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Received this email:

Subject: FW: Please ! keep forwarding.. make a vote !! No matter you r boy or girl. Thanks

Malaysian laws on rape are not strict enough. As a result, we can see rape cases arising in our national newspapers almost every day!

Do your part in stopping rape.

We wish to collect 1,000,000 voices from the rakyat to encourage the government to enact harsher rules to punish the unforgivable acts of these rapists. Once we collected 1,000,000 voices, we hope to send our united voices of the rakyat to let the government knows that we need stricter laws for a safer nation.

Please FORWARD this email to as many Malaysians as possible.

Please participate in our campaign to stop rape.

Play your part in creating a safer country, a safer Malaysia.

Please visit now to voice your concern.

From, A concerned Malaysian

Is it a real site? But it’s great that someone is creating & maintaining this website to prevent more rape. There are more ways to prevent rape though. Education. Realisation and living the respect others life.

4 thoughts on “Safer Malaysia

  1. Hi,

    The website is co-owned by myself and Mr Joey Wong. Please be
    assured that we are not e-mail harvesters and are creating for
    the benefit of all fellow Malaysians.

    Upon obtaining a reasonable level of voices, we will submit an official petition
    to the government to request for a review in the laws.

    We are not going to stop there, in the coming months, we will be launching a
    crime monitoring system. This will not only be limited to rape itself but also
    on other crimes such as car theft and so on.

    To give you guys a brief idea, this is how it works in 3 simple steps:

    1) When a crime is perpetrated (e.g. a kidnapping), the witness should
    immediately notify with the relevant details.

    2) Upon verification of the report, we will inform all the members of our
    community to be on the lookout for the victim or the pepetrator of the crime.

    3) When a member of the public have tip-offs regarding the crime, he/she should
    immediately notify or the local authorities and we will be
    immediately act based on the tip-off.

    We are currently in the process of beta testing our system. Countries such as
    USA already have such a system in implementation. We hope that this will truly
    bring some benefit to the community.

    It would be great to see foil crimes like kidnapping and car
    theft. Of course, the success of will depend on the support of
    all fellow Malaysian’s.

    Should you guys require further clarification, kindly email us at If you would like to speak to us
    personally over the phone, kindly email us and we will disclose our phone

    Thanks to all of those who have supported us.

    P/s We are looking for designers to redesign the website to accomodate the new
    features. Any recommendations, anyone? Cost is a concern here as we are lowly
    funded. :(

    Best regards,


  2. I have received this forwarded email on your website twice over the months, and while I applaud your intentions on doing this safermalaysia program, you have to be very clear on the procedures for petition.

    Firstly, any governments (be it Malaysia or foreign) will never accept email petitions because emails can be replicated without authentication. So you can autogenerate a million and it still won’t matter.

    Secondly, you need to be associated to an NGO to get some credibility. I have worked with environment NGO before so roughly I know how it works so I know how petition works.

    Thirdly, you shouldn’t commit to this “…the witness should
    immediately notify with the relevant details.” You will put yourself in hot soup. What if the perpetrator is your member and he is also tipped off of his crime and hurt the victim greviously? You will be in trouble for this. But if you proceed, you better have your disclaimer ready or be very clear where your line of control stops.

    Lastly, put up an address or telephone number for goodness sake. Otherwise, for all your good intentions, this has absolutely no credibility and everyone thinks this program is to harvert for spam mails.

    Well good luck in your program.

    Vincent Chin
    Former Committee Member – Creating A Rape Free Environment (CARE) @ U o O, USA 1993
    Former Committe Member – Unwanted Sexual Behavior Task Force @ U of O, USA 1993


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