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PotatoGal’s birthday eve – walking around Sunway Pyramid

We walked around 1st as the others weren’t hungry. Ralph and I bought some breads at 30% off at Bread Story as we window shopped. Mmm.. not bad :)

HairStylistWannaB’s eyes were glued to the ice rink. Saw a cute guy there. Must be the coach.. Yeah, he was wearing a “coach” jacket and was guiding another female student. Of course, we were standing at 2-3 upper floors so we couldn’t really see his face. Hehe.

They found McD’s and ordered ice cream. Ralph went over to the window seating, “Let’s see the Lagoon’s night time view.”

It was closed for night.

PotatoGal smsed HalfManHalfWoman. I told her to tell him, “We are at Sunway Lagoon wearing bikini hahaha!”

HairStylistWannaB guffawed, “He’s not stupid lar, now Lagoon is already closed! Where got people?”

He peered outside, “Eh, got people uh!” He feigned to be scared.

“Iyea… got people uh!” I echoed. The bar was still opened with blinking lights.

I told HairStylistWannaB, “Today is Friday the 13th.”

“What’s with today?” HairStylistWannaB looked bewildered.

“Today is Friday the 13th. Those Westerners who are paranoid and into … ” I gestured with my fingers.

Ralph explained, “It’s like the Chinese seeing black cat or owl.”

“Ha? Owl? Not crow?” I asked Ralph. I tried to move my neck 70 degrees to the left and right.

“Uh.. yeah, crow. Hehe.”

“Owls are soo cute! They can move their heads 180 degrees!”

“Yeah meh?! Hahahha!” PotatoGal and HairStylistWannaB laughed.

“You know what is tomorrow?” I asked HairStylistWannaB.  It was PotatoGal’s birthday.

He shook his head.

“Saturday the 14th.”

You know at CK, the shops all have this paper bag for head “Your head” or something like that on their mannequins? I told PotatoGal, “Put your face there and be a model.”

Oh yeah.

That PotatoGal is always on the lookout of handsome guys. When she saw one at the other side, 1 floor up, she said, “Handsome guy there.”

HairStylistWannaB shouted, “Eh, handsome guy!”

I wasn’t sure if he shouted first or the guy looked at us first or we looked over there first. He continued to stare at us till we were out of sight. Not sure if he were admiring me. Hwahahaa.

PotatoGal slapped HairStylistWannaB’s arm, “Eiyea, so jai uh!”

We dropped by the outlets from our company and checked out their stock and display. Very neat. Of course, not as many people as our outlets in Mid Valley.. their customer service is always ranked top. Unlike mine. Always at the bottom. Sucks. My counter always don’t get the season’s colours completely so how do I display the stocks following the current season’s guidelines? Duh.

That Shop Manager smiled widely, “You are still with our company. Good good la.” She was talking to me. She didn’t know I already gave a letter.

She looked at PotatoGal and said the same thing, “I thought you would have left earlier.”


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