Another Adam Sandler movie. His movies are entertaining but not really memorable. Except for Boy George keyboard player in The Wedding Singer. :)

Frens who had watched this movie announced it was a good movie & meaningful. YW even cried during the movie.

GSC gives a free ticket voucher on member’s birthday month. So I watched this after work.

It wasn’t as funny as I expected but boy, was it touching! Esp when the father was dying.. It makes you want to live now, not later.

Sony Pictures – Click.

I didn’t really like Kate Winslet Beckinsale though at a time I really wanted to watch Underworld. But then when Underworld 2 came out, I didn’t hv the mood to watch it.. But in this movie, she’s really beautiful & caring as wife & mother. Wow. Tat guy is lucky to have her but too bad he threw it all away for his promotion.

Don’t you think Fonzie & Julie Kavner look alike? I tot they were 1 actor playing 2 characters! Hahah!

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