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Lassie’s butt is swollen

It’s almost already 2 weeks Lassie has period. Thank goodness there was no male dogs barking and fighting. She seems to be eating and playing just fine. Still so manja. But sometimes in the middle of the night, she would whine. Ah.. but then she had whined when she was a puppy before.

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The previous time bro sent our dog to vet in Taman Kepong, I heard mom said the vet scolded him for asking questions. Ha?! What kind of vet he is? People don’t know but care to ask, to know more on how to take care of dogs but no, the vet expected the owners to have every knowlege?

Some of his friends recommended the clinic nearby but said it was expensive.

When we reached there, Lassie had her 1st climbing on stairs which she needed someone to carry her body after she had put her front paws on the 2nd step. We called her to come up but she just stood there, didn’t know what to do. After bro’s girlfriend had carried her, she learnt to take her back feet up. Yeay! *clap*
Doc said her butt wasn’t swollen. It was her urine area. Had to clean it up everytime she make business.

Doc also asked if she had any serious cold before. We didn’t really notice.. I knew she had sneezed before. I already told bro we should get her a basket or some sort of cover for warmth when it rains but no, he said, “Don’t spoil her.”

How did doc know? Lassie’s enamel was not properly developed. Wow. It’s linked (teeth and health problems) and that was how he knew!

Lassie also got her 1st vaccination shot. Bro was told by the Taman Kepong vet that he had given the dog vaccination for worm. Hah! We were told by the nurse @ this clinic, “Vaccination is only through shot.”

That clinic has quite good business. Before we were there, there was a cute yellow Labrador puppy! Ooooo.. so fat and adorable. The surprising fact was Lassie wasn’t the 1 who barked. Lassie always chase and bark at the postmen and other utility men checking for bills. After Lassie came out, a face-made up woman came with a er.. daschund? Cute – as in ugly but adorable.


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