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Company annual dinner part 3

When we reached there, Ralph lead our pack & wanted to go down to Lower Ground since the dinner was being held in Basement. But I told him that the entrance was @ Ground floor, where the palm prints were. We asked some of the angels who had arrived & they confirmed the entrance was @ Ground floor.

It had already started! We got our tag & a small notebook as well as our id for lucky draw. A group of ppl were dancing on stage. I recognized Alex & we shouted, “Alex!!” Made fist & waved around. I didn’t see other guys at all.

After the dance had finished, we walked to our table. We were the last to arrive.

MaleSupervisor came dressed like a cross between magician & dracula! He wore marroon plum lipstick! OMG! Lots of beautiful angels!! Lots of effeminate guys too!

I saw a staff in red horns, long coarse flaming red hair & a red costume! Waaaa.. that creature had thick makeup on. PotatoGal said, “It’s a guy loh!”
They had some prize giving in the lucky draw & every1 in our table won from right to left, then right to left. Except 3 of us, including yours truly :'( I wanted a handphone or digital camera. If I won the handphone, I’d pass my hp to mom or bro.. alas, no such luck.

For the best dressed award – Angels & Devils, every1 with the numbering – like in beauty pagents – got up onstage & had to answer questions like where did you get ur costume, how much did you pay, pose ur best angel/ give a devil laugh, stuff like tat.

There was a really cute young girl dressed as angel. Some of them even spent hundreds on the costume & hair do. 1 gal from HQ spent RM100 on her nails. Tat means RM10 per finger! I could’ve watched more than 10 movies! Although only a handful were selected, a lot of ppl put lots of effort into the costumer. Even the guys had made magical wands from carton box! Some of them had the head feather thing. Some with even bigger wings than ours..

For the devils, our Supervisor was selected. She had red horns, black tank top, miniskirt, stokins & silletoes. Killer. Unfortunately, she didn’t show her dark, loud laugh to others. In the store room, her voice is the loudest. She’s the shortest & smallest sized but I swear she has the widest mouth & the biggest lungs. There was a guy who cut open an old shirt and reveal his (non existing) abs. He had lots of metal chains on his shirt, he looked like a biker & devil. When the red-whole-creature spoke, we knew it was a SHE. PotatoGal was shocked. LOL.

The food was laid out buffet style. The hosts announced, “Ladies 1st.” Then some of the ladies walked up from their table, some guys too. Then the hosts added, “8pm only start.” Ceh…

There were quite a lot of food selection – salad, spaghetti, buffalo chicken wings smelled delicious, sausages, satay, chicken, dory fish, etc. When I reached the table, I saw small tarts!! DESSERTS! :-O I immediately asked SmoothOperator where he took those. I put my plate onto the table & went straight to the desserts table. Whoa… blueberry cheese cake! Choc & strawberry tarts!! Yumm… :9

Actually, the buffalo chicken wings were too saulty, the sausages so so, the salad was nice. Dory ok. The best desserts would be the choc tarts & the strawberry (on top). The blueberry cheese cake was ok.

After the prizes & best awards had been given out, the dance floor was open! We took LOTS of pictures in the pool room. PotatoGal & I wanted to take more but we had to depend on other ppl’s camera. MCL posed lots of slutty poses till his underwear was apparent & we pulled his pants down.

Then we headed out to dance. MCL was pushing his hips and gyrated behind, in front & beside other ppl. Any sex dancing there. He even carried ShopMgr around. ShopMgr was so happy. LOL. Show for others. Ralph was another happy dildo. He kept joining strangers & moved his butt like he was happening. :D PotatoGal & Thong even climbed onto the chairs, dancing & surveying (I presumed) handsome & sexy ppl. Or maybe they were short… heheh.

I said to PotatoGal, “Eh, let’s look for HalfMaleHalfFemale!”

She nodded profusely.

We asked some of the guys from tat branch & 1 of them brought the guy over. He looked… not as cute as his voice. PotatoGal was disappointed & didn’t want to talk with him at 1st. I went over & intro myself as PotatoGal, PotatoGal intro as me. Haha. He was more talkative & fai over the phone.


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