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Diane Mott Davidson – Double Shot

Diane Mott Davidson - Double Shot This book has recipes, as with all books by Diane. The starting was ok, not catchy but still readable. Till I reached the 3/4. Yikes. |-zzz I couldn’t open my eyes or my brain to decipher whodunit. 

I skipped to the back. Mystery solved. Turn to a few pages in front to read the explaination and just in time for the murderer to do something in the end.

It would be better (for me) if some of the sections were gone to make the story more compact.

No, I didn’t try the recipes at the back which is a shame because they sounded delicioooous!

Rating: 2/5

PS I was conned by the cover (the book that I read had the yellow cover instead of the white background). I thought it would be entertaining and funny.

Hey, I met so many people today!

PlanetMars came early before my dinner break. We were going to eat at Kim Gary later.

Then G came! With a guy! Ho ho! :p Thought they would leave together but G later came back! So I asked if he wanted to join my dinner with a fren I met from internet networking.

G asked, “From online?”

I nodded.

“Female or male?”


A group of 20’s passed us by. There was a cute guy with flawless smooth skin and trendy hair. Ooo cute!

“Hah?! OMG! Really?! Are you…? OMG, I’m begining to think-”

“No lah! I still go for guys! Like the 1-” we both turned back “just now.”


So he thinks that people meet up people online for sex or relationships. Aha.

After dinner with PlanetMars & G, when I went back to my counter, my cousin appeared! WHOA!!! We chatted awhile. She took leave to come to KL, she’s from Negeri Sembilan & still staying there. Her husband came along. I didn’t really remember her husband well but .. I heard he had hit her. I hoped he wasn’t doing that anymore. If he were, she should kick his groins till his balls get squashed. AND leave that piece of shit!

Then as I walked back to my counter after passing message to PotatoGal, I saw a guy who looks like an ex-colleague! He was walking like same staggering way, same physical from the back! I called out his name twice aloud. He didn’t hear. Maybe I had mis-recognized him. I called out again. He turned back. Sure enough. It was my fren who insisted on paying for every meal we had together after we had left the company! Aiya, he should’ve treated us EVERYday while we were working together maaa…

“So did you find your ji mui?” he asked.
“Got la.. ”


“Recently. For VampireTeeth’s birthday.”

“Ha? That was soo far ago!”

“Yeah lo.. Car busy with her mom.. then I also busy. Delayed lo.”

“Didn’t ask me along..”

“We all girls only ma. Talk about guys. You also everytime want us ask. Next time you ask!”

“Ok ok.”

2 against 1

I had forgotten to reply PlanetMars yesterday nite till after I had asked Blondie & Cutie, “What time you eat for lunch?”

Both replied, “2.”

“I also. Where to eat?”

“Don’t know la..”

“Yoyo (Snack)? Food court?”

“Eiyea, don’t want food court lar.. bored already!” Blondie moaned.

After sometime, she decided, “Yoyo lah.”

When I came out from shop, I saw PlanetMars’ sms! Ops! She was on the way…

We always eat at Yoyo since it’s cheaper than Kim Gary but not much. Love the sofa. Cutie too. 2 against 1.

Blondie lead the way towards the tables & chairs. I looked at the sofa & long table longingly, “Why don’t want to sit there?”

“I prefer sitting here. Can or not?” Blondie said.

“Can, young sister,” I said.

“Eh, you ask us ar? 2 against 1 lah,” Cutie said. Heheh.

But we sat at the small table & small chair anyway. It was almost directly below the air cond vent. Cooolllllddddd…


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