So how?

Since the 2 part timers under perform in punctuality and quality service as well as understanding the business, ShopMgr wanted to fire 2 of them. However, in the time table – we have different shift almost everyday & every Thurs, we are supposed to pass the time sheet to HQ for next week’s time table… Continue reading So how?


If Kiddie felt so much pain

Kiddie had hurt his body part a day last week when he (said he was) getting (or putting back?) stock in store room. He already had a hard time walking – he bought too big sized shoes for work coz he needed a black shoe urgently that time. He walks like a well, kiddie stomping… Continue reading If Kiddie felt so much pain

Relationship & Sex

Love at workplace

ShopMgr is into MCL. She glare at other ppl who even chit chat with MCL. As we used to be crazy – slap butt, talk shit – it’s hard to remember: Control, control. Take it easy… DON’T play so much with MCL. Even during the arrangement for new VM (Visual Merchandize) for Fall/Autumn season @… Continue reading Love at workplace