Daily Archives: 15 September 2006

So many negative posts

*shake head* my intention of posting more positive events…

Sth good happened:

I checked some of my old magazines – all filled with dust – as well as some bags & decided to give them away for charity. Coz I am a lazy cow. I didn’t want to dirty my hands in cleaning them. Terrible, me. They probably don’t want the mags & bags anyway, coz those mags were dusty at the sides. Oh well, it’s not a great deed but it’s sth positive to post! :)

Oh, and I braved myself to give AWAM & WAO’s contact to Blondie’s rotate-ker the other day.

ChickenHair, Blondie’s part timer who is still in 2ndary school but what a sweet, mature boy asked me, “Give already or not?”
I told him, “Not yet … later.”

Later came. ChickenHair passed by my counter again, “Give already ar?”

“Not yet.”

“Chicken ar?”

“I dared not give oh.. but we can’t just stand there & do nothing to help.”

“I give you courage.” He put his hand on his heart and passed his ‘courage’ to me. Of course he didn’t put his hand on me lah!

I gestured, accepting his courage to my heart.

Before I went to Ladies counter, I went over to their counter. I planned to ask “Is your husband hitting you?” Delicately. Quietly. But everytime I see her, ChickenHair was around.

Instead I blabbed, “I have sth to give you. This is the contact number. In case. They help abused women. Raped. Your husband hit you right?”

She blinked, “I hit my husband?”

God, he must have smashed her bad. I had seen blue black, huge marks on her face & arms.

“No, your husband. Hit you. You call them la. Free 1. If you can’t stand it anymore. They help a lot.”

ChickenHair asked, “Advice only is it?”

“No. Got. Sometimes they help relocating, divorce.”

“Who told you? Blondie?” She asked.

“No. I saw.” Lie. Blondie told me but I already guessed she was hit by some1.

I really wanted to say more but I am not even close with her. The only words we had said to each other was when we asked to borrow sth.

If that bastard husband of hers come again, I’m going to hit him if I had to.

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