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Finished loooo Itazura na kiss [イタズラなKiss]

Rewatched the starting of the last episode of Itazura na kiss coz I hadn’t watched the ending. :) Alright, I skipped some scenes.

Suddenly they are studying to become nurse and doctor. If hottie doesn’t love that rich bitch, why let her hang her arm around him? Grr… It felt like.. the drama was cut short. There should be more! More than that cutie giving a bit of smile and some kisses at the end!

But then, the real anime story didn’t have any ending because the creator died 1st :(

I love the starting but after awhile, Irie’s cold stare and non-chalant character doesn’t make me fall for him. Till he carried our super bagah heroine to the hospital when she fainted and he missed the exam. And heroine’s constant moaning, wailing “Irie ku…” ugh! I like her father’s character. Humble, kind and encouraging (to some extent). At least he realised how mismatched the youngsters characters are..

There are some touching scenes, some really funny! :)

Rating: mm… 3/5


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