Nestle vs Dutch Lady

I wasn’t sure if I had drunk Dutch Lady 1st or Nestle but I hadn’t been eating yogurt for a long time. Mom used to be a fan of yogurt till it rubbed off on me and then I got fed up with yogurt. Dutch Lady – Drinking Yoghurt But FierceWoman recommended drinking yogurt drink… Continue reading Nestle vs Dutch Lady

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What tree did you fall from?

Find your birthday and then find your tree. This is really cool and amazingly accurate. Then send it to all your friends, including the one that sent it to you, so they can find out what tree they fell from, but don’t forget to change the subject line to your tree. Dec 23 – Jan… Continue reading What tree did you fall from?

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Yours, mine

There was a customer who wanted 3 pieces of XXL shirts. My counter has only 2 shirts but not the 3rd one. Whenever we don’t have the size, we would call our shop in the same shopping mall and vice versa. Since we share the commission, we help each other out. Of course, we’d ask… Continue reading Yours, mine

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Carry my pants to the cashier

Serving neighbour’s customer An Indian man was shopping with his mom and pretty girlfriend. He was trying our neighbour’s shirt and wanted a size bigger but I couldn’t find any stock – in fact, that design was the only one being displayed. I don’t have access to the store room of theirs so I couldn’t… Continue reading Carry my pants to the cashier


Rachel Gibson – Sex, Lies and Online Dating

Rachel Gibson Ooo, I love reading this at 1st. It’s funny and the lines sprouted by the characters – especially the best friends are unpredictable. But as I read more pages – I’m already about half of the book – I skipped some narration. Love the cover and the starting of each chapter – it… Continue reading Rachel Gibson – Sex, Lies and Online Dating

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Try so many clothes

A woman took about 8-9 pieces of clothes to try in the fitting room. All from my company. All under 50%. As she was queueing up, I went over to tell her, “Miss, can only try 3 pieces at once. Maybe you can pass the rest to me first.” She looked at me, “What? Nobody… Continue reading Try so many clothes

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Rude parents -> rude children

A Chinese family was hanging out at my counter today – mother, father and a girl about .. 4yrs old. The father was holding the girl on his back and the next thing I knew, he put the girl onto our shirt table and played with her, encouraging her to hop, dance and run on… Continue reading Rude parents -> rude children