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Bio-Essence Bio-Energy Eye Bag Vanishing Serum

Ever since I wear braces, I add some a lot of water when I reheat my dinner/supper.

I have huge eye bags. And dark circles. I figured I had more prominent dark circles than eye bags. As PotatoGal & I checked out Watson’s promotions, I squirted the Bio-Essence dark circles remover tester. Lots of advertisements about the miracle of this product.. True?

A promoter came over, “Looking for what, miss?”

“Checking out the dark eye circles.” I pointed to my eye area.

“You have very terrible eye bags.”


The promoter for Bio-Essence advised, “Don’t drink a lot of water 1 hour before sleep.”

“Not dark eye cirles ar?” I asked, hopeful.

She shook her head.

Uh shit. The serum for eye bags is more expensive. The serum for dark eye circle is about RM55 but this eye bags serum is at RM82! :'(

And since I wanted to enter Jusco’s contest – must buy more than RM50 for member – I had to buy something. I only had this in my mind. After all, how many pads can I buy? Haha.

I had squirted too much and asked PotatoGal if she wanted some. She applied on her dark eye circles…

So I bought it on the last day of Jusco contest. I squirted it slowly. More than enough came out. The cap is really too tight. Either I don’t get any serum or I get more than enough for 2 people. Of course I could remove the cap and get the serum from the bottle itself but would that contaminate the $$$ serum and spoil the ingredients?

Mom suggested, “Maybe you can apply on top of your eyelids too.”

“Ha? Can meh?” I was skeptical. It is a eye bag serum. Eye bags are located at the bottom of the eyes.

Still, no harm done. Yet…BIO-ESSENCE Bio-Energy Eye Bag Vanishing Serum

Price: RM82 for a package with a free Bio-energy Eye Bag mask, which the box claimed it was what? Guaranteed Visible Initial Results after 5 minutes! Hah!

Eliminate eye bags without surgery in just 7 days!

It is specially targeted at reducing
the appearance of sagging eye
and dark circles effectively.
With healthy flow and nutrition
around the eye contour, Bio-Energy Eye Bag Vanishing Serum replaces the traditional method of using surgery to remove puffy eye bags.

If it removes dark circles too, then why is there another (silver) product for dark eye circles?

But it does lessen the eye bags. Just not much. Visible? Maybe 1-2mm.

I saw Watson was selling it at RM72 for their 7 Days promotion or something like that! Aiyo! RM10 cheaper… and had contest to win a car too (like Jusco then).

Rating: 2/5 for now.. after 1 week use.

12 thoughts on “Bio-Essence Bio-Energy Eye Bag Vanishing Serum

  1. I have been using 3 bottles of the Bio essence eye bag vanishing serum. I find out that my eye bags are still the same. No effective.


  2. Well,I’ve used it for about 2 months.No difference at all.Initially,whenever i apply,it reduces just a lil bit..Aftr tht,it goes back to the normal state.I’ve tried many products fo eye bags.But all doesn’t work.Including,Clinelle,clinique,loreal,nivea and bodyshop. Currently,I’m interested in SkinFood’s Honey Firming Eye Cream.It’s RM 62. Just a wee bit less expensive than Bio Essence.Not sure if it’ll work though.


  3. Found this my dark circles blog.. haven’t tried the suggestions there but somehow I don’t get so much dark eye circles lately. Probably because I can sleep more nowadys.

    Oh, I almost wanted to buy Clinelle!

    I’ll just apply concealer over it these days if it looks like panda eyes.


  4. Hey, I’ve been using Bio Essence Dark circle remover (one in silver). Honestly, it doesn’t work for me. In fact it made my eyes even worse!
    I’ve been using Eucerin for 4 years before and really Eucerin is a lot better. My eyes look younger than my peers, it doesn’t take away dark circles but it sure lessens the wrinkles.
    I’m switching back to Eucerin. Who cares about dark circles when you have concealer. But wrinkles? What can conceal wrinkles, right?


  5. Hi,
    I used to get bags under my eyes all the time mostly due to my inability to fall asleep easily. I would stay up late thinking about something then wake up early next morning only to see little bags under my eyes. I somehow managed to kick the habit of staying up late but my eye bags wouldn’t go away.I then recently read an article about a woman who supposedly got rid of her eye bags using a particular eye care product. I tried it and it worked really well. Within 3 weeks my eye bags were very much reduced and it soon disappeared. You can read more about the lady’s article at the link below


  6. I have also eye bag problem since 5 years ago. I have been trying many mays to attck but failed.
    Now I am interested in this item.
    How can I buy this.

    Thanks, EL


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