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Company’s annual dinner

Yahoo Avatar angel with unicorn

This is my 1st time since I joined in the company AFTER they had their 2005 annual dinner. The theme is Angels vs Devils. Of course I’m an A. N. G. E. L. I am pure and iiiinocent mah ;)

I remembered I had some white tops but no white skirt or dress. The white jeans that I have is too loose for my size now.. I wanted to borrow the Elle halter top (very classy) from Nat but she was in Singapore then. I asked her if she could lend me but she wasn’t sure which top I meant & she was coming back to Malaysia on Sun. My dinner was on Monday! Rush!!

I had searched Mid Valley, 1U but shit, I missed A-Z, a shop recommended by Lynnee. Went to Sg Want & Lot 10 too before I found G & Lynnee for our belated birthdays celebration. No such luck.

Actually there were LOTS of white apparels but I wanted sth fitting & I can wear other than once a yr. Was hoping to get a white dress but then where can I hide my tummy? :p

On Sunday, I went to Petaling Street & found a sweet knee length, dark red rose embroidered white skirt with netting underneath. Sweet. The black skirt was even more striking. RM29 only. Went to almost every shop along Chinatown. Found 2 more white skirts with very nice cutting but I didn’t like the stitches design – too big. Aunty. But the cutting was soooo nice!

In between, I found some tops that are really outrageous! Whole thing in blarring & shocking colours sequins! If there were a silver metallic mesh top, I’d buy.. like the 1 worn by the angel in Osim?

Then I found a white beidge top with v-neckline and lace trim @ neckline front & back as well as the bottom of the top. So sweet & gorgeous. It has ruches on the chest and the dark purple version looked great on the mannequin. I tried it on. :D Yes. Bought it @ RM36. After I walked a few shops, I thought, “RM36 is expensive @ Chinatown!” I can buy tops like that at RM30 tops using staff purchase @ my own co! But what the heck, I can wear it when I hang out with frens next time :)

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