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Spousal Abuse

Blondie came to my counter suddenly the other day and said seriously, “My rotate-ker (I don’t know how to spell it) was hit ahhh!”

“Hah?! When? Where?!” I was shocked!

“Here lah! The other day!”

“Was I around?”

“Got ahhh.. you were standing here ah!”

“Why didn’t call for me?!”

“Aiyo.. I was sooo scared ah!” She fan herself.

“Wat happened?”

“Neh, when I was walking by, I saw a man looking around my counter like he was searching for some1. I didn’t care loh, coz rotate-ker is around ma. Then I walked to the fair loh.. later when I came back, I entered the other way to write report. Then I saw this guy, the same guy, walking in and fisted his hands & hit my rotate-ker!

Yoooo, I was so scared ahh! Then my rotate-ker asked me, “You see? My husband hit me.” She cried ahhh… Then the husband said to me, “I hit her?! She also hit me ah! Want to fight or not? If fight between man & woman, man sure win ah!”

What kind of crazy fella he is?! Fight with wife! Then he asked lots of non-sense questions. What is your name? You know her or not?” She pointed her finger like how he pointed his wife.

“She always kacau other guys! Go out with Malay guys! Malay guy call her in the middle of the night!” Blondie repeated what he accused.

“Tat Malay guy is our part time ah. I work so hard, you think I kao chai…

I explained slowly to him, uncle, we also have Malay part timers.. they want to know their shifts only ma. That is true, uncle.

No need to fight like this. Husband, wife.. talk nicely…

Talk nicely?! She is crazy ah!

There got other customers passing by staring. He scolded them, “Look wat?! She’s mine! Want to fight ar? Come lah! I sure win! You call security also I am not afraid!”

“Then what happened?” I asked. Bloody bastard asshole! I want to punch him myself.

“I don’t know.. I dare not move. He left but later came back & asked for money but she didn’t give and then they argued some more. Then rotate-ker reluctantly threw her ATM card to him. She said, “I will resign from this job. I’ll go back to hometown. You go ur way, I go my way! I don’t want to see you again!”
Now my rotate-ker is penniless. Her husband had withdrawn ALL of her money.”

Poor woman. She should divorce him. SUE HIS ASS OFF! No 1 should be abused. Man. Woman. Child. Senior citizens. Animals.
The time when I paid Blondie back RM5 but I didn’t have any small change except RM50 – I am not rich, I had to withdraw it from bank, ok – her rotate-ker asked her for money insistently. She lent my RM50 to her rotate-ker. She had paid the RM50 back to Blondie.

I was going to talk with her. Nobody dared ask her about her blue green bruises but some promoters who had worked yrs here knew. But maybe she really quit her job.. I didn’t see her again. I want to pass any helpline to her.

AWAM | All Women’s Action Society
Telenita helpline :
+603 7877 0224
9am to 5.30pm
Mondays to Saturdays (closed on Sundays and public holidays)

WAO | Women’s Aid Organisation
WAO’s sexual assult helpline:+603 79603030


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