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Yamcha with colleagues

After a full day shift, I was so dead tired. It was Monday. Eve-Preview Day. I had morning shift on Preview Day. As we waited for BlackHairedGal’s husband to fetch her – she is pregnant – we chatted at shop.

After that, ShopMgr & MCL insisted that we go for yamcha. MCL got angry when we didn’t want to go for the yamcha. Unfortunately, that Ralph looked like he wanted to go for yamcha. He had noon the next day.

“I couldn’t say no,” he said.

As he was fetching me home, I had to go along even though I didn’t want to. Of course, I was just as weak as him. *shake head* I could’ve stepped on my foot and demanded, “No. You take me home 1st.” But how could I be so bad?

“I have to do my homework ah, calculate all your time sheets,” ShopMgr told us, as if to let us know she was making a big sacrifice for us.¬† She’s getting at least RM3500 per month and it is her job to calculate our time sheets – during her working hours or not as long as the time sheets were calculated before end of the month to pass back to HR in HQ.

“Kepong lah.” I knew they wouldn’t go to Kepong for yamcha coz it was too far for them.

They shook their heads.

“Where?” I asked.

“I feel like eating dim sum at… Kuchai Lama,” ShopMgr said.

“Kepong lar!” I countered.

They shook their heads. Smart of them to choose a place nearby to them but further away from ours.

I should’ve taken the train home, no matter how late!

At the yamcha, at 1st only ShopMgr picked Ralph in cruel jokes. I forgot what she was menacingly joking about but in the 2nd part, MCL joined her.

Somehow Ralph let us know that “only me don’t have double eyelids. My whole family has double eyelids. So I envy them a lot.”

“Ha? Then, were you adopted?” ShopMgr laughed.

“From rubbish bin ar?” MCL & ShopMgr guffawed at their own ‘smart joke’.

“Never mind, big brother still love you…” MCL crooned.

I know it must have hurt to hear anyone say that. My mother had told me that some of her relatives (including her elder brother) and friends asked if she were found at the rubbish bin when she was younger. She always felt she was ugly. Being a shy person, she had even lower self esteem. She thought she was a reject. Later I found out that her parents said that as a joke too. How terrible.

I wanted to tell them to stop joking but Ralph laughed with them so I just kept quiet.

Then, ShopMgr¬† asked MCL, “Your love is so low class and value. Everyone also you kiss and hug. That ugly hairy fellow also you kiss so much!” She was SO jealous of him kissing and hugging a stranger. Btw, the hairy person is a guy.

“Where got?” MCL countered. “The hairy is so … hairy! Yuhhh!”

“Then why you choose the handsome but not the hairy one?” ShopMgr retorted.

She was actually asking (I interpret it myself), “Why did you choose the guy but not me?”

“You are angry ar?” MCL asked her.


“So how?”

“You kiss me till I’m satisfied first lah!”


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