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Time management, scheduling and flexible working hours

These 3 things help employees to become more efficient, satisfied with their work and employers. Everyone likes control over his/her life. Nobody likes to be told to do what he/she dislikes.

Newbies for counters train @ shops 1st

Now that there were only PotatoGal (in charge of Ladies) and I (in charge of Men’s), ShopMgr hired 2 more Full Timers but told PotatoGal, “Let them stay at shop for training first. Let them be competent first before coming to department store.”

Wah, so good? At least ShopMgr can see their level of competence when they are based at shop. But then, it is not an accurate indicator.

Some people behave differently when in front of higher, more important/powerful and lower rank people. Take Ralph for instance. When he’s in the same shift as ShopMgr, he would wipe every dirt on all of the glass table and floor as well as stands. When ShopMgr is not around, he would just maybe wipe 1-2 glass tables at most, then walk around aimlessly, saying, “What to do ar? Nothing to do uh..”

Since we have to eat, ShopMgr send 1 staff – 1 only! – from shop to department store to “assist” us.

The counter way (better one) 

The way we arrange shift for department store is different from the shop. We prefer to get maximum rest.

That is.. we ask everyone working in our counters:

  1. When is the rest day you want?
  2. Any other special request, like wedding dinner, date or seeing dentist (like me)? If I have to see dentist in the mornign, I must work noon or off that day.
  3. Which day full shift?

Usually we just check for #1 & 2. Once we have selected the day for our rest day, we then arrange it to be morning on rest day-eve, then afternoon on the day after rest day for maximum rest :D

PotatoGal said, “It’ll be like having 2 days off. Almost.”

Everyone has a say in the next week’s shift.

The shop way 

Shop’s time table is arranged either by Supervisor or ShopMgr. They don’t care if you don’t get enough rest, as long as they get enough rest. Sometimes they can give you rest day on Friday this week, then Monday rest day for next week. Or you can get noon shift on rest day eve and morning after rest day.

Staffs in shop would sometimes complain that, “Eaiiyeaaa.. I have off tomorrow and then Full the next day! Where got feel rest?”

“Hahaha. Give you rest kao kao then work kao kao!”

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