Food · Positive

2 against 1

I had forgotten to reply PlanetMars yesterday nite till after I had asked Blondie & Cutie, “What time you eat for lunch?”

Both replied, “2.”

“I also. Where to eat?”

“Don’t know la..”

“Yoyo (Snack)? Food court?”

“Eiyea, don’t want food court lar.. bored already!” Blondie moaned.

After sometime, she decided, “Yoyo lah.”

When I came out from shop, I saw PlanetMars’ sms! Ops! She was on the way…

We always eat at Yoyo since it’s cheaper than Kim Gary but not much. Love the sofa. Cutie too. 2 against 1.

Blondie lead the way towards the tables & chairs. I looked at the sofa & long table longingly, “Why don’t want to sit there?”

“I prefer sitting here. Can or not?” Blondie said.

“Can, young sister,” I said.

“Eh, you ask us ar? 2 against 1 lah,” Cutie said. Heheh.

But we sat at the small table & small chair anyway. It was almost directly below the air cond vent. Cooolllllddddd…

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