Gennita Low – Sleeping with the Agent

Currently reading Gennita Low – Sleeping with the Agent. Interesting. Had been reading lots of funny romances that I need a dose of thriller investigation.

Her blog’s at A Low Profile. Ha? She’s from Malaysia.

Excerpt:Gennita Low - Sleeping with the Agent

He liked the way she felt in his arms. The music was a little slower than the
song before, with a heady, melodic beat that was sensually inviting. She
didn’t know the steps to the tango but the way she subtly swayed against him
was sexy, like a woman who had secrets to tell. He deliberately pulled her
closer, then inserting one leg between hers, he dipped her. He suspected that
in real life, the woman didn’t like being kept off-balance, literally or
figuratively, yet she allowed him to hold her that way for a few beats, her
dark eyes flashing challengingly as she looked up at him. As he slowly
straightened back up, he slid his hand from her neck down to her upper back,
taking away her support, and thus not allowing her to get out of position.

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