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Don’t cry

I was thinking the sad stuff that happened lately. Love life and work..

I was half sleeping already. I snuggled to my pillow.

Someone, a guy in his early twenties (?) leaned over and consoled me, “Don’t cry.”

I knew in my dream he was my younger brother but my real younger brother looked nothing like him. This one was taller.

I remembered thinking I wasn’t crying. Wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not? But kind of him.

Vidal Sassoon’s Ceramic Straightening Comb

The comb is quite hard to hold when I need to hold the hair drier with the other hand. It’s even more challenging when I have to comb the hair at the back of my head.

I am impatient. I just zip it through.

The Q-hairstylist combed slowly and with care.

Before I bought this iron, I had researched on the type of irons and combs and found that ceramic combs help to straighten, add shine and not damaging to the hair as iron combs (well, duh to the last one!). Since the only available ceramic combs in Watson & Guardian are from Vidal Sassoons, I bought this at 15% off in Watson.

I thought I had blogged about this product but turned out I didn’t publish this. Mmm..

Before I had rebonding, it did straighten my hair but only for a few hours before it became wavy again.

After rebonding, well, I just use it to maintain the straightness.

Rating: It’s effective for a few hours but not for whole day. Takes practice to manipulate the comb but after awhile, I get the hang of it. The trick is not to hold the mirror haha. :p It would be better to iron it section by section using hair clips (don’t clip it firmly, just loosely will do).

More on Vidal Sasson in Wikipedia

Jealous of a curry fish dish

When ShopMgr, MCL and I work on the same shift, I try to eat with people from dept store than the 2 of them. Coz either they behave like lovers who sex all the time or sworn enemies flying with sarcastic remarks.

Like the other day when the 3 of us went to the food court. I already went back to shop later than 2.30pm thinking that I would be eating alone as shop people usually eat earlier than us from dept store as we have to walk from dept store after the next shift people come in to work. 2pm is the time for lunch break for those working in the morning shift.

MCL & ShopMgr were just leaving shop for lunch as I reached shop to punch out for lunch. Actually, MCL was preening his hair in 1 of the fitting rooms with full length mirror.

“What should we eat? Where to go?” ShopMgr asked.

“What do you want to eat?” I asked her back.

“I feel like eating fish but very [I couldn’t hear the last part],” she moved her hands across her stomach.


Ralph chanted, “Fat. Fat. Fat. Fat. Fat.”

“Ohhh.. but eat in the daytime is not as fattening as eating at dinner. Later dinner eat fruit or drink la,” I said.

MCL came over from his preening and asked, “What to eat? IIiiee yea, I want to eat fish uh but I cannot!”

I thought it was because he wanted to get slimmer but he pointed to his face, “See? Got blemish spots ahhh!”

“How lar?” he moaned.

“Drink more coconut!” I ordered him. Haha.

So we went to the food court. They ordered their food and MCL told me eagerly, “Come, we have table. You sit here, you sit here.”

Then they go off to smoke cigarettes. I didn’t bother booking the table. I was hungry and I had to order my food. I didn’t know how long they would be gone.

I had the roti cheese at the new Indian stall which Indian neighbour @ dept store claimed, “I eat there everyday. Not expensive and the curry is veeeeeeeeery nice.”

It took a long time to prepare my roti cheese as there were 3 customers before me & only 1 cook.

Once their dishes were ready, MCL sighed in bliss, “Ahhh… I have missed you,” he crooned to his dish. “I am so happy!”

ShopMgr smirked, “Eat your fish make you so happy ugh?”

Then I asked MCL, “Why your face like that?” As long as I knew him, he has smooth flawless skin even he smokes everyday, drinks & parties almost every night.

“Not enough sleep loooh.”

“Appy some mask le, and those cream to cover.. what the cream?” ShopMgr adviced in conscending tone.


“Yeah, concealer,” ShopMgr added in a jealous tone. “Want to be pretty for the special person like that lar!”

“Who’s the special person?” I asked MCL.

“My godmother,” MCL quipped. “From East Coast. Now only came back. Don’t know where she went.”


Apparently, it wasn’t his godmother but a gay friend! When the gay friend called him to announce that he would be coming to KL for his birthday celebration, MCL immediately applied leave for a few days. Much to ShopMgr’s dismay. Coz ShopMgr heard the conversation and she said, “What’s so special, want to take leave so long!”


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