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Finding PotatoGal’s belated birthday present

I know, we are always buying presents late.

PotatoGal loves to squeeze. It used to be an ex-colleague’s biceps getting squeezed – he’s into gym and pumping more muscles. After he left the company, Chimmy’s skinny arm became the replacement. She wouldn’t squeeze females arms, till lately – I get the honor because there is no more male around to squeeze. Hah. Haha.

Working with her, we have become more than colleagues. Actually, she’s the unofficial supervisor for our brand in this department store but she’s way younger than me. We’ve become more like friends. Oh yeah, we were both disappointed that MCL, SmoothOperator and ShopMgr conspired to kick an ex-colleague. We dislike the way ShopMgr and Supervisor dismiss us sometimes, especially when we don’t have enough staff or when we need to take leave or request change of shift.

Anyway, to find her present is not hard. She loves men. Handsome, strong, manly man. Or anything cute will do. Into karaoke but not movies. Makeup. Clothes. Music (pirated). Food.

When we passed by the home deco in department store, PotatoGal squealed, “EEEE, SO CUTE!” She grabbed 2 of the bears and squeezed repeatedly. Then she grabbed other bears and squeezed them.

I caressed the bear. Oooo… so soft! I WANT!!! I grabbed 1 of the bears and cuddled it close to my heart. Oooo… :D

A few days before, PotatoGal and I were at Maggie T, a shop selling fashion accessories and soft toys. :D Love the paws. And the big round fat lamb. The sales person showed us their latest product – a strawberry. Cute! PotatoGal squeezed it hard again.

Since the lamb was the only left, we were undecided on which to take – beidge lamb or brown bear. Both are equally cute. But beidge – being a light colour – can get dirty easily.

However, I countered, “But Lamb and Rabbit are Pig’s compatible friends.” PotatoGal was born on a Pig year. Heheh! :O)

“Oh yeah hor, ” BlackHairedGal replied. We took the Lamb to the cashier to ask if there were any new ones in the store.

“Tak ada lah, semua kat luar,” the cashier said. Then she checked the price but there was no price tag on the Lamb.

“Ni dah turun discount.”

“Ha? Ya kah?!” BlackHairedGal and I grinned at each other. :D
I hurried back to the offer bin and grabbed a bear.

The cashier scanned the price and yep, it was further marked down! Yeay!

So we would have to buy a more expensive cake!

Later, BlackHairedGal bought 2 pieces of cloth – a sheer white gauze and light blue net – to make bags. Make sure the toys stay clean maa. :)

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