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Maybelline Auto Natural Brow Liner

Maybelline Expert Eyes - Josie MaranMaybelline Expert Eyes

Josie Maran looked smoldering..

The older product for eyebrow liner – Expert Eyes is no longer sold in Klang Valley! :(

Maybelline Natural Brow Liner - Erin WassonMaybelline Natural Brow Liner - Erin Wasson

If I had Erin Wasson’s eyelashes..

So mom bought the next best thing from Maybelline – Line ‘n’ Design Auto Natural Brow Liner in black. We turned the tube but the eyeliner didn’t come out though the 1st time mom used it, it was fine.. The next day, I took it back to Guardian to ask if we could get an exchange.

The pretty Malay woman in tudung told me about their promotion, “Today is the last day, we are having (didn’t hear all) … ” she pointed to the poster she was holding. RM10 off was all I saw and colourful makeup.

I told her, “Actually my mother bought this eyeliner yesterday but we can’t open it now.” I passed the eyeliner to her. I showed her the receipt too.
She tested the eyeliner, there was a cracking sound when she twisted it.

She informed another beautifully madeup Malay girl and the girl said, “Have to give exchange.”

So the promoter working there (not the Malay woman I had spoken with) got me a new eyeliner and she tested it in front of me. She looked sour faced but gave a somewhat forced-tired smile when I thanked her.

I had used this once only but I was in a rush. I prefer the older one for easier manipulation. Maybe I need more practice using this one..


Itazura na kiss [イタズラなKiss] is coming to an end! Half way through the VCDs, I was getting bored with Kotoko’s relentlessly chasing sour faced Irie. But Irie was showing some sign of affection… Then as I put the VCD I was half watching into the cover, I couldn’t find the next VCD.

“6 VCDs only la,” brother said.

“Ha?! So fast?! Taiwan’s has 20 episodes woh!”

“Taiwan add salt & pepper ma!”

Hehe. I’m now downloading more Taiwanese tvp – It Started With A Kiss and Devil Beside You. Ah, and also Tokyo Juliet. :) Must be patient in downloading…

Eest Restaurant

Car had a whole table of free seats for dim sum buffet at Eest Restaurant on a weekend and she invited her bf (obviously), VampireTeeth & Pig (obviously) and I. Another onsite engineer joined us. But Pig wore shorts to work that day and he didn’t want to come to the hotel.

There were LOTS of mouth watering dim sum in the menu. The waiter was shocked to hear me order almost all of the food listed. He suggested, “Maybe you can order some later.” He looked at all of us, 1 by 1.

I looked at him, “Our friends are on the way. So we want to order 1st.” :p Actually I was in a rush. I had less than 1 hr to eat only!

Anyway, the dim sum needed time to prepare. By the time they arrived – which they could’ve reached earlier had they not gotten confused about the next door hotel JW Marriott & Westin Hotel – some of the food that we had ordered still hadn’t come.

I was working noon shift so I had to leave before the har gao (my fav) arrived. Ooooh, got mango pudding! (Didn’t get to eat that..)

I had a huge spoonful of pineapple fried rice only. The bean curd was delicious. The fish porridge was tasty too, the fish soft and sweet. However, Car’s sun-dried scallop congee (porridge) only had 1 scallop. Haha. But most of the food which we ordered were delicious! :9

The deco was quite comfortable, some with rectangle tables, the inside with traditional big round table which can fit about 6 people. We could see the chefs working too. The service was well, I hadn’t eaten at many hotels before but the staffs folded the napkins on our laps, 1 of them took Car’s jacket to drape onto the back of her chair. These were expected of such (how many?) * hotels. They refilled our green tea cups quite fast :)

EEST’s dim sum brunch

The Westin Kuala Lumpur
199 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
03-2773 8017

from 11.30am until 2.30pm

every Saturday and Sunday

RM58++ for adults and RM29++ for children.


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