Elianto Fruity Shine Lip Jelly

Elianto‘s makeup is very cheap, going from RM5 per item! But their body care range is more expensive than Watson’s. As I didn’t take any lipgloss with me today, my lips were sooo dry. Had to buy something to moisture it, else it would crack. I tried my best not to lick my lips. The… Continue reading Elianto Fruity Shine Lip Jelly

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After work on Monday

On Monday, PotatoGal and I had another same shift. :D Since Chimmy left the company for greener pastures *oinnk, oink* while Thong was dispatched back to shop because ShopMgr loves him quite so, we – the remaining permanent staff in department store – don’t get any shift together as ShopMgr insisted, “Seniors cannot same shift.”… Continue reading After work on Monday