Itazura na kiss [イタズラなKiss]

Bro’s gf brought a stack of Japanese comedy series Itazura na kiss [イタズラなKiss] to burn.Itazura na kiss [イタズラなKiss]

When I heard the theme song “Steady” by SPEED, I exclaimed to brother, “This is OLD!”

As bro is a blur case in using softwares except playing network games, I taught him several times to burn but from experience (burning Jas’ Leslie Cheung’s pics), sometimes the VCD can’t be opened using VCD player. So I tried to burn Episode 1 1st and then watched it.

I was hooked! It was funny!!! Plus, the main (actors) characters are cute! :9

It’s written/drawn by Kaoru Tada.

There’s a Taiwanese series It Started With A Kiss based on this series just released in Taiwan.

3 thoughts on “Itazura na kiss [イタズラなKiss]

  1. hi..u sed u have a copy of the vcd? ive been tryng to locate where i can get one with english subs..its been a year now but no one can give me directions as to where to download the complete version with subs.id appreciate any info with this..thank u so much!!


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