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Farmland Steamboat Restaurant

To celebrate VampireTeeth & my (belated) birthdays, we wanted to try out sth that we had never eaten before but since we had been planning to hang out since I started wearing braces, they had to accommodate my braces loh – must be soft food :) heheh.

Last week, I was looking for jewelleries for VampireTeeth since she loves to wear earrings. But couldn’t find anything nice without breaking purse… and since the plan was postponed yet again, I didn’t buy anything.

This time, Car suggested Phooh or Garfield. She had been told by VampireTeeth that she loves both cartoon characters. I only had a bit of time left after eating McD’s Double Cheeseburger so I went to Jusco.

Found Superman, Cars, Barbie, Harry Potter… bedsheets, towels, pillows but no Phooh or Garfield.

Nvm, I would check out Phooh @ World of Cartoons when I take Kommuter later. Turned out there had LOTS of cute cuddly happy Phooh in posters & t-shirts but pillow or bedsheet. The soft toy wasn’t appealing so I went to the meetup empty handed.

The plan was I meet VampireTeeth @ Pudu Raya bus station. Her boyfriend, Pig was going to fetch me there. I didn’t think Pig would join the dinner since he usually just be the driver but this time he followed us. Car had told Pig to wait @ the nearby hospital and she would lead the way since Pig didn’t know where the porridge steamboat place was.

VampireTeeth saw Car’s car parked there so we also parked beside her car. We waited for awhile, wondered where she would come from. Then she appeared with the bf, Bony hand in hand! When he saw Pig’s car, he slided his hand to hold the umbrella they were holding! O_O Pig & VampireTeeth exclaimed, “WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” So shy ar, those 2! We already knew they were dating lar… holding hands iz nothin’! :P

Car brought us to the back of the restaurant – Farmland Steamboat Restaurant @ Pudu – we entered through the back door & kitchen, saw the people preparing food. It was air-conditioned inside and it was full!

Although Car had made reservation, we were late 20minutes so our table was given to others. We waited a few minutes only and then got a table.

The waitress who handed menus to us were quite rude. Maybe she was stressed out but she was really sarcastic. As it was the 1st time for all of us except Car, we wanted to browse the menus first. Pig told her that so that she needn’t stand at our table & wait for our order but she replied, “Look also need to pay later lah!”


So we asked Car to recommend. She sugggested that we take 2 sets of the basic package first, then add more later. Pig asked the waitress, “1 set for how many people?”

Car said, “1 set for 1 person lo.”

But the waitress answered, “1 set for 2 person.”

Car was baffled, “Not 1 for 1 meh?”

Pig told the waitress, “Then want for 4 person.”

The waitress glared at Pig, “So how many set do you want?”

Pig replied, “For 4 person 1 loh.” Confused, he asked her, “What’s the difference?”

“No difference! You want to order 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 also can!” She answered sarcastically.

Pig got angry and threw the menu onto the table, “Now what is your attitude? Do you want me to talk to your manager or not?”

“I always speak like this,” she answered in a way more softer tone.

VampireTeeth told him, “Cool… nevermind la.”

Pig squinted and glared at the empty steamboat in front of him. “Yeah wat! I asked her wat the set means, then she said order 1,2,3,4 also same!”

We had ordered Chinese tea before the food but the food arrived before our tea.

The porridge was very watery. It was like drinking soup. My sliced pork is RM5. Huh. 1 whole can of it cost less than RM5.

Suddenly Car shrieked. She stared at her bowl of porridge. “See?” She was spraying pepper onto the porridge but the whole cap came out & more than 1/2 of the pepper was loaded onto her porridge. I took some of the pepper eagerly. So all we tasted were LOTS of pepper & some meat… as well as some vege.

All in all, the food was ok though the pricing is more expensive than normal steamboat. Plus, the tomyam soup – I thought it was tomyam porridge haha – and the porridge were charged separately!

Total price: RM100 for 5 person and we ordered about 6 separate meat only.

But we didn’t catch up much coz the guys were around… next time!

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