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Company dinner part 4

While we were enjoying our annual dinner @ Planet Hollywood, 2 part timers were jaga-ing our counters in dept store till 10pm. As ShopMgr earlier had said that she didn’t want them after that night, Supervisor didn’t include them for any other days. Meaning their last day would be on Monday itself.

It seemed that they didn’t even know their last day was on Monday! When I asked Kiddie if he knew about his last day, I was a bit apprehensive about asking him since I wasn’t sure if ShopMgr had told him. ShopMgr told me that she would inform him on Sat itself when Kiddie didn’t come for work. But she later changed her mind & needed Kiddie to watch the counter on Monday.

Kiddie told me, “I am.. not sure ahh.. Can you ask her … about .. my schedule next week ar?”

I nodded slowly. ShopMgr should be the 1 to tell part timers about her decision. Although ShopMgr is a brave leader in complaining or rights, surely she can tell bad news to the intended person? She said she would inform the part timers about their last day on Monday but she didn’t.

PotatoGal & I were looking for a quiet personal time with her to discuss about part timers’ schedules. As terrible as the part timers were, we couldn’t just dismiss & be ignorant about their ‘schedules’. We too received calls from counters. Part timers asking, “How?”
As more ppl were leaving the dance floor, ShopMgr was getting high. MCL was carrying & twirling her around and she was laughing with glee, “Put me down!!”

When we decided to leave, ShopMgr couldn’t find her handphone. We looked everywhere underneath the tables & all, asked some of the staffs if they had seen any handphone but none did. 1 of them in ponytail passed a mini-cassette from Sony to me, “Maybe it’s 1 of ur colleagues.” Err.. tx. We couldn’t find the handphone tho. When we called that number, it couldn’t be reached already. Very possibly some1 had stolen it.

Outside, ShopMgr moaned.

PotatoGal & I eyed each other. We had wanted to ask her earlier but she appeared blur/drunk. Now she was more sober.

PotatoGal asked ShopMgr, “Part timers how?”

ShopMgr blinked. “Mmm…”

“Did you tell them about their last day?” I asked her.

She shook her head slowly as if thinking was painful. “I didn’t. Because wasn’t sure.. shop doesn’t have enough ppl now.”

“Then ask them to work la.” Either PotatoGal or I said.

She nodded slowly. We didn’t have much choice. Either a lot of us (bring some ppl from shop to counter, which means lesser manpower for shop) had to work Full Shifts *grimace* or let part timers work in counters.

So PotatoGal & I tried to call our part timers but only her part timer answered the call. I msged Kiddie since I couldn’t reach his handphone. He was probably zzz already, nursing his poor painful feet.

Then MCL exclaimed, “OK! Let’s go for 2nd round! Grin Junga!”


“What place?”

We stood closer to him. He said it again, “Grin Jungle. Near Beach.”

Oooo.. Green Jungle. I had been there once. Lots of mature men. Actually I had queued up there. As well as used the washroom (cool bamboo nature n all). But I didn’t go in the dance floor.

At 1st, PotatoGal & I wanted to go home straight coz we thought we would have to work FULL SHIFT on Tues! That time, ShopMgr & Supervisor didn’t allocate shift for the part timers.

But since the part timers would be working the next day – it wasn’t fair to get them to work in the morning since ShopMgr only decided to take them back at 1/2hr b4 midnite – we had to take morning shift. Still, both of us wanted to go home but MCL kept cajoling Ralph, who lives in the neighbourhood (almost) to go for 2nd round.

Ralph kept repeating, “I still hv to send [me] home. I still hv to send [me] home. I still hv to send [me] home.”

MCL lau lau ling ling, “Come larr..”

O_O Beh tahan!

“I still hv to send [me] home,” Ralph’s body language betrayed him. He was nodding. He didn’t hv to work the next day.

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