Love at workplace

ShopMgr is into MCL. She glare at other ppl who even chit chat with MCL.

As we used to be crazy – slap butt, talk shit – it’s hard to remember: Control, control. Take it easy… DON’T play so much with MCL.

Even during the arrangement for new VM (Visual Merchandize) for Fall/Autumn season @ shop, nobody wanted to do MCL’s group, which is Ladies. Except Supervisor who didn’t sit anywhere near MCL or even talk with MCL as she took down discounted items from Spring & Summer & then replenished some stock. Besides, MCL was sooo focused on the art of display that he missed out another crucial step – getting new stock out. & since most of us – ahh.. PotatoGal & I anyway, felt she doesn’t like us hanging out with MCL, we did the Men’s.

Throughout the hrs of changing Spring Summer to Fall Collection, every1 took out old stock, uncensored them, transfer out or replenish new stock for Men’s. MCL & ShopMgr discussed about display.

So you would like to say tat you don’t want to care or you are not interested in any relationship between other ppl but when you are working with the guy & working UNDER the Manager, how would you feel? Awkward. Especially when you have to be careful of overstepping the border of friendliness & professionalisme @ work in front of ShopMgr’s eyes.

Besides, there’s always the cliche that the higher position person would favour the lover @ work too.

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