Newbie resigned

I had written about this a few days after it happened, which was more than 1 week already but I didn’t post it.

I was late for work. Newbie was even later.

“Where is Newbie?” I asked aloud.

“Resigned already,” Ralph said.

I didn’t believe him.

I asked anyone in the store room if they had his number. There were only Ralph & another part timer.

“No woh,” part timer answered.

“I got. In my handphone,” Ralph answered.

“Can give me his number? I want to call him.”

“Aiya, so stupid. So easy to find his number la,” Ralph chidded me.

WTH! Another bitch working in my co. What a jerk. As if he’s very smart.

I checked the application forms but couldn’t find this Newbie’s. I scrolled the fax/phone for his contact, nothing. Checked the staff info book. Na da.

So I went to the dept store without him – he was following my shift, it was our 1st time in the same shift. By right, I should be the 1 training him but Supervisor put him in the wrong other shift so PotatoGal had trained him as well as some people @ shop.

Turned out he really resigned. He came in to shop a few minutes after I had gone to dept store to inform ShopMgr about his resignation. He had worked less than 1 week.

So now we have 1 less staff. Again.

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