Stock take

Hoooray, both PotatoGal & I had the same shift on Tues & Wed.

If the scanner handheld device were given to us by 2pm on Tues, as said by ShopMgr, we would’ve scanned before the part timers finished their morning shift. Unfortunately, the scanners weren’t passed to ShopMgr even after we had finished our dinner by 5sth! Coz “the previous outlet had some delays & the HQ needed to clear the data (stock) 1st then only deliver to here.”

Before my dinner, I had asked Kiddie if he were able to stay back.

“I cannot woh today. I have to meet my manager (for insurance).” He’s either selling or learning to sell insurance.

PotatoGal’s part timer balked, bug eyed, “HA?! Stay back?!”

When the gadgets arrived, I asked Kiddie if he could just stay back 30minutes. He nodded. I rushed to the store room to scan the stock. Within 15minutes or so, I came back out. Done. 6.45pm.

“WOW. So fast?!”

I nodded. “You can leave already. You tell PotatoGal’s part timer 1st. Thank you!”

I think PotatoGal’s part timer stayed till almost 7-8pm as PotatoGal scanned the stock in her store room. Every cell in the cupboards had new stock.

As there weren’t a lot of customers, I also scanned the stock in the cupboards in display area so that I wouldn’t have to work so hard on Wed morning. Had to reach counter at 8am! :(

The checker from HQ called to ask how they were going to come in. Later, another staff asked if their entrance was approved. Duh! I suggested to PotatoGal that we scan 1st then when they arrived, they could call my counter & some1 would guide them in. Checker agreed. There was supposed to be a checker for each counter.

We were confident we could finish scanning the selling floor within 1 hr so I asked ShopMgr if we could arrive counter @ 9am. She was reluctant to but finally gave in.

I called 2 other helpers from shop to inform them to wait 4 the 2 checkers from HQ @ shop to guide them over. & changed the time from 8.30am to 9am. They were happy they didn’t have to wake up early. :)

This morning, I arrived @ counter late 06 minutes and BlackHairedGal, 1 of the helper had already arrived.

As BlackHairedGal & I walked to the dept store from the loading bay, ShopMgr called her.

“Not yet start. We are walking over,” BlackHairedGal.

ShopMgr said sth which I couldn’t hear.

“Also have to wait for them (checkers from HQ) to walk over loh.”

PotatoGal, Thong & the 2 checkers from HQ arrived a few minutes later.
After explaining the floor plan to my checker, I guided her to the store room then I went back to display area to scan. PotatoGal was already scanning pants @ 2 way stands. So I scanned shirts on tables. Turned out Kiddie forgot to take out some of the labels with barcode out so that I could scan faster & easier.

So afterwards, ShopMgr came over to double check.

Apparently, ShopMgr had asked PotatoGal if she could come over using Supplier name tag to dept store counter to check on us before 10am, which was the opening time. PotatoGal confirmed, “Cannot. Before 10am must have letter with name. After 10am, you can come in using Supplier.”

And also… ShopMgr complained to PotatoGal, “Why is Men’s slower than Ladies again?” ShopMgr was referring to me, BlackHairedGal & the checker from HQ. & she was the 1 who told me yesterday nite to “check slowly ah.”

  1. Our shirts are displayed more, we have to flip/move the top shirts to scan the lower shirts
  2. We have more tables, thus more stock displayed as stack. Unlike Ladies where most of the clothes are hanged.
  3. A little bit contribution from Kiddie – not all of the barcodes were put out for easier scanning. I had to hold the scanner, the other hand pulled the barcode out & then scanned.
  4. Checker wanted to follow the sequence of double checking the quantity of stock instead of checking which area we had scanned.

Apparently, too, ShopMgr’s face was black when she reached back shop. She complained, “I already told them to come at 8.30am lar! Don’t want! Now late already!”

What was she so angry about? We finished checking store room & display area in 1 hr that day. Not much mistake but just cancel 1 batch. Even if she wanted to come over earlier, she still couldn’t because her name wasn’t included in the supplier memo for before 10am.

Secretly, I was quite proud of myself. I didn’t make any mistake this time, well, except I didn’t include the total qty for each batch’s paper but that was rectified after the checker asked me about it. :P

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