Overnight at PotatoGal’s place

After the mooncake festival party at MCL’s place which totally didn’t involve any mooncake and I couldn’t even see the moon with the haze & drizzling (!), PotatoGal sent Thong home and then we went back to her rented room in a flat.

Since she stays nearby lots of shopping malls, I asked her, “Why don’t you work there? So near!”

“Ahhh… that’s why! Too near!”

It’s like you don’t go shopping for clothes and entertainment like movies, bowling and karaoke in any shopping malls near your home because it’s your area already. You want to go somewhere different, somewhere you don’t see and pass by everyday. You want to make some effort to get something. Some people even believe that the more you sweat and bleed, the more satisfied you would be with the results.

The flat was like my cousin’s place. In town but quite old. It was dark too! We had to walk upstairs using her hp’s light. Mine had empty batt. No scary figure appeared :D

After brushing teeth & washing face, we talked a bit then zzz. The next day, we had noon shift so we could sleep till noon. :) There were lots of stuff in her room.

“Very messy ah! I live with my cousin! 2 person in 1 room!”

The living room was bare except some traditional Chinese sofa and an old mirror as well as err some Buddhist Gods’ altar. Her room had everything from tv to clothes, food, personal care products and books. :)

The next day, I had woken up before 12 noon and I soooo wanted to pee but hoped my bladder could hold the water and the toxic wouldn’t spread around my body. :D When I finally went to the toilet, I saw the lizard. :S
For lunch, we ate at a food court nearby. She said the char siew and siew yuk rice was nice. I had chicken mixed with char siew rice. Once we sat down, a guy immediately asked if we wanted drink. A few minutes later, less than 5 minutes, someone brought our breakfast/lunch! So fast! :D

RM4 for a moderate plate of brown rice, a bowl of sauce, 1 plate of char siew + chicken slices and a big bowl of soup. :D The sauce was delicious! Oooo :9

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