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Elianto Fruity Shine Lip Jelly

Elianto‘s makeup is very cheap, going from RM5 per item! But their body care range is more expensive than Watson’s.

Elianto Fruity Shine Lip JellyAs I didn’t take any lipgloss with me today, my lips were sooo dry. Had to buy something to moisture it, else it would crack. I tried my best not to lick my lips. The cold air in the cinema and shopping mall would make the water evaporate, causing lips to dry even more. That’s physics eh.
Got a strawberry Fruity Shine Lip Jelly (lipgloss).

Price: RM6 only :D

Tastes like strawberry with a (very liiiiiittle bit) hint of pinkish red. Lots of shine though – which I love. It’s easy to apply and I don’t need to squirt hard to get some lip jelly out. It doesn’t come out too much either.

After work on Monday

On Monday, PotatoGal and I had another same shift. :D Since Chimmy left the company for greener pastures *oinnk, oink* while Thong was dispatched back to shop because ShopMgr loves him quite so, we – the remaining permanent staff in department store – don’t get any shift together as ShopMgr insisted, “Seniors cannot same shift.”

But we always find ways to get the same shift together. Like when 1 of the better quality part timer works on that day, we make the timetable to our advantage hehe. :p Or when we really don’t have enough staff at counter and shop sends one permanent (senior) staff over. :)

That Monday, I wanted to go to these places:

  1. Metrojaya to change the colour of the blouse I bought months ago!
  2. check out clothes in Jusco which is also having sale
  3. check out new season – Winter! – casual clothes in family brand.
  4. Vincci!

PotatoGal nodded profusely. “Let’s go!”

The 1st stop would be Metrojaya but the family brand was nearer so we went there 1st. I saw a very gorgeous colour for the same camisole design that I bought (FOC using birthday staff voucher) 2 months ago! Aaaaaaah!

I asked the ShopMgr, “Why the last time I come to buy camisole, don’t have this colour?!”

“Because the last time you came to buy camisole, don’t have this colour loh!” He laughed.

Aiyaaa… so bad!YesAsia - Twins - Ho Hoo Tan

I really loved the new brighter purple…

“Buy again la. I give you bag,” he cajoled.

I also can get your bag myself lar! Haha!” I pointed and showed my plastic bag. It was his brand’s but I got it from my shop – whenever our company doesn’t have enough of our brand’s plastic bags, we get family’s brand’s plastic bags. :p

Then HairStylistWannaB tinkered with PotatoGal’s new handphone, a cool Nokia, for songs. We stood in the selling floor playing with handphones. When more customers came in, we went to the store room. :D

I asked him, “Got any nice songs?”

He passed his SE Walkman and I sampled every song! :D Hehehe. Twins. Official site: EEGmusic – Twins

SHE. Official site: HIM – SHEWikipedia - SHE

DT & Jolin! I love their new (duet) song! 今天你要嫁给我 (Marry Me Today). James Blunt – You’re Beautiful. HairStylistWannaB had so many funny and nice songs! Even tango oldies! And some… XXX videos.

Had so much fun that we spent 2hrs there! We were reluctant to leave there but it was 8++pm already! I had CSI at 8.30pm – I was going to miss it. We rushed to Metrojaya to change the colour without major hitch.

No time to go to Vincci.. next time lah. I just bought a cool comfortable khaki suede sandals from Viss at 50%! :D


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