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So how?

Since the 2 part timers under perform in punctuality and quality service as well as understanding the business, ShopMgr wanted to fire 2 of them.

However, in the time table – we have different shift almost everyday & every Thurs, we are supposed to pass the time sheet to HQ for next week’s time table – for this week, both part timers had their Monday’s shift written. It was supposed to be their last day. As said by ShopMgr. Actually she wanted to fire Kiddie on the day he didn’t come for work to see doc (& shop with his fren).

But we had co’s annual dinner on Monday & we ARE short of staff so we had to retain Kiddie & the other part timer till Monday at least.

ShopMgr said, “Might as well every1 work harder (tougher) than work with these 2 part timers.”

But if they are around, at least PotatoGal & I don’t have to suffer hunger pangs or work more Full Shifts. Like today, both PotatoGal & I were supposed to be working Full Shift! FULL SHIFT! After yest’s annual dinner! Where we wet till 3-4 in the morning!

So, Kiddie & the other part timer kept asking us, “So how? Tomorrow I what shift?”

ShopMgr claimed, “I will talk with them.” Since Sunday? No news about talking with them that they were fired. She said, “Let me think..”

If Kiddie felt so much pain

Kiddie had hurt his body part a day last week when he (said he was) getting (or putting back?) stock in store room. He already had a hard time walking – he bought too big sized shoes for work coz he needed a black shoe urgently that time. He walks like a well, kiddie stomping slowly. Funny.

Then he had sorethroat & couldn’t come to work. I bet he meant he couldn’t explain the sizes n all but he could still open memo & fold clothes, replenish stock rite? If he were working in a call center, that would qualify for MC.

The next few days, he complained that his feet was really hurting & he wanted to c a Chinese doc. Fair enough, if you are sick, of course you can take off day to see doc. I had told him 1 day before to inform me if he couldn’t make it to work. Thank goodness I always put him under middle shift if there is enough staff for the day.

He didn’t call me before his shift but he dropped by our counter to inform me that he wouldn’t be coming for work & he would see a Chinese doc in somewhere far (still in Selangor though). & I was thinking, he couldn’t walk properly but he came to counter just to tell me that? Wow, extra responsibility shown, unlike his record…

Then I saw another guy tagging along & I asked him, “Your friend?”

He nodded. He pointed to the brand beside ours and said, “Later I take my friend shopping 1st.”

I nodded. Internally, I was like, HUH? He could hardly walk like a normal adult – he is already 21yo – and he was going to see doctor BUT he could bring his friend SHOPPING?! How much hurt is that? Or shall I ask how deep is their relationship?

So I reported this back to ShopMgr & ShopMgr sprouted those Chinese who speak like they want to be cool and English about firing him. Yes, his attitude sucks. His work ethics is even worse. But we really don’t have enough staff!

Then the time table for this week was – Kiddie only had to work 1 day, Monday. The last day. Which ShopManager didn’t even inform him even though she told me that she would call him to tell him that. & Kiddie had hoped to be a permanent staff (full timer) coz permanent staff gets commission while part timers get higher hourly pay.

He didn’t even know his last day was on Monday. Sucks?

Love at workplace

ShopMgr is into MCL. She glare at other ppl who even chit chat with MCL.

As we used to be crazy – slap butt, talk shit – it’s hard to remember: Control, control. Take it easy… DON’T play so much with MCL.

Even during the arrangement for new VM (Visual Merchandize) for Fall/Autumn season @ shop, nobody wanted to do MCL’s group, which is Ladies. Except Supervisor who didn’t sit anywhere near MCL or even talk with MCL as she took down discounted items from Spring & Summer & then replenished some stock. Besides, MCL was sooo focused on the art of display that he missed out another crucial step – getting new stock out. & since most of us – ahh.. PotatoGal & I anyway, felt she doesn’t like us hanging out with MCL, we did the Men’s.

Throughout the hrs of changing Spring Summer to Fall Collection, every1 took out old stock, uncensored them, transfer out or replenish new stock for Men’s. MCL & ShopMgr discussed about display.

So you would like to say tat you don’t want to care or you are not interested in any relationship between other ppl but when you are working with the guy & working UNDER the Manager, how would you feel? Awkward. Especially when you have to be careful of overstepping the border of friendliness & professionalisme @ work in front of ShopMgr’s eyes.

Besides, there’s always the cliche that the higher position person would favour the lover @ work too.


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