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GSC Blockbuster reruns 2006


Can’t wait! I missed Superman Returns and Cars. Wanna watch The Devil Wears Prada too. Though I’m not interested in Project BB aka the Jackie Chan movie, my colleagues are. But our time tables clashed.

I asked others last week: Eh, next week Wed can take morning? Then we go watch movie together.

Wed is RM7 only ;)

They replied, “See 1st…”

CurryChicken groaned, “Aiya, I Wed full ahhh! My partner wants off ah! I asked her if can off on Thurs she said cannot ahhh…”


Blondie added, “I also full ah!”

I looked at Cutie. “I Tues morning.”

Cutie said, “I Tues morning.”

“Wednesday morning also!” What a coincidence!

“I also Wednesday morning!”

We hi-5ed each other. :D
“I say only,” Cutie said.

“HA?! Bring me so high up, then let me fall down!” I screamed at her.

Then BlackHairedGal asked if I could change shift with her on Tues & Wed. Her mom’s birthday. So I shall be working full shift this Wed. No movie this week…


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