Nestle vs Dutch Lady

I wasn’t sure if I had drunk Dutch Lady 1st or Nestle but I hadn’t been eating yogurt for a long time. Mom used to be a fan of yogurt till it rubbed off on me and then I got fed up with yogurt. Dutch Lady – Drinking Yoghurt But FierceWoman recommended drinking yogurt drink… Continue reading Nestle vs Dutch Lady


Rachel Gibson – Sex, Lies and Online Dating

Rachel Gibson Ooo, I love reading this at 1st. It’s funny and the lines sprouted by the characters – especially the best friends are unpredictable. But as I read more pages – I’m already about half of the book – I skipped some narration. Love the cover and the starting of each chapter – it… Continue reading Rachel Gibson – Sex, Lies and Online Dating


Sherrilyn Kenyon – Sins of the Night

About Dark Hunters and others. Sherrilyn Kenyon‘s vampire series almost didn’t get published! Oh, I love this book! :D Sure, sometimes I have to reread to understand what the characters were saying but there are so many twists in this book! Plus, the blond guy looks smoldering in the cover! *drool*

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PotatoGal’s birthday eve – walking around Sunway Pyramid

We walked around 1st as the others weren’t hungry. Ralph and I bought some breads at 30% off at Bread Story as we window shopped. Mmm.. not bad :) HairStylistWannaB’s eyes were glued to the ice rink. Saw a cute guy there. Must be the coach.. Yeah, he was wearing a “coach” jacket and was… Continue reading PotatoGal’s birthday eve – walking around Sunway Pyramid


Overnight at PotatoGal’s place

After the mooncake festival party at MCL’s place which totally didn’t involve any mooncake and I couldn’t even see the moon with the haze & drizzling (!), PotatoGal sent Thong home and then we went back to her rented room in a flat. Since she stays nearby lots of shopping malls, I asked her, “Why… Continue reading Overnight at PotatoGal’s place

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Bio-Essence Bio-Energy Eye Bag Vanishing Serum

Ever since I wear braces, I add some a lot of water when I reheat my dinner/supper. I have huge eye bags. And dark circles. I figured I had more prominent dark circles than eye bags. As PotatoGal & I checked out Watson’s promotions, I squirted the Bio-Essence dark circles remover tester. Lots of advertisements… Continue reading Bio-Essence Bio-Energy Eye Bag Vanishing Serum


Itazura na kiss [イタズラなKiss]

Bro’s gf brought a stack of Japanese comedy series Itazura na kiss [イタズラなKiss] to burn. When I heard the theme song “Steady” by SPEED, I exclaimed to brother, “This is OLD!” As bro is a blur case in using softwares except playing network games, I taught him several times to burn but from experience (burning… Continue reading Itazura na kiss [イタズラなKiss]