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Wrong movie showed at KLCC TGV

Went to KLCC TGV for this movie at 12.55pm. There weren’t a lot of people, just a handful sitting in the dark.

After some previews, it showed DOA!

I exclaimed, “We got into the wrong cinema!” I checked the cinema tickets, it was #6 MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND 12:55.

Mom and I left the cinema to check the hall number.


Correct wohh..

I ran to the front and told the staff at the entrance. He checked the list held by his colleague and I saw at 12:30pm, there was DOA but further down the list was 12:55pm for My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

I asked him, “Is cinema 6 showing My Super Ex-Girlfriend?” I showed him my ticket.

He nodded. He walkie-talkied someone and confirmed to me, “My Super Ex-Girlfriend.”

“Can you go and check because it is showing DOA.”

“No, it’s My Super Ex-Girlfriend.”

He didn’t even follow me to check the screen. I didn’t know if he informed anyone because when I went back to the hall, it was continuing DOA. The stunts were unbelieveable. Nobody could jump-fly up the floors.

2 more couple went out of the cinema. Perhaps they went outside to inform TGV’s staff, like I did.

About half hour later, the whole screen became dark.

Mom asked people around us, “What movie did you buy?”

2 people answered, “My Super Ex-Girlfriend.”

Someone sighed. Some snickered at TGV.

Someone came in with walkie-talkie. We all heard the guy shouting through the walkie-talkie, “APA BERLAKU DI SANA?!”

The guy closed the door. We couldn’t hear more but My Super Ex-Girlfriend started a few minutes later.

Bad mouthing others

The psychic said, “Leave if you don’t like your boss. Don’t talk bad.”

But I already shared my personal views and experiences with some colleagues.

Had they not told me about their personal experiences, I would just be blur. Thinking that some of my close colleagues were actually nice & good people when they did bad stuff.

Thong was reading a religious book about the evil acts of human and its punishment in hell.
I asked him, “So are you now more caring?”

“NO ah! Who does all this? We are normal human. The monks pray pray all day, nothing else to do. Of course they won’t do anything evil la!” He reasoned.

“Then if you are not changing to be a better person, why are you reading this?”

“Just interested,” he shrugged.


“I got lots of things to tell you,” I told him as I was busy with replenishing stock.

“TELL!!!” He shouted excitedly.

“Bad things woh..”

“TELLL! FASTER!!” He sat down and waited expectantly.

“Aren’t you not supposed to listen to bad things?”

Like hear no evil, see no evil, talk no evil, do no evil?

“NO ah!”

I didn’t tell him. We should have a yamcha to let it all out.


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