Daily Archives: 25 September 2006

Giving the correct discount

Sometimes prices drop within a day in my company. The buyers and HQ people always have ad-hoc meetings on how to improve sales. Thus, today the item may be under 30%, tomorrow it could be 50%.

In order to avoid giving the wrong price to the customer, we have to update our emails periodically to get news on promotions & discounts, double check with the discount list (sometimes there are a few versions) and in the computer system. Of course, the POS must be updated after IT loaded new pricing.

It’s not accurate to say that the clothes hanged under a “50%” talker or banner are definately under 50% because during sales, people try all sorts of things and some of them just throw them into any available space.

That’s why it’s also important for customers who have tried clothes to return the items back to where they are taken from or at least pass it back to the promoters or cashier counters.


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