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50% on all next items

A part timer came from Ladies counter and told me, “I got 1 terrible customer. Couple. The customer doesn’t accept my explaination. He asked about the 1/2 price for 2nd piece promotion. He asked if buy 3 blouses, how much discount for the 3rd item. I told him no discount for 3rd item. He said .. what ah? Nonsense. The 3rd and next items should be all 50%! Can you come to help me talk to him ar?”

I understand his point of view. Why does buying more doesn’t mean more discount? Come on, we are displaying New Arrivals and 1/2 priced items (directly 1/2 price @ 1st piece because of inadequate stock). The New Arrivals that the customer was talking about was already under promotion! 1/2 price for 2nd piece. A company is setup to make money. Not get more customers but less profit.

>_< I walked over there and saw there was a couple browsing the blouses but another guy was using his handphone, walking around the outskirts of Ladies counter. I asked her, “Which 1?”

She nodded her head towards the guy. As both guys were in front of us, I asked her again, “Which 1?”

“Neh, that guy in blue.”

Both guys were in blue shirt. I looked back at her.

“The 1 on the phone.”

The guy finished his call and walked over. I looked at him expectantly and asked him, “Just now you were asking about the promotion 1/2 price?”

He nodded.

I continued without allowing to say anything quickly, “The 2nd item is 1/2 priced. The 3rd item is under normal price, no discount. But if you buy 4 pieces,” I gestured 4 with my fingers in 1 hand, “you get 2 pieces,” 2 peace fingers, “at 50% off.”

He nodded.

Mmm? He seemed subdued, not at all difficult & unreasonable like the part timer claimed.

Then a much younger girl but taller than him came out in our company’s blouse. She extended her hands and smiled shyly, “Nice or not?” she asked the probably her sugar daddy bf but stood facing us. “Very tight here.” Ops, maybe she was asking us..
We looked at other places than the couple to give them some privacy. It’s a well known fact that couples love to go shopping and try out clothes then strut the catwalk for their bfs/gfs. It’s called a way of life.

He said, “She doesn’t like the cutting. The sleeve is too tight.” This guy had no border on physical touch. He actually gestured his forefinger on my arm to indicate the sleeve. Yuck!

I told him, “The cutting for all plain blouses are the same.”

He noticed I was wearing the same blouse she was trying, in different colour. “Oh, you are wearing it! Do you have other cutting?”

“All the plain colour blouses have the same cutting.” I pointed to the glass table displaying all plain colour blouses. I didn’t add that the other blouses with patterns may not have the same cutting but it wasn’t much difference unless you go for sweater.

The girl came out, holding about 5 pieces of blouses. She smiled sheepishly. They were about to leave as the girl didn’t want to buy anything but the guy told her, “Try this jacket.”

Since the girl was trying size 7 (medium) and felt it was too tight at the arm, the guy searched for a size 9 blazer. She obediently put the blazer on and smiled at me, then turned to him.

“There’s a mirror over there.” I told her, gesturing toward the full length mirror. She walked over there and then put back the blazer slowly onto the hanger. Definately someone who had never been a sales assistant for apparel.

The guy asked, “Where are more ladies clothes?”
I pointed downstairs, “There are more downstairs.”

He asked, “Same cutting?”

I shook my head, “Could be different. Each company has their own cutting.”

He nodded as if he understood, “Yes, I know. Where’s the Men’s for your brand?”

I pointed to the opposite, “There.”

“Right now no discount hoh?” There was hope in his voice.

“No, not right now. We only have discount during sale. But we have promotion right now for Men’s. Like [all the promotions lar].”

They left.

“Next time if there’s such customers complaining for more discount, you can tell them these are new arrivals (which is true), so not much discount. Usually companies DON’T give discount for new arrivals at all.”

“But when I came in to work, already displayed those woh!”

It is hard to sell something when you don’t believe in it.

“Those are Fall season’s items. . Fall starts in Sept. You saw them displayed out when you came in (to work in last season – end of Summer) because they were early injection. Meaning when there wasn’t enough stock to display, company tells us to display the next season’s stock.”

Then someone shouted my brand repeatedly. I turned my head towards the voice.


I ran back to my own counter. Hah. The same couple. I smiled at them.
“These are under 30% for 2nd piece.” I smiled wider at them as I patted the pants the guy was looking at. They were just there, standing, was waiting for the promoter to be back (which was me heheh).

“Oh, I always buy [my brand] Men. Not under promotion or sales items. I buy a lot.”

Yeah, right. O_O Just now he was angry at our Ladies promotion for not giving MORE discount on all the next items (according to the part timer). Now he was claiming he buys his stuff at original price? Yeah, I believe the sky is full of cows.

The guy said, “I’m looking for pure black.” He grabbed 1 of the black textured pants and scrutinized under the spotlight.

“This 1 is black but it’s textured.”

“I am looking for pure black only. Size 32.”

I found size 32 and passed it to him. The fitting room was just beside him so I didn’t gesture where the fitting room was – some people are sensitive, like when you show something obvious to them as part of your job but they think you are insulting their intelligence.

“31 also.”

Passed 31 to him. He went inside the fitting room. The girl went off. Possibly paiseh and dared not be seen by me.

He came out and draped the pants on top of the other displayed pants. He turned to the next brand and started flicking.

“Got pure black here..”

“Those are from [neighbour’s brand]. Not [my brand].”

“Oh, not [my brand]. Where else?”

I pointed to the other end.

“But I don’t want the button type. The pocket is not deep also.” He slid his hands inside the pocket. It could fit his palm and more since he’s quite short.

I checked other pants. The pants which didn’t have button was striped. I told him so. I added, “Maybe you can find more at the shop.” I added a smile. The girl was back. She seemed to wish she could hide behind him.


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