Go find a real job lah

I had a missed call from an unsaved number the other day. I called back that number, nobody answered. I assumed that must have been a headhunter or friend calling from office. Nevermind, I would call back the next day..

The next day, before I called back that number, an ex-colleague called me with that number.

“Eh, are you still looking for job?”

I was like, huh? “Yess…” I answered hesitantly.

“Do you want to go back to [previous company where we both had worked]?”

“Err.. who are you?”

“Aiya! Me larh!”

“Who?” Huh huh.

“C larr. Aiya, cannot recognize my voice meh?”

“Now that you mention your name, I can recognize your voice. Hahaha.”

“Hahaahah. So do you want to go back there not? The sales team is hiring.”

“Err.. don’t want to go back lar.”

“Why not? When are you going to find a real job?”

“This is a real job ah! It’s honest work!”  I was indignant.

“Uh yeah? Then when are you going to find a better job?”

*roll eyes to the sky* “I am lar. But I don’t want to go back there lar, thanks for informing me.”

“OK lar.”

Sure, I have a Degree in Computer Science. I had worked 2 years in Customer Support and Service only. In my whole life, I had worked almost 2 years as Sales Assistant in retail, selling clothes. I didn’t utilize my Degree to the fullest extend. But I do use the skills I learnt in my daily work, albeit not as much as programming as I did while learning. But my current job is a valid job as any job, just that the so-called “status” is not as “high class” as say, Network Engineer, Project Manager, System Analyst.

And yes, my job can be superficial. Who needs to care about where the sleeves end when there are so many people dying of hunger? But then, do the Computer Science and IT grads save the world? Do they not create porn websites and virus?

Sometimes I feel like shit. My job doesn’t define me but I’m working more than 47 hours per week. I know there must be other better jobs..

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