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Maybelline Auto Natural Brow Liner

Josie Maran looked smoldering.. The older product for eyebrow liner – Expert Eyes is no longer sold in Klang Valley! :( If I had Erin Wasson’s eyelashes.. So mom bought the next best thing from Maybelline – Line ‘n’ Design Auto Natural Brow Liner in black. We turned the tube but the eyeliner didn’t come… Continue reading Maybelline Auto Natural Brow Liner



Itazura na kiss [イタズラなKiss] is coming to an end! Half way through the VCDs, I was getting bored with Kotoko’s relentlessly chasing sour faced Irie. But Irie was showing some sign of affection… Then as I put the VCD I was half watching into the cover, I couldn’t find the next VCD. “6 VCDs only… Continue reading Watching

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Mooncake festival party

PotatoGal called, “Eh, Friday night MCL is having party at his place. You can stay over night at my place.” Huh… Hadn’t had any party with colleagues lately. Besides, Thong & PotatoGal were going for sure! :D The Star – Once upon a moon ShopMgr was going to cook something up. It was her off… Continue reading Mooncake festival party