Daily Archives: 8 October 2006

I killed a lizard

In the toilet, a lizard was hanging out in the toilet bowl. Those type on the floor? Neh, those that need you to squat to do your business.

When I peered at it, it jumped frantically. Then it hopped into the hole. Oh, shit! LIZARD! Why did you jump? You needn’t be afraid of me… *sigh* Unlike some friends who get alarmed seeing lizards, I actually love to touch them.

The water appeared to be moving, it must have been splashing around.

I saw some movement at the middle of the hole and I grabbed the only thing long available there. I plugged it into the hole carefully, hoping it would jump onto the brush and I pull it out.

It didn’t.

:'( Aiyo, lizardddd…

After I had taken the brush out, I stared at the hole. No more ripples. :'( I’m so sorry, lizard… so sorry.

I wondered if karma would come back to me and I would be born as a lizard who lives in the toilet and then I accidentally fall into the stupid toilet bowl and I die from drowning in toilet water because I saw a giant…? Arrrhhhhh…

“You loh! Made the lizard scared!” PotatoGal laughed.


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