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Giving advices

Ex-Supervisor of shop came that day. Every outlet had to send someone for Product Test. MCL went for our branch.

For lunch, we went to Kim Gary. Pregnant BlackHairedGal insisted on, “Kim Gary! I want to eat Kim Gary.” Pregnant lady gets what she wants. Always.

*gasp* SmoothOperator leaving?!

Someone mentioned that SmoothOperator was leaving the company. When ex-Supervisor (male but gay) was working here, SmoothOperator was among the few people who could work smoothly with him. Mainly because when they needed to do something, SmoothOperator did it before ex-Supervisor did or say anything to avoid delay by ex-Supervisor. Ex-Supervisor was famous for delegating his jobs to others when he didn’t know how to get it done. But he thinks he’s someone of higher authority. And brains.

“Why SmoothOperator suddenly resign?” Ex-Supervisor asked.

The 3 of us – BlackHairedGal, Ralph & I – didn’t want to say anything even though we knew something.

“This you have to ask ShopMgr,” BlackHairedGal said.

Ex-Supervisor mused, “Why arr?”

I shrugged. I didn’t want to say more too. That was SmoothOperator’s business with ShopMgr & people working there. Also if SmoothOperator didn’t tell ex-Supervisor, who am I to tell?

“I also resigned already.”

Ex-Supervisor didn’t believe me.

I repeated, “Really.”

“Why did you resign?” He leaned forward.

“It’s time to change.” I said the same thing to everyone. If they had to ask, it was this reply. If they didn’t ask, they knew. Coz it was the same thing that was on our minds.

“How long you have work here? You came in later than me! I had worked 1 yr only.” He pointed his fingers at me like a typical na.

“1 yr lo!”

Work longer = more experienced?

“1 yr only?! Learn what?! You work 2 3 years, then only hiong!”

“Just because-”

He cut me, “You work less than 1 yr leave! If you work longer several years, then other companies chase you! Like now Zara called me till bao kei. Give me $$$. Want me to work as sales assistant only. Ceh!”

Ex-Supervisor said, “Are you as good as me? I talk also with mun fa.” He flapped his palms.

Hah. He learnt so much? It’s no wonder that he doesn’t get along with his current ShopMgr. This Ex-Supervisor doesn’t do the normal tasks that everyone does at shop like checking stock availability for other outlets.

Whenever he answered any call, he would ask, “What do you want?”

If the other end replies, “Check code”, he would pass the phone to the person nearest to him, “Nah, check code ah!” He exclaimed, “Heiya, so easy check code also look for me?!” He meant such a low class task also asked him to do.

So he wanted to give himself as an example. He had worked and climbed ladder (a bit) and claimed other company wanted him so badly. Badly enough to give him more salary than now but at a lower position.

Haha. I was ok, not mad or even angry. It was his (highly) opinion.

Stay lar

“Don’t resign 1st lar. Whoever tell me want to resign, I also slap. Resign what?! This girl ah, BlackHairedGal ah,” he turned to BlackHairedGal, “I scold only then want to resign! Also work till now ma!”

BlackHairedGal retorted, “If I find another better pay job, I’d resign too!”

I smiled.

Ex-Supervisor turned back to me, “Think carefully la. Think again. Our company is a good company.”

I nodded.

Then he changed tactic, “You got learn VM not! Let you go back to shop, then you can learn more.”

BlackHairedGal laughed, “Send her back to shop, she resign faster!”

I smiled wider. BlackHairedGal understood me. Shop had more politics than counters. I love you, I hate you. I stab you.

“Learn what VM? My counter also don’t have the season’s colour shirt! How to display?!” MerchandizePlanner insisted that we transferred all of our company’s this season’s colour shirts to shop and other outlets.

“That’s why lorr.. Ask ShopMgr. Get you back to shop lar,” Ex-Supervisor advised. “Salary going to raise also!”

BlackHairedGal looked at him skeptically, “Already said months ago woh!”

“Already approved, just not yet sign only,” he said firmly.

Ah.. really? We had heard about the salary increase rumour many months ago.. Yet nothing came out of it. It finally became true in Oct 2007. HAH.

So if the company increases our salary. How much can they increase? RM50? RM100? The working conditions still remain.

I don’t blame him for giving such advices. He believes in the company’s goodness. Everyone has their reasons. Right or wrong. It’s own choice.

Let’s kick him out slowly

And 1 thing that deeply affected my decision was ShopMgr, MCL & SmoothOperator had made a pact to eliminate another colleague. No matter how bad the colleague could be, as a ShopMgr, she should’ve set example by discussing with that colleague and others to improve working days. No, she made life more difficult to indirectly force him to resign.

No matter how much we laugh together, 1 could never know when they strike. I don’t even have the mood to talk with them. It’s a chore to joke with them. I am getting fake too. I don’t want that to happen to me.

Oh, Chinese only please

ShopMgr is chasing MCL’s pants, using Ralph and some of us as excuse to yamcha in order to get close with MCL.

ShopMgr still doesn’t care much about counters, not as much as shops because shops generate more sales than counters. This I understand. Priority.

But we at counters, PotatoGal and I, were down to 1 staff per counter and ShopMgr doesn’t hire certain people. Only Chinese is encouraged to apply. Malays are for outlets where company couldn’t find any Chinese staff. Indians definately no.

“Why?” I had asked PotatoGal, FemaleSupervisor & ShopMgr.

“HQ in Hong Kong doesn’t like kua? GM doesn’t want non-Chinese staff.”

“What?! There are some non-Chinese staff that are much more hardworking than Chinese!”

“They don’t want dark skin.”

Only a few outlets, the warehouse and admin have Malays staff.

Why be racist?

Bio-Essence Bio-Energy Eye Bag Vanishing Serum

Ever since I wear braces, I add some a lot of water when I reheat my dinner/supper.

I have huge eye bags. And dark circles. I figured I had more prominent dark circles than eye bags. As PotatoGal & I checked out Watson’s promotions, I squirted the Bio-Essence dark circles remover tester. Lots of advertisements about the miracle of this product.. True?

A promoter came over, “Looking for what, miss?”

“Checking out the dark eye circles.” I pointed to my eye area.

“You have very terrible eye bags.”


The promoter for Bio-Essence advised, “Don’t drink a lot of water 1 hour before sleep.”

“Not dark eye cirles ar?” I asked, hopeful.

She shook her head.

Uh shit. The serum for eye bags is more expensive. The serum for dark eye circle is about RM55 but this eye bags serum is at RM82! :'(

And since I wanted to enter Jusco’s contest – must buy more than RM50 for member – I had to buy something. I only had this in my mind. After all, how many pads can I buy? Haha.

I had squirted too much and asked PotatoGal if she wanted some. She applied on her dark eye circles…

So I bought it on the last day of Jusco contest. I squirted it slowly. More than enough came out. The cap is really too tight. Either I don’t get any serum or I get more than enough for 2 people. Of course I could remove the cap and get the serum from the bottle itself but would that contaminate the $$$ serum and spoil the ingredients?

Mom suggested, “Maybe you can apply on top of your eyelids too.”

“Ha? Can meh?” I was skeptical. It is a eye bag serum. Eye bags are located at the bottom of the eyes.

Still, no harm done. Yet…BIO-ESSENCE Bio-Energy Eye Bag Vanishing Serum

Price: RM82 for a package with a free Bio-energy Eye Bag mask, which the box claimed it was what? Guaranteed Visible Initial Results after 5 minutes! Hah!

Eliminate eye bags without surgery in just 7 days!

It is specially targeted at reducing
the appearance of sagging eye
and dark circles effectively.
With healthy flow and nutrition
around the eye contour, Bio-Energy Eye Bag Vanishing Serum replaces the traditional method of using surgery to remove puffy eye bags.

If it removes dark circles too, then why is there another (silver) product for dark eye circles?

But it does lessen the eye bags. Just not much. Visible? Maybe 1-2mm.

I saw Watson was selling it at RM72 for their 7 Days promotion or something like that! Aiyo! RM10 cheaper… and had contest to win a car too (like Jusco then).

Rating: 2/5 for now.. after 1 week use.


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