a harsh process..yur hair looks much moisturised now/…perming only adds further damage”
    2. “definitely cannot”
    3. “sure perming is possible as your hair is naturally curly and so the curls would sit in well n stay”
    4. “i m quite scared..bcos perming rebonded hair will make it dry n i m nt veri willing ” –

    the no.4 surprised me bcos my natural hair is indeed very dry n quite fragile (i used to wet it often..but it looked more good on me sadly)..but it was a bit more livelier n had volume…

    should i go ahead…?

    pls help me..i want back waves n curls.. i m going to ns on april

  163. Shanker says:

    has anyone permed short rebonded hair that was previously curly or very curly…or super curly..did it end up good…how did you take care of the newly rebonded-then-permed hair? tks

  164. pooja says:

    hi there, i went 4 rebonding to a saloon(L’Oreal)& i find my hair extremely frizzy when they gave me final wash, (after treatment & neutrilizer). I was told it will be O.K. after my first shampoo, which is to be done after 3 days. next morning when i wake up i find my hair extremely dry & looks like a BROOM. i have a meeting to attend in 2 days. I feel like cutting a big chunk of my hair.saloon people are still saying it’s gonna be O.K. i’m scred to go back there. pls help.

  165. Tracy says:

    Heyy MJ,

    After having my hair rebonded, I was very happy with the results. But after a few months when new hair started to grow, it appears to be frizzy like a broom. I normally have straight hair. What should I do? Is there a treatment for this? Thanks. Would really appreciate your reply :)


  166. MJ says:

    pooja, how’s your hair now? It shouldn’t look or feel like broom. What product/brand did your stylist use on you? Was there treatment to moisture & shine the hair after rebonding?

    Tracy, any changes on hair styling, food or move to hotter place? Not sure what went wrong.. you can go back for rebonding touch up where stylist would just rebonding the unrebonded hair. That’s reactive but I think it’s better to find out why you get frizzy hair instead of original straight hair (before rebonding) and prevent that from happening again.

  167. pooja says:

    hi there,i am from delhi.. i got my hair spiral permed a month back..the salon did an OK job cause some hair is not really curly..just wavy zigzag…and now my hair has started looking messy…i dont have much fizz ,but there is some breakage during hair wash.i got my perm done strating from my earl till full hair length (hair is till a little below my armpits )..

    i was wondering if i can get rid of the perm? i have naturally straight hair .Some ppl have told me to just comb a perm soultion staight and that would remove the curls..some have told me to try the loreal extenso method. i am confused ..should i wait before trying anything…cause i dont want to loose my hair.and waht is the least damaging way to straighten the perm?..
    pls help…my sisters wedding is in 2 months and i cant stand this hair !!

  168. promhelp! says:

    help! prom is coming up. i had my hair rebonded in the philippines early jan. so by the time prom comes, my hair will have been rebonded for almost 5 months. is it safe to go get a fancy updo where they use a curling iron on my hair. also would rebonded hair be able to hold a curl? i really want to get a fancy updo because it is prom, but am afraid of the after effects it may have on my rebonded hair! please help!

  169. Humayra says:

    Hi…i am coming to mALAYSIA ON 2ND JULY AND I Want to rebond my hair and get a hair cut.but hair is can i do rebonding on colored hair?And how much will it cost in malaysia?And where can i do rebondig in KL ?plzzzzzzzz let me know…. :)

    • MJ says:

      Humayra, Which part of KL? There are lots of salons in Sungei Wang & Times Square – however, not all have the same $ & quality rate.

  170. Emily says:


    You probably wont read this since your post is about 3 years old, but i’ll give it a shot. In your entry you write that you “was tempted to go for rebonding again”.

    That left me confused. Isn’t rebounding a permanent procedure? If so, what made you return? Just curious to know cause I’m planning to get my hair rebounded myself lol.

  171. garima says:


    i have long curly hairs.whn i get them straight through straightning rods…the hairs r upto my hips…
    bt usually i cant do anythning with dem…as they r curly n fluffy….tell me a hair cut…dat wont much affect the length of my hairs….should i go for rebonding..?? it safe..or may damage my hairs??..plzz reply…i m bored of my hairs…

    • MJ says:

      garima, without looking at your hair physically & in detail, nobody can advise you to go for rebonding or straightening.

  172. bernie says:

    hello. i just need some advice im hoping you can give me some,i have just done my hair curly 1 week it safe if i reond my hair? cz my hair really look messy and i can’t stand on it,i got rebond before long time ago before i go to salon and ask someone to curl myhair. im just wondering if its safe for my hair to rebond, cz its looks really dry and thin pls give me some advice

  173. heena says:

    i got my rebonding done or about 1yr n 6 months back. now my hair r soo frizzy..dat i hav 2 use a hair straightner evryday. i can’t go 4 rebondin treatment nw my hair r soo thin becaunse of contious hairfall. my hair looks like burned one now…plzzz…HELPPPPP…!! ehot 2 improve the texture

  174. aya says:

    i had rebonding 3 days ago. i wanted to get a haircut too, together with it. but the stylist said my hair length was okay so she did not cut it. but i really want to have it cut . i asked my mom now to accompany me to the salon but all she said is that cutting hair after rebonding is bad for the hair!

    is this true? or is my mom just being lazy? please reply!

    • MJ says:

      aya: not a stylist or hair dresser but don’t think cutting will damage the rebonded hair as stylists do trim hair after rebonding as that’s when they can see the length of the now straightened hair may vary due to original curly/wavy hair.

  175. Supriya says:

    Plz suggest me a good n healty Clinic at Nominal rate, for hair rebonding in Delhi.

  176. Ris says:

    hi all,
    i am aaris, this is the 3rd time that i done..the first 2 times, every thing was in very good condition.. then the latest rebonding i changed to another salon.. however after this rebonding, i found that most of my new grow hair part and the part of hair that undergo rebonding became L shape..and the junction of the L become brittle. the brittle part causes my hair easily drop and left the new grow hair part (which is very short). now my upper part of my hair looks so freezy coz some of the hair has broken at that L part.. i so afraid that all will breaks and my hair become very short..anything i can do with it.. pls help..

    • MJ says:

      tat really sucks.. when new hair grows (usually harder than rebonded hair), it may cause hair to appear “crooked”. Apply LOTS of moisturizers & straightening styling product if you want but be sure to clean the scalp to avoid dandruff.

  177. Michelle says:

    Hi, I got my hair rebonded in the beginning of July. It’s now been 8 months since I’ve had it done. Do you think it’s okay to curl my hair? I tried doing it 3 months after, but the curls wouldn’t stay. I figured it was because it was too early.

  178. ael says:

    can i go swimming in the pool though my hair is rebonded? Thanks!!

    • MJ says:

      ael: no NO NOOO! Even if you wear a cap or helmet, there’s no way you can prevent chlorinated water from wetting your hair. Chemicals mixed up and hair will be even drier and kinky after that.

  179. RIS says:

    thanks for the advise, currently i try to use alot of oil and mask, hope to reduce the symptome of “crooked”, even tough the crooked part cant really back to normal but the condition is slightly better. may i know is there any other choice to cure the crooked part other than treatment and can which treatment is best for my condition?? thanks alot..

  180. haneul says:

    Hello :) i’ve read your post.
    i just got my hair rebond last month. i think 2nd wk of April.
    it’s 1 month already.
    but the little parts of my hair particularly, at the ends, are like frizzy at the ends.
    I don’t know what happened , i did not wash my hair for 3 days too, and did not put my hair behind my ears, and did not curl or tie either.
    i’m putting some serum and hair polish to my hair.
    I’ve been applying hair spa/hot oil thrice already.
    Any advice how to treat my frizzy hair?
    should I just go to my stylist and ask why it become like this?
    I’m really worried to my hair.

    • MJ says:

      haneul: they should not curl or frizzy so fast.. at least not for 3-6 months. Call your stylist who did you hair and ask them to fix it without/minimum charge. Either the hair was over rebonded (too long) or wrong chemical (too strong) if it became frizzy at the end.. or if your original hair were frizzy, the ends were not rebonded enough.

      Your stylist may recommend buying straightening styling tong for your ends but that defeats the purpose of rebonding.. Now the best action if your stylist can’t touch up on the bottom part is to apply LOTS of leave on, use hair mask more frequently than stated in the bottle (yes, you can do this if hair is really dry) and do not spray water on hair (except during shower/wash hair).

  181. Ruyi says:

    Hello MJ.
    My hair is long and curly, so it looks messy when i tie or leave it down. I have a large amount of hair so i have been encourage to rebond my hair.I had my hair rebonded just yesterday. The process was long and it took about 4 hours. The hairstylish didn’t tell my anything after my hair was rebonded. Just as i got home, i read some other’s experience. They said washing our hair is not advisable for around 3-4 days. I am only 11 this year. And, its June holidays currently. When i go back to school, i will have to tie my hair(compulsory.)So, is it safe to tie my hair? How long will it take before i could tie my hair and wash my hair?
    Oh and, what are some tips that i should not do after getting my hair rebonded?

    • MJ says:

      Ruyi, you can use the loose hair bands or ribbons – don’t use those brown rubber bands! I too had tied my hair at the base of neck so that it doesn’t have much wave/shape, it will fall back straight naturally after I untied the hair. You should ask your hairstylist to let you know what she/he is doing & what chemicals they are using at each stage next time. Some salons include hair treatments (more than once – that is before rebonding, after rebonding) in the package while others may have different packages with different $ rates & products used.

      2 days after rebonding to wash hair:
      Day 1 rebonding
      Day 2 don’t wash (1st day)
      Day 3 can wash (2nd day) but some hairstylists advise if you really want it to be longer lasting (and if you can stand not washing hair), wait till.. Day 4 to wash.
      Frankly, I can’t stand till Day 4 :p If the chemical smell kills your nose or you felt unhappy about the rebonding (too straight/dry), best to wash it on Day 3.

  182. PLS RELPY says:

    Hi MJ,
    I just had my rebondin 2 days ago…
    Durin my first 2 nights, i have bends in my hair n i went my hair ends slighty to make them straight..
    It was fine during the 1st day but on the 2nd day, i realised it is losin its straightness.
    Will doin so weaken the straightness?

    • MJ says:

      PLS RELPY, sorry.. didn’t quite get what you mean. Did you do anything to your hair after rebonding? Do you mean bands?

      • PLS RELPY says:

        Hi MJ,
        What i meant was I incured the bending in my hair ends from sleeping during the previous night.
        Will wetting the hair ends weaken the straightness? As in maybe wash away the chemical or something..

        • MJ says:

          It will follow head curve & pillow – hence, arrange your hair b4 zzz :)
          Of coz if you are a heavy sleeper & move around a lot, there’s nothing much you can do unless u want to wear cap to zzz.
          Wetting hair ends on the 1st few days will weaken the straightness – that’s why hair stylists tell not to wash or wet hair (not even from rain)

          • Kaitlyn says:


            may i ask something?

            if I will take rebonding on saturday (after lunch). i’ll not wash my hair on sunday… may I wash my hair on monday morning (6:00am)? other people told that it should be on tuesday..

            just wanna ask because im planning to take rebonding this school year.. thanks..

  183. Sassy Gurl says:

    when i was in elementary i have a beautiful and straight hair.. when i was in high school, my hair was damaged when i had my haircut in hairsalon.
    last year , I encourage my parents to allow me to take hair rebonding.. its weekend, (before my birthday—turning 14yrs old) we’ve been in mall. when it’s already 7:00 (evening) ..i take hair rebonding.,. it took only 2 hours.. my hair was fine.. I’d love it..
    After Six Months(april).. We had our outing… I swim in swimming pool.. after few days, my hair is spongy.
    …now(July—school year) im planning to take rebonding again .it will be my second time… but i want it to stay for 1 year.. what shall i do?

  184. Honey says:

    Hi ,

    Am Honey. I have straightened my hair 1 month before. My doubt is ” shall I apply oil to my hair before taking head bath ?? ”
    Please help. Because my hair is turning to gold color.

  185. karen says:

    i was wondering,what if you sweat a lot during the 2-3 days of not washing the hair? i got my hair rebonded here in the Philippines and it is really hot,so sweat becomes the enemy. what should i do?

  186. GT says:

    i rebonded my hair over a year ago when i was 10years fringe always gets wavy in the morning and i hate straightening it ever hair is thick,wavy and black.i asked my mom could i rebond it again but she said i shouldnt but search up on the internet.the hairdresser i went to get my hair done was shocked at my age. should i get it rebonded again???

    • MJ says:

      better not.. since you are so young. Rebonding can actually damage your hair if it’s done wrongly. Unless you can guarantee your stylist can rebond properly, then don’t.

  187. ching says:

    Just got my hair rebonded today. I havent washed my hair , still waiting for another 2 days to make it 3. This is the 3rd time i had undergone rebonding process. dont know the result yet but iam confident that it will be good. Guys, if you want a straight hair that last long go for loreal extenso. My hair is color treated but on my previous 2 rebond sessions, it lasted for 8 months to a year!!! great product! :)

  188. cheri says:

    hey, where did you guys get your hair rebonding done? i had mine done in the philippines for 40 dollars.. but its been a year and its going back to normal. i really want to get it done again. please respond!! i live in SOCAL btw.

    • Mosho says:

      Hi, I’m from Philippines cheri :)
      I also rebonded my hair and its already
      a year and 2 months before it came back
      to my original hair. There’s a new type
      of rebond called Milk Rebond, you can try
      it cos they say its more natural look.
      Normal rebond here in Phil, cost P1,500.00
      about 35 dollars, so its much cheaper but
      good quality. i think since milk rebond is
      new its kinda expensive than the normal rebond.
      gudluck guys! <3

  189. rubal says:

    hi mj… i live in china.. but i m an indian… i got my hair rebonded on monday night but unfortunately my hair got wet on wednesday morning while bathing… and that too a big section… water was dripping out.. but then i blow dries and ironed it… now today its thursday.. i was calles for wash today.. but i am planning to go on sat so that my hair get used to of sleekness again.. n dont become mess..will it help or it will get damage…plzzzz help.. m too worried

  190. kim says:

    hi!! i’m kim , i just rebonded my hair a few days now.. and me and my family are going to the beach , hmm. what will i do, what will happen to my hair if i go swimming in the beach??

  191. aanya says:

    hyiiiii…….. m aanya n in this march i put rebonding on my hairs…. but i didn’t care my hairs for the most important three days… n my hairs get wet…… n after my first wash my hairs get veryyy verryyy dryy…. i can’t even open them… i have done wid 2 hair spa’s but it didn’t helps,,,,, nw my applying curd too my hairs n sometimes oil….. it softens my hairs but stilll my hairs look like burnt……… wat to do now…. will i do rebond again?? or anything else….??? please help me plzzzz…….:(

  192. Shweta S says:

    I was thinking of going for rebonding in october 11. So can you please tell me whether it is very harmful for my hair. I dont want to worsen it more than it already is. I am really afraid of this fact.

    • MJ says:

      Some ppl say it will damage hair bcoz it changes the structure. Some ppl say it will make the hair appear smoother. For me, it’s both. It can damage the hair if done wrongly during the rebonding process and if you don’t take care of hair afterwards. However, if you have wavy or frizzy hair like me and I’d like my hair to be smooth & shiny tq, it’s well worth going for rebonding :D

  193. goldy says:

    hi, plz help me .i am very much touchy about my appearance , a week ago i had my rebonding after wash i tied my hair with a hair band bcz loose hair were killing me , now there is a wave bcs of it. it is irritating me toooooo much :(( i needed dead straight without any wave .plz plz plz tell me how can that wave be i get straight and smooth hair .plz reply

    • MJ says:

      Wait a few days and it should be straight again… if you have straightening iron, just use it once at warm temp (no need as hot as salon) to straighten it back but make sure you apply serum/silicone leave on before and after.

      For me, if I had tied my hair and I need it straight again, I just need to wash the hair :) Does this work for you?

      • goldy says:

        thanks a lot for your reply MJ .for me it does not work, even after wash it remains the same because my hair stylist told me during those three days what shape my hair get will last. oooh my :'( although i tried best to keep my hair straight ..what is the use for spending that much money and trouble what i faced during that process , it makes me cry.i dont have a straightening iron :(

  194. goldy says:

    dear MJ, i am eagerly waiting for your reply :-S

  195. krystel gulpo says:

    hi just wanna know where and how can i but some hair rebond solution than going to the parlor. i live in denmark. and what is the best rebond solution chemican can i used? thanks hope to hear it from u soon. or u can email me at

    • MJ says:

      not sure which is the best hair rebonding solution.. so far, the places I had been used John Paul Mitchell Systems, Shiseido & Schwarzkopf for rebonding. After treatment – Joico, Nioxin & L’Oreal.

  196. lemon says:

    can i clip my bangs after a week of rebonding??

  197. […] Hair rebonding « I am RainbowAug 17, 2009 … Hair rebonding is the process of making your hair poker straight, it breaks the chemical bonds of your hair and then the solution straightens … […]

  198. missie says:

    hi :) im not really a hair expert and i never really did anything with my hair so i wanted to make sure that my hair wouldnt be a “mess” after such major treatment. im sure you would also, if you only knew then, right?
    so please helop. i plan to have my virgin hair rebonded tomorrow plus a choice of free cellophane or a hair spa that goes with it. however, im also planning to dye my hair probably two weeks after that, but the question is would itbe safe? how soon can i dye my hair again after rebonding + cellophane? also, which do you think is a better choice right after rebond – hair spa or hair cellophane – understanding the circumstance that i want to dye my hair two weeks after the rebonding treatment. sorry for so many questions, but please, please do help. bdw, i loved your writings! :)

    • MJ says:

      missie, frankly I’ve never heard of cellophane treatment till you mentioned it :) so I can’t answer you if cellophane treatment would be better than spa treatment. I believe hair salons have different definitions for “spa” & “treatment” – ask them what are the procedure, what product they use (brand, what is it made of) and what’s the difference with other “treatments”. Some “treatments packages” have 3, some have 4 steps..

      So far, all the places I had been to informed that it’s ok to have rebonding + colouring/highlight in the session. However, I had doubts at first. The most important thing is after rebonding or colouring or highlight, you MUST go for hair treatment that uses machine that performs steam-like treatment. If not, you will get dry & brittle hair faster even if you apply conditioner everyday..

      My own personal preference would be to dye after at least a month if I can’t do it in the same session. Also hv treatment again after dyeing.

  199. ashley says:

    my hair was rebond today and im looking for a good hair mask
    to make my hair shine and last long
    and someone told me to use coconut oil or coconut milk
    is it true please answer me

    • sofie says:

      it’s coconut milk…i did it for about one month and it is ok,,it looks shiny and healthy..but maybe it depends on the texture of your i would recommend the hair cellophane treatment if you’re a first timer.

  200. Nole says:

    Yes coconut milk is a good moisturizer for hair. But, be careful not to overuse it. It can be used a deep treatment to moisturize the hair. It is sticky and can weigh your hair down.

  201. Ching says:

    Hi, I was instructed to wash my hair on Saturday since I got it done on Tuesday. However, I have a very important appointment which I have to attend to this Friday. I was hoping I can already wash my hair on Friday day so that it doesn’t look greasy. I know it’s a strict rule, but maybe I can get away with it. What do you suggest I do? I fear that if I wash it on Friday, it might end up getting frizzy. Thank you very much.

  202. sofie says:

    because cellophane is a 2in1 process, you’ll get your hair colored and shiny..

  203. mehwish says:

    hi i did my rebounding b4 2 weeks its a big disaster ..:( i went for rebpunding my hair were siky smooth but lil wavey she did nicly & tell me not to wash ur hair for 4 days & i follow all instruction …but after 4 days wheni wash my hair from the left side they were wavey .. …then i call in the saloan i talked thay said u can come tomorow again we will do touch ups ..the i went there they did touch ups .. & again give me instruction for 4 days i did the same but this time my hair lok more dry …after 4 days i wash my hair & they were like from the left side dead all wavey dry dead hair ufffff.. i call thme aain they said come we will fix & now they said u take treatment for hair massage crema & steam all …please help me suggest mein wha can i do salon ppl are sayin after 1 month they will do my rebounding again :( plz help me or guide me what can i do i luv my hair i live in dubai or u know any one here who fix my hair thanks

    • MJ says:

      Better don’t go for another rebonding or any form of straightening in 6 months. It’s really damaging to the hair if not done properly the first time.

      If u want to go back to the same saloon, best to insist you get hair moisture/mask/steam treatment. Once hair looks like dry grass (mine did – before rebonding a few yrs back), it takes a lot of effort to make it soft, smooth and I’m not even talking about making it shiny.

      Last choice is to cut the hair short – remove as much damaged hair as possible.

      If the saloon had any guarantee stated, you may want to bring it to consumer organisations in your area. That said, if you had rebonding before and it turned out well, bring proof of it – before n after pic vs the current rebonding.

  204. “Hair rebonding | I am Rainbow” was a superb posting.
    If solely there was alot more blogs similar to this excellent one on the world-wide-web.
    At any rate, thanks for your time, Rachael

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